entries (plural noun)
  1. an act of going or coming in.
    "the door was locked, but he forced an entry"
    appearance · arrival · entrance · ingress · coming · coming/going in ·
    • a place of entrance, such as a door or lobby.
      "the entry to a block of flats"
      entrance · way in · means of entry/access · ingress · access ·
      approach · door · doorway · portal · gate · gateway · drive · driveway · passageway · gangway · entrance hall · foyer · lobby · porch · concourse · threshold · entryway
    • dialect
      a passage between buildings.
    • the right, means, or opportunity to enter a place or be a member of something.
      "people seeking entry to Australia"
      admission · admittance · entrance · access · ingress · entrée ·
      permission to enter · right of entry · the opportunity to enter
    • the action of entering something.
      "more young people are postponing their entry into full-time work"
    • music
      the point at which a particular performer in an ensemble starts or resumes playing or singing.
      "a fluffed entry"
    • bridge
      a card providing an opportunity to transfer the lead to a particular hand.
      "the diamonds are still not established, so South must gamble on finding an extra entry to the dummy"
    • law
      the action of taking up the legal right to property.
  2. an item written or printed in a diary, list, account book, or reference book.
    "the entries in the cash book"
  3. a person or thing competing in a race or competition.
    "from the hundreds of entries we received, twelve winners were finally chosen"
    • the number of competitors in a particular race or competition.
      "another large international entry is anticipated for this year's event"
    • the action of participating in a race or competition.
      "entry is open to people of all ages" ·
      "the entry fee is only £6 per team"
  4. the forward part of a ship's hull below the waterline, considered in terms of breadth or narrowness.
Middle English: from Old French entree, based on Latin intrata, feminine past participle of intrare ( see enter).
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sort out your best snaps, complete the entry form, and pop the whole caboodle into an envelope addressed to us.
the diamonds are still not established, so South must gamble on finding an extra entry to the dummy.
a double-entry system of bookkeeping, where each debit has a corresponding credit entry.
her entry was randomly drawn from around 10,000 others to win the first prize car.
from the hundreds of entries we received, twelve winners were finally chosen.
the removal of entry quotas encouraged young people to enter universities.
these banks maintain their exclusivity by setting minimum entry standards.
another large international entry is anticipated for this year's event.
they were described as having negative vulnerability to water entry.
more young people are postponing their entry into full-time work.
sophisticated features to help ensure accurate data entry.
Sycorax had imprecated against his entry into their cell.
a police officer may use reasonable force to gain entry.
applicants must satisfy the normal entry requirements.
an entry stating who is allowed to overwrite the file.
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How to say entry in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)inskrywing, toelating, toegang
Arabic (NOUN)إدخال, الإدخال, دخول, الدخول, مدخل, دخولها, المدخل, الموضوع
Bangla এন্ট্রি
Bosnian (Latin) ulaz
Bulgarian (NOUN)влизане, запис, пост, входна, вписване, въвеждане, навлизането, елемент
Cantonese (Traditional) 進入
Catalan (NOUN)entrada, ingrés
Chinese Simplified 进入
Chinese Traditional 進入
Croatian (NOUN)ulaz, stavka, unos, unosa, ulaska, stavci, stupanja, upis, prijem, zapis
Czech (NOUN)položka, vstupu, záznam, dveře, zadávání, zadání, uvedení, zápis
Danish (NOUN)løsning, indrejse, posten, post, indtastning, indgang, indlæg, adgang, optagelse, ind
Dutch (NOUN)vermelding, ingang, binnenkomst, post, item, bericht, invoer, inschrijving, toegang, gegeven
Estonian (NOUN)kanne, sisestus, kande, kirje, sissekanne, piiril
Fijian icurucuru
Finnish (NOUN)merkintä, tapahtuma, maahantulon, tulon, syöttö, kohta, pääsy, kirjaus, määrityksen, tietueen
French (NOUN)entrée, saisie, inscription, écriture, article, rubrique
German (NOUN)Eintrag, Einreise, Eingabe, Einstieg, Posten, Beitrag, Erfassung
Greek (NOUN)εισόδου, καταχώρηση, εγγραφή, έναρξη, θέση, εισαγωγή
Haitian Creole antre
Hebrew (NOUN)ערך, כניסה, הזנת, הערך, הכניסה, הזנה, להזנת, לערך, רשומה, פריט
Hindi (NOUN)प्रविष्टि, प्रवेश, दर्ज, एंट्री
Hmong Daw nkag
Hungarian (NOUN)bejegyzés, belépés, tétel, nevezési, bevitelhez
Icelandic (NOUN)færslan, innganga, innfærslu, skráningu
Indonesian (NOUN)entri, catatan, masuk, kemasukan
Italian (NOUN)voce, entrata, articole, ingresso, immissione, inserimento, iscrizione
Japanese (NOUN)エントリ, エントリー, 記入項目, 入力, 参入, 入国, 入場, 参加, 項目
Kiswahili (NOUN)ingizo, kuingia
Korean (NOUN)항목, 엔트리, 입장, 입국, 진입, 입력, 입학
Latvian (NOUN)ierakstu, ievadni, ieceļošanas, iekļuves, ieejas, iebraukšanas, ievešanas, nodošanu
Lithuanian (NOUN)įrašas, atvykimo, įvažiavimo, įvežimo, įplaukimą, įvedimo, įtraukimo, pradinio, įvesties, patekti
Malagasy tamim-boninahitra
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)kemasukan, entri, penyertaan, masuk, catatan, dimasukkan
Maltese (NOUN)dħul, daħla, annotazzjoni, entrata, iskrizzjoni, kitba
Norwegian Bokmål oppføring
Persian (NOUN)ورود, مطلب, ورودی, نوشته
Polish (NOUN)wpis, wejścia, wjazdu, zapis, wprowadzania, pozycji, wstęp
Portuguese (NOUN)entrada, inscrição
Querétaro Otomi entrada
Romanian (NOUN)intrare, înscrierea, punerea
Russian (NOUN)запись, вход, въезда, вступления, ввода, начального, операции, элемент
Samoan faamatalaga
Serbian (Cyrillic) Ставка
Serbian (Latin) Stavka
Slovak (NOUN)vstup, položka, záznam, zápis, údaj, zadávanie, dvere, nadobudnutia, zadanie
Slovenian (NOUN)vstop, vnos, postavko, vpis, vnosa, vnosom, začetka, vnosu, vhodna
Spanish (NOUN)entrada, ingreso, inscripción
Swedish (NOUN)intrade, posten, post, transaktionen, inresa, tillträde, inmatning, inlägg, införsel
Tahitian ohipa
Tamil (NOUN)உள்ளீடு, உள்ளீட்டை, நுழைவு
Telugu ఎంట్రీ
Thai (NOUN)รายการ, ป้อน, ราย
Tongan fakamatala
Turkish (NOUN)giriş, girdi, yazı
Ukrainian (NOUN)запис, вступу, в'їзд, в'їзду, вхід, входу, в'їзді, введення, початкового, елемент, ввід
Urdu (NOUN)اندراج, انٹری, داخلے, داخلہ, لاگ ان
Vietnamese (NOUN)mục, nhập, cụm từ
Welsh (NOUN)mynediad, cofnod, sylfaenol, gofnod, ymuno
Yucatec Maya Yaan
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