[ɪkˈsiːd, ɛkˈsiːd]
exceeds (third person present) · exceeded (past tense) · exceeded (past participle) · exceeding (present participle)
  1. be greater in number or size than (a quantity, number, or other measurable thing).
    "production costs have exceeded £60,000"
    • go beyond what is allowed or stipulated by (a set limit).
      "the Tribunal's decision clearly exceeds its powers under the statute"
      be more than · be greater than · be over · run over · go over · go beyond · overshoot · overreach · pass · top
      fall short of
    • be better than; surpass.
      "economic growth exceeded expectations this year"
      surpass · outdo · outstrip · outshine · outclass · transcend · top · cap · beat · be greater than · be superior to · be better than · go one better than · better ·
      pass · eclipse · overshadow · put in the shade · put to shame · best · leave standing · be head and shoulders above · be a cut above · extinguish · outrival · outvie
late Middle English (in the sense ‘go over a boundary or specified point’): from Old French exceder, from Latin excedere, from ex- ‘out’ + cedere ‘go’.
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How to use exceed in a sentence?
if your outgoings regularly exceed your incomings, you have a problem.
the Tribunal's decision clearly exceeds its powers under the statute.
the factum of the intervener shall not exceed 20 pages.
comments should not exceed one side of A4 paper.
economic growth exceeded expectations this year.
production costs have exceeded £60,000.
do not exceed the stated dose.
How to say exceed in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)oorskry
Arabic (VERB)تتجاوز, يتجاوز, تجاوز, تتعدى, يتعدى, تفوق, تزيد, يزيد
Bangla অতিক্রম
Bosnian (Latin) prelazi
Bulgarian (VERB)надвишава, превишава, надхвърля
Cantonese (Traditional) 超過
Catalan (VERB)excedir, superar, sobrepassar
Chinese Simplified 超过
Chinese Traditional 超過
Croatian (VERB)premašiti, prelazi, prekoračiti, nadilaze, prijeći
Czech (VERB)překročit, přesáhnout, převyšují, nepřekročí
Danish (VERB)overstige, overgå
Dutch (VERB)overschrijden, meer dan, overtreffen, ten hoogste, groter, hoger, maximaal
Estonian (VERB)ületa, tohi olla pikem kui
Fijian ni sivia na
Filipino lumampas sa
Finnish (VERB)ylittää
French (VERB)dépasser, excéder, ne dépassera, surpasser
German (VERB)überschreiten, übertreffen
Greek (VERB)υπερβαίνει, ξεπερνούν, υπερκαλύπτουν, υπερέβαινε
Haitian Creole briye
Hebrew (VERB)לחרוג, חורגים, יעלה, חורג
Hindi (VERB)पार, अधिक
Hmong Daw tshaj
Hungarian (VERB)haladhatja meg, meghaladja, kimagaslik, túllépi
Icelandic (VERB)yfir
Indonesian (VERB)melebihi, melampaui
Italian (VERB)superare, eccedere, oltrepassare
Japanese (VERB)超える, 超過, 超えて, を超えて, 超え, 上回る, 超えた, 超えない
Kiswahili (VERB)kisichozidi
Korean (VERB)초과, 초과할, 넘지, 넘을, 뛰어넘는
Latvian (VERB)pārsniegt, nepārsniedz, lielākai
Lithuanian (VERB)viršyti, didesnė negu, neviršija
Malagasy mihoatra noho ny
Malay (Latin) (VERB)melebihi
Maltese (VERB)jeċċedi, teċċedi, jaqbżu, taqbeż, jaqbeż, tiskorri, taqbiżx
Norwegian Bokmål overstiger
Persian (VERB)تجاوز, بیش
Polish (VERB)przekracza, może przekraczać, przewyższają
Portuguese (VERB)exceder, ultrapassar
Querétaro Otomi exceda
Romanian (VERB)depășește
Russian (VERB)превышает
Samoan e sili atu le
Serbian (Cyrillic) премаши
Serbian (Latin) premaši
Slovak (VERB)prekročiť, presiahnuť, presahujú, prevyšujú, nesmie presahovať, nepresiahne
Slovenian (VERB)sme presegati, presega, sme biti večja od
Spanish (VERB)exceder, superar, sobrepasar, excederse, rebasar
Swedish (VERB)överstiga, överträffa, uppgå till högst
Tahitian ae
Tamil மேல்
Telugu మించరాదు
Thai (VERB)เกิน
Tongan laka
Turkish (VERB)aşma, aşan, aşması, aşa, aşmak, aşabilir, aşamaz, aş, aşarsa
Ukrainian (VERB)перевищує
Urdu حد سے تجاوز
Vietnamese (VERB)vượt quá, vượt
Welsh (VERB)ragori, rhagori, uwchlaw, groesi
Yucatec Maya exceda
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