1. the action or fact of raising or being raised to a higher or more important level, state, or position.
    "her sudden elevation to the cabinet"
    promotion · upgrading · advancement · advance · preferment ·
    aggrandizement · move up · step up · ennoblement · step up the ladder · kick upstairs · leg-up
    • increase in the level of something.
      "diabetics have been found to have more pronounced elevation of systolic blood pressure"
    • the raising of the consecrated elements for adoration at Mass.
      "a prayer recommended for lay people at the elevation of the Host"
    • ballet
      the ability of a dancer to attain height in jumps.
  2. height above a given level, especially sea level.
    "the area has a topography that ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 metres in elevation"
    altitude · height · distance above the sea/ground · loftiness
    • a high place or position.
      "an elevation of 300 metres"
      height · hill · mound · mountain · mount · eminence · rise ·
      high ground · raised ground · rising ground · acclivity
    • the angle of something with the horizontal, especially of a gun or of the direction of a celestial object.
      "as every gunner knows, increasing the elevation beyond five degrees can be a risky business"
  3. a particular side of a building.
    "a burglar alarm was displayed on the front elevation"
    side · face · facade · aspect
    • a scale drawing showing the vertical projection of one side of a building.Compare with plan.
late Middle English: from Latin elevatio(n-), from elevare ‘raise’ ( see elevate).
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How to use elevation in a sentence?
as every gunner knows, increasing the elevation beyond five degrees can be a risky business.
diabetics have been found to have more pronounced elevation of systolic blood pressure.
the area has a topography that ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 metres in elevation.
a prayer recommended for lay people at the elevation of the Host.
a burglar alarm was displayed on the front elevation.
the rifle had been zeroed at an elevation of 200.
her sudden elevation to the cabinet.
an elevation of 300 metres.
the elevation of the Host.
How to say elevation in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)verhoging
Arabic (NOUN)ارتفاع, الارتفاع, رفع, الرفع
Bangla মানোন্নয়ন
Bosnian (Latin) nadmorska visina
Bulgarian (NOUN)кота, издигане, елевация, изкачването, височина, привилегиите
Cantonese (Traditional) 海拔
Catalan (NOUN)elevació, alçat, altitud
Chinese Simplified 海拔
Chinese Traditional 海拔
Croatian (NOUN)uzdignuće, elevacije, nadmorska visina, visine, povišenje, uzvisini, nagiba
Czech (NOUN)elevace, zvýšení, nadmořská výška, výškový, stoupání, povýšení, průčelí, převýšení, vrchol, výšce, výška
Danish (NOUN)opstemthed, højde, udvidelse, rettighedsniveauet, forhøjelse
Dutch (NOUN)verhevenheid, hoogte, kanteling, verhoging, waterstand, opstand
Estonian (NOUN)elevatsiooniga, reljeefi, tõusu, tõstmist, tõus
Fijian vakalevulevui ga
Filipino pag-aangat
Finnish (NOUN)kohouma, korkeus, nousu, korotus, koholla, käyttöoikeuksien
French (NOUN)élévation, altitude, dénivelé, levage
German (NOUN)Höhe, Erhebung, hochheben, Seehöhe, Aufriß, Erhöhung, Erhabenheit, Aufzug, Steigung
Greek (NOUN)ανύψωση, προβιβασμό, υψόμετρο, ύψωμα, οψη, ανάδειξη
Haitian Creole pati piwo
Hebrew (NOUN)גובה, העלאת, העלאה, הרמה
Hindi (NOUN)ऊंचाई, पदोन्नति, उन्नयन, बढ़ने
Hmong Daw nce
Hungarian (NOUN)emelés, magasság, jogosultságszint, domborzati, illetéktelen
Icelandic (NOUN)upphækkun, hækkun
Indonesian (NOUN)elevasi, ketinggian
Italian (NOUN)elevazione, altitudine, altezza, prospetto, quota, innalzamento
Japanese (NOUN)標高, 立面図, 昇格, 立面, 仰角, エレベーション, 高度, 昇降
Kiswahili (NOUN)mwinuko
Korean (NOUN)해발 고 도, 권한 상승, 상승, 승격, 고도가, 고도의
Latvian (NOUN)pacēlums, paaugstinājuma, augstuma, piekalni, reljefu
Lithuanian (NOUN)pakilimu, fasadams, aukštis, aukščio
Malagasy fanambonian
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)ketinggian
Maltese elevazzjoni
Norwegian Bokmål høyde
Persian (NOUN)ارتفاع
Polish (NOUN)podniesienie, elewacji, Rzędna, wysokość
Portuguese (NOUN)elevação, altitude, alçado
Querétaro Otomi elevación
Romanian (NOUN)elevaţie, altitudine, cota, ridicarea
Russian (NOUN)отметка, возвышения, высота, фасада, рельефа
Samoan siitiaina
Serbian (Cyrillic) подизање нивоа
Serbian (Latin) podizanje nivoa
Slovak (NOUN)elevácie, výškových, nadmorskej výške, zvýšenie, vrchol, výšky, výšku
Slovenian (NOUN)nadmorske višine, dviganje, višin, vzpetini, zvišanje, prisvojitev
Spanish (NOUN)elevación, alzado, cota, altitud
Swedish (NOUN)höjande, höjd, upphöjandet, behörighetshöjning, rättighetsökning, förhöjning, höjdskillnader, höjden
Tahitian faateiteiraa iana iho
Tamil உயரம்
Telugu ఎత్తులో
Thai ระดับความสูง
Tongan hiki'i hake
Turkish (NOUN)yükseklik, elevasyon, ayrıcalık, rakım, rakı, irtifa
Ukrainian (NOUN)висота, піднесення, рельєфу, підйом
Urdu بلندی
Vietnamese độ cao
Welsh (NOUN)gweddlun, ddrychiad, dyrchafiad
Yucatec Maya tuuch'il
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