[ɪkˈsɛl, ɛkˈsɛl]
excels (third person present) · excelled (past tense) · excelled (past participle) · excelling (present participle)
  1. be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity or subject.
    "she excelled at landscape painting"
    shine · be very good · be excellent · be brilliant · be outstanding · be skilful · be talented · be proficient · be expert · be pre-eminent · reign supreme · wear the crown ·
    stand out · be the best · be unrivalled · be unparalleled · be unequalled · be without equal · be second to none · be unsurpassed · be unexampled · surpass · outdo · outshine · outclass · outstrip · beat · beat hollow · top · cap · transcend · be better than · be superior to · go one better than · better · pass · eclipse · overshadow · put in the shade · put to shame · best · leave standing · be head and shoulders above · be a cut above · extinguish · outrival · outvie
      (excel oneself)
      perform exceptionally well.
      "the keeper excelled himself to keep out an Elliott header"
      attain distinction · be successful · bring fame/honour to oneself · become famous · dignify oneself · glorify oneself · excel oneself · win acclaim for oneself ·
      ennoble oneself · become lionized · become immortalized · elevate oneself
late Middle English: from Latin excellere, from ex- ‘out, beyond’ + celsus ‘lofty’.
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How to use excel in a sentence?
we have a colour-coded excel spreadsheet of all of our trip expenses.
the keeper excelled himself to keep out an Elliott header.
she excelled at landscape painting.
applicants must excel academically.
How to say excel in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Arabic (NOUN)اكسل, يقوم Excel, التفوق, تتفوق
Bangla এক্সেল
Bosnian (Latin) nadmašiti
Bulgarian (NOUN)Превъзхождам
Catalan (NOUN)superar
Croatian (NOUN)programa Excel
Czech (NOUN)aplikace Excel, Vynikat
Danish (VERB)udmærke
Dutch (VERB)uitblinken
Fijian tosovinaka
Filipino sa Excel
Finnish (NOUN)kunnostautua
French (VERB)exceller
German (NOUN)übertrifft
Greek (VERB)υπερέχουν, διαπρέπει, αριστεύσει
(NOUN)έξοχοs, Εxcel
Hebrew (NOUN)להצטיין, אקסל
Hindi (NOUN)एक्सेल
Hmong Daw mus zoo
Hungarian (NOUN)Kitűnik
Icelandic (NOUN)Skara fram úr
Indonesian (VERB)unggul, berprestasi
Italian (VERB)eccellere
Japanese (NOUN)エクセル
(VERB)秀でる, 勝る
Klingon 'ovbe'taHvIS
Korean (NOUN)엑셀, 능가, 뛰어나다
Latvian (NOUN)programma Excel, iepriekšējās Excel
Lithuanian (VERB)tobulėti
Malagasy hamiratra
Malay (Latin) (VERB)cemerlang
Maltese jispikkaw
Persian (NOUN)اکسل
Polish (NOUN)programu Excel, przewyższać
Portuguese (NOUN)superiorizar
(VERB)sobressair, primar, destacar
Romanian (VERB)excela
Russian (NOUN)первенствуйте, приложении Excel, формате Excel
Samoan lelei
Serbian (Cyrillic) Еxцел
Slovak (NOUN)programu Excel, vynikať
Slovenian (NOUN)odlikovati
Spanish (NOUN)sobresalen
Tahitian maitai ia
Telugu ఎక్సెల్
Tongan Fakalakalaka
Ukrainian (NOUN)Microsoft Excel, перевершувати
(VERB)досягти успіху
Urdu (NOUN)ایکسل
Vietnamese (VERB)trội, vượt trội
Welsh (VERB)ragori, rhagori
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