[ɪkˈsprɛs, ɛkˈsprɛs]
expresses (third person present) · expressed (past tense) · expressed (past participle) · expressing (present participle)
  1. convey (a thought or feeling) in words or by gestures and conduct.
    "he expressed complete satisfaction"
    communicate · convey · indicate · show · demonstrate · reveal ·
    intimate · manifest · make manifest · exhibit · evidence · put across/over · get across/over · articulate · put into words · utter · voice · give voice to · give expression to · enunciate · pronounce · verbalize · word · phrase · render · frame · couch · state · assert · proclaim · profess · air · make public · give vent to · vent · say · tell · speak · mouth · point out · denote · illustrate · symbolize · signify · embody · evince · asseverate
    • (express oneself)
      say or otherwise communicate what one thinks or means.
      "with a diplomatic smile, she expressed herself more subtly"
      communicate one's thoughts/opinions/views ·
      put thoughts into words · speak one's mind · say one's piece · say what's on one's mind
    • mathematics
      represent (a number, relation, or property) by a figure, symbol, or formula.
      "constants can be expressed in terms of the Fourier transform"
  2. squeeze out (liquid or air).
    "she would express her milk using a pump and take it home for her baby"
    squeeze out · press out · wring out · force out · extract · expel
  3. genetics
    cause (an inherited characteristic or gene) to appear in a phenotype.
    "the genes are expressed in a variety of cell lines"
late Middle English (also in the sense ‘press out, obtain by squeezing’, used figuratively to mean ‘extort’): from Old French expresser, based on Latin ex- ‘out’ + pressare ‘to press’.
[ɪkˈsprɛs, ɛkˈsprɛs]
  1. operating at high speed.
    "executives have their own express lift direct to floor 42"
  1. by express train or delivery service.
    "I got my wife to send my gloves express to the hotel"
expresses (plural noun) · express train (noun) · express trains (plural noun)
  1. a train that stops at few stations and travels quickly.
    "we embarked for the south of France on an overnight express"
    express train · fast train · direct train
  2. a special delivery service.
    "the books arrived by express"
  3. an express rifle.
expresses (third person present) · expressed (past tense) · expressed (past participle) · expressing (present participle)
  1. send by express messenger or delivery.
    "I expressed my clothes to my destination"
early 18th century (as a verb): extension of express3 ; express2 (sense 1of the noun) from express train, so named because it served a particular destination without intermediate stops, reflecting an earlier sense of express ‘done or made for a special purpose’, later interpreted in the sense ‘rapid’. Senses relating to express delivery date from the institution of this postal service in 1891.
[ɪkˈsprɛs, ɛkˈsprɛs, ˈɛksprɛs]
  1. stated explicitly, not merely implied.
    "it was his express wish that the celebration should continue"
late Middle English: from Old French expres, from Latin expressus ‘distinctly presented’, past participle of exprimere ‘press out’, from ex- ‘out’ + primere ‘press’.
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How to use express in a sentence?
the driver of the mail train overran a signal at danger and ran into the rear of an express.
they express regret for their non-success in filling the vacant presidential chair.
the schools were founded for the express purpose of teaching deaf children.
Conrad uses a range of constructions which express or imply similitude.
I wish to express my indebtedness to my parents for all they have done.
she would express her milk using a pump and take it home for her baby.
she was groping for the words which would express what she thought.
the media often express a general uneasiness with animal research.
constants can be expressed in terms of the Fourier transform.
it was his express wish that the celebration should continue.
we embarked for the south of France on an overnight express.
with a diplomatic smile, she expressed herself more subtly.
executives have their own express lift direct to floor 42.
I did not think it politic to express my reservations.
I got my wife to send my gloves express to the hotel.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)uitdruk, druk, uiting, verwoord
Arabic (NOUN)اكسبرس, صريحة, السريع
(VERB)أعرب عن, نعرب عن, الاعراب عن, تعبر عن, تعرب عن, يعرب عن, أعرب
Bangla এক্সপ্রেস
Bosnian (Latin) brza
Bulgarian (NOUN)Експресно, изразявам, изрично
Cantonese (Traditional) 表達
Catalan (VERB)expressar
Chinese Simplified 表达
Chinese Traditional 表達
Croatian (VERB)izraziti
(NOUN)točan, ekspres, izričitog
Czech (VERB)vyjádřit
(NOUN)výslovného, dokonalý
Danish (VERB)udtrykke, give udtryk
(NOUN)udtrykkelige, gengive, ekspres
Dutch (NOUN)uitdrukkelijke
(VERB)uiten, uitdrukken, uitspreken, te drukken
Estonian (NOUN)Kiire, Expressi
Fijian dau vakaraitaka
Finnish (NOUN)Nopea, Expressin, Esiintuoda, nimenomaista
French (NOUN)exprimée, explicite
German (VERB)ausdrücken, äußern, bekunden
(NOUN)ausdrückliche, drück
Greek (VERB)εκφράσω
(NOUN)ρητή, εξπρές, εκφράζω, σαφή, σαφής, σαφές, γρήγορο
Haitian Creole eksprime
Hebrew (NOUN)אקספרס, צ'ק, האקספרס, מפורשת, המהיר, מהיר, בטא, מהירה
(VERB)לבטא, להביע, מבטאים
Hindi (NOUN)एक्सप्रेस
(VERB)व्यक्त, अभिव्यक्त
Hmong Daw piav qhia
Hungarian (NOUN)Kifejez
Icelandic (NOUN)tjá
Indonesian (VERB)mengekspresikan, mengungkapkan, menyatakan
Italian (VERB)esprimere
(NOUN)espresso, esprima, esplicito
Japanese (NOUN)エクスプレス, 急行, エキスプレス, 特急, 明白, 高速
(VERB)表現, 表明, 表す, 発現
Kiswahili (VERB)kueleza, kudhihirisha, kujieleza, kuonyesha
Klingon vIHutlh
Korean (NOUN)익스프레스, 급행, 특급, 명시적, 고속, 빠른
(VERB)표현, 나타낼
Latvian (VERB)izteikt, paust, izsaka, izpaust
(NOUN)tiešas, skaidras, īpašas
Lithuanian (VERB)išreikšti
(NOUN)ekspresas, skubus, aiškių
Malagasy maneho
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)Daftar Masuk, Ekspres
Maltese (VERB)jesprimu, Esprimi, agħti
Persian (NOUN)اکسپرس, دلالت, صریح
(VERB)بیان, ابراز
Polish (VERB)wyrazić
(NOUN)ekspresowe, wyrażać
Portuguese (VERB)expressar, exprimir, manifestar
(NOUN)entrega expressa
Querétaro Otomi expresa
Romanian (VERB)exprima
Russian (VERB)выразить, высказать, заявить о, изложить, проявить
(NOUN)экспресс, курьерская, срочная
Samoan faailoa atu
Serbian (Cyrillic) Експрес
Serbian (Latin) Ekspres
Slovak (NOUN)Expresná, výslovného
Slovenian (VERB)izraziti
(NOUN)izrecnega, ekspresno, hitra
Spanish (VERB)expresar, manifestar, expresarse
Swedish (VERB)uttrycka, framföra
Tahitian faaite
Tamil விரைவு
Telugu ఎక్స్ ప్రెస్
Thai (NOUN)เอ็กซ์เพรส, ด่วน
Tongan fakahaa'i
Turkish (NOUN)ekspres, hızlı
Ukrainian (VERB)висловити, виразити, виражати
(NOUN)експрес, спеціального
Urdu (NOUN)ایکسپریس
Vietnamese (NOUN)nhận
(VERB)bày tỏ, hiện
Welsh (VERB)fynegi, mynegi, ddatgan, leisio
Yucatec Maya expresa
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