[ɪɡˌzamɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n, ɛɡˌzamɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n]
examinations (plural noun)
  1. a detailed inspection or study.
    "an examination of marketing behaviour" ·
    "a medical examination is conducted without delay"
    • the action or process of conducting an examination.
      "the role of the planning system has come under increasing critical examination"
  2. a formal test of a person's knowledge or proficiency in a subject or skill.
    "he scraped through the examinations at the end of his first year"
    test · exam · paper · question paper · oral · practical · assessment ·
    set of questions · set of exercises · viva · viva voce · quiz
  3. law
    the formal questioning of a defendant or witness in court.
late Middle English (also in the sense ‘testing (one's conscience) by a standard’): via Old French from Latin examinatio(n-), from examinare ‘weigh, test’ ( see examine).
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How to use examination in a sentence?
the ignorance and superficiality of the media hinder a serious examination of the question.
close examination of the violin shows that it contains the characteristic purfling.
the role of the planning system has come under increasing critical examination.
he scraped through the examinations at the end of his first year.
officers have made a thorough examination of the wreckage.
examination indicates paresis of the upper left limb.
a pathologist carried out a post-mortem examination.
a medical examination is conducted without delay.
on examination she was moribund and dehydrated.
the child was lying on the examination couch.
the proportion of examination to coursework.
the patient was aphonic on examination.
an examination of marketing behaviour.
a minute examination of the islands.
sitters in an examination room.
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How to say examination in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)eksamen, ondersoek
Arabic (NOUN)الفحص, فحص, دراسة, الامتحان, فحصا, امتحان, إجراء فحص, النظر, بحث, الدراسة
Bangla পরীক্ষা
Bosnian (Latin) ispitivanje
Bulgarian (NOUN)изследване, изпитване, разглеждане, проверка, преглед, проучване
Cantonese (Traditional) 考試
Catalan (NOUN)examen, examinació, exploració, reconeixement
Chinese Simplified 考试
Chinese Traditional 考試
Croatian (NOUN)ispitivanje, pregled, provjere
Czech (NOUN)vyšetření, přezkoumání, zkouška, prověření, posouzení, prohlídka, posuzování, zkušební, průzkum
Danish (NOUN)undersøgelse, eksamen, gennemgang, typeafprøvning, behandling, afhøring
Dutch (NOUN)onderzoek, examen, bestudering, behandeling, bespreking, keuring
Estonian (NOUN)läbivaatus, eksami, uurimine, kontrolli, registreerimiskatsete, hindamise
Fijian vakadidike
Filipino pagsusuri sa mga
Finnish (NOUN)tutkimus, tarkastelu, tyyppitarkastus, kokeen, koe, tentti
French (NOUN)examen, interrogatoire, réexamen
German (NOUN)Prüfung, Untersuchung, Überprüfung, Auseinandersetzung, Betrachtung
Greek (NOUN)εξέταση
Haitian Creole egzamen
Hebrew (NOUN)בדיקה, בחינה, הבדיקה, בבדיקה, בחינת, לבדיקה
Hindi (NOUN)परीक्षा
Hmong Daw kev xeem
Hungarian (NOUN)vizsgálat, típusvizsgálati, megvizsgálása
Icelandic (NOUN)skoðun, athugun, próf, rannsókn
Indonesian (NOUN)pemeriksaan, ujian
Italian (NOUN)esame, esami, degli esami
Japanese (NOUN)審査, 検査, 検討, 試験, 診察, 受験, 検診
Kiswahili (NOUN)uchunguzi
Korean (NOUN)시험, 검사, 심사, 검진
Latvian (NOUN)pārbaudes, izmeklēšanas, izskatīšanas, eksāmenu, izvērtēšanu, apskati, izpēte
Lithuanian (NOUN)tyrimo, apžiūrą, nagrinėjimas, ekspertizės, egzaminą, patikrinimas, ištyrus, tikrinimo, išnagrinėti, ištirti
Malagasy fizahana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)peperiksaan
Maltese (NOUN)eżami
Norwegian Bokmål eksamen
Persian (NOUN)معاینه, سؤال, بررسی, آزمون, امتحان
Polish (NOUN)badania, egzamin, zbadaniu, rozpatrywania, kontrola, sprawdzenia
Portuguese (NOUN)exame, examinação, análise, apreciação
Querétaro Otomi nt'ot'e nthogi
Romanian (NOUN)examinare, examen, verificarea, analiză
Russian (NOUN)экспертизы, обследование, экзамен, осмотр, рассмотрение, изучение, освидетельствование, досмотра
Samoan suega
Serbian (Cyrillic) Преглед
Serbian (Latin) Pregled
Slovak (NOUN)vyšetrenie, preskúmanie, skúšky, skúmania, preverenie, skúšok, prehliadka, skúšania, posúdenie, prieskum
Slovenian (NOUN)pregled, preučitev, preiskavo, izpit, proučitev, preverjanje, obravnavanje, preskušanje
Spanish (NOUN)examinación, examen, exploración
Swedish (NOUN)undersökning, granskning, prövning, tentamen, genomgång, examen
Tahitian hiopoaraa
Tamil தேர்வு
Telugu పరీక్ష
Thai (NOUN)สอบ, ตรวจ สอบ
Tongan sivi
Turkish (NOUN)muayene, sınav, inceleme, tetkik, sinav
Ukrainian (NOUN)експертизи, екзаменаційні, обстеження, розгляд, іспит, Доглядова, огляд, вивчення
Urdu (NOUN)امتحان
Vietnamese (NOUN)thi, xét nghiệm, khám, kiểm tra
Welsh (NOUN)arholiadau, archwilio, harchwiliad
Yucatec Maya p'iskaambal
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