[ɪkˈsɛpt, ɛkˈsɛpt]
  1. not including; other than.
    "they work every day except Sunday" ·
    "I was naked except for my socks"
    excluding · not including · excepting · omitting · leaving out ·
    not counting · but · besides · barring · bar · other than · exclusive of · saving · save · apart from · aside from · with the exception of · with the omission of · with the exclusion of · outside of · forbye
  1. used before a statement that forms an exception to one just made.
    "I didn't tell him anything, except that I needed the money" ·
    "our berets were the same except mine was blue"
    (do) other than · otherwise than · except
    • archaic
      "she never offered advice, except it were asked of her"
excepts (third person present) · excepted (past tense) · excepted (past participle) · excepting (present participle)
  1. specify as excluded from a category or group.
    "five classes of advertisement are excepted from control"
    exclude · omit · leave out · rule out · count out · disregard · pass over ·
late Middle English: from Latin except- ‘taken out’, from the verb excipere, from ex- ‘out of’ + capere ‘take’.
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How to use except in a sentence?
I withdrew all my money except the minimum required to keep the account open.
they rarely bestir themselves except in the most pressing of circumstances.
officials refuse to discuss military policy except in coy hypotheticals.
no fuss, no muss—nothing left behind except a few little specks of dust.
the drake is all black except for an orange mark on the upper mandible.
flint is not subject to chemical weathering except by strong alkalis.
except by sleight of logic, the two positions cannot be harmonized.
in Scotland ‘goods’ includes all corporeal movables except money.
many gulls are all white except for dark grey mantle and wings.
there's no one there except the barmaid, and she's a bit off.
there is nothing left to do except putt the ball in the hole.
I didn't tell him anything, except that I needed the money.
five classes of advertisement are excepted from control.
it was quiet except for the liquid purl of the fountain.
she never offered advice, except it were asked of her.
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How to say except in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (PREPOSITION)behalwe, buiten
Arabic (PREPOSITION)ما عدا, استثناء, عدا, فيما عدا, الا
Bangla ছাড়া
Bosnian (Latin) Osim
Bulgarian (PREPOSITION)освен, изключвам
Cantonese (Traditional) 除咗
Catalan (PREPOSITION)excepte, llevat
Chinese Simplified 除了
Chinese Traditional 除了
Croatian (PREPOSITION)osim
Czech (PREPOSITION)s výjimkou, kromě
Danish (PREPOSITION)undtagen, bortset fra
Dutch (PREPOSITION)behalve
Estonian (PREPOSITION)välja arvatud, v.a
Fijian vakavo ga na
Filipino maliban sa
Finnish (PREPOSITION)paitsi, lukuun ottamatta
French (PREPOSITION)sauf, exception
German (PREPOSITION)außer, ausgenommen, ausser
Greek (PREPOSITION)εκτός, εξαίρεση, υπερβάλλω, πλην
Haitian Creole eksepte
Hebrew (PREPOSITION)מלבד, למעט, חוץ, פרט
Hindi (PREPOSITION)छोड़कर, अलावा, सिवाय
Hmong Daw tsuas yog
Hungarian (PREPOSITION)kivéve
Icelandic (PREPOSITION)nema, frátöldum
Indonesian (PREPOSITION)kecuali
Italian (PREPOSITION)tranne, ad eccezione, eccetto, salvo
Japanese (PREPOSITION)除い, 除く, 除いて, 以外, 除き, を除き
Kiswahili (PREPOSITION)isipokuwa, ghairi, ila
Klingon jIQongqa'laHbe'
Korean (PREPOSITION)제외한, 제외
Latvian (PREPOSITION)izņemot
Lithuanian (PREPOSITION)išskyrus
Malagasy raha tsy
Malay (Latin) (PREPOSITION)kecuali
Maltese (PREPOSITION)ħlief, minbarra, għajr
Norwegian Bokmål bortsett fra
Persian (PREPOSITION)جز, بجز, مگر
Polish (PREPOSITION)oprócz, wykluczyć, wyjątkiem, poza
Portuguese (PREPOSITION)exceto, excepto
Querétaro Otomi menu
Romanian (PREPOSITION)cu excepţia, exceptând
Russian (PREPOSITION)за исключением, кроме
Samoan sei vagana ai
Serbian (Cyrillic) Осим
Serbian (Latin) Osim
Slovak (PREPOSITION)s výnimkou, okrem
Slovenian (PREPOSITION)razen
Spanish (PREPOSITION)excepto, salvo
Swedish (PREPOSITION)utom, förutom, undantag
Tahitian maori ra
Telugu తప్ప
Thai (PREPOSITION)ยกเว้น
Tongan Kapau 'e 'ikai
Turkish (PREPOSITION)dışında, hariç
Ukrainian (PREPOSITION)за винятком, крім, окрім
Urdu (PREPOSITION)سوائے, ماسوا, سوا, بجز, علاوہ
Vietnamese (PREPOSITION)ngoại trừ, trừ
Welsh (PREPOSITION)heblaw, wahân
Yucatec Maya excepto
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