[ɪkˈstriːm, ɛkˈstriːm]
  1. reaching a high or the highest degree; very great.
    "extreme cold"
  2. furthest from the centre or a given point.
    "the extreme north-west of Scotland"
    furthest · farthest · furthermost · farthermost · furthest/farthest away ·
    very · utmost · outermost · most distant · aftermost · endmost · ultimate · final · last · terminal · remotest · outmost
extremes (plural noun)
  1. either of two abstract things that are as different from each other as possible.
    "we represented opposite extremes of college society—he a member of the Old Guard, I one of the radicals"
    opposite · antithesis · (other) side of the coin · (opposite) pole ·
    contrary · (exclusive) alternative · opposing pair · antipode
  2. logic
    the subject or predicate in a proposition, or the major or minor term in a syllogism (as contrasted with the middle term).
late Middle English: via Old French from Latin extremus ‘outermost, utmost’, superlative of exterus ‘outer’.
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extreme extroversion leading to an exaggerated concern with one's influence in the world of social relationships.
we represented opposite extremes of college society—he a member of the Old Guard, I one of the radicals.
extreme worrying almost every day for six months or more may signal generalized anxiety disorder.
extreme anointing hath neither ordinance of God to be grounded on, nor promise of grace annexed.
the extreme heat metamorphosed the sandstone, baking it white and producing a quartzite rock.
a vanilla ice cream that is unmistakably English in its heaviness and extreme creaminess.
taking each section separately the student should lightly hackle the extreme ends.
the Mt Pelee spine was exceptional only for its extreme height—over 300 metres.
handheld shots taken at extreme telephoto ranges can be pretty wobbly affairs.
your insensibility to the extreme importance of the mission we are on.
groups of his more extreme supporters rioted in front of parliament.
anyone receiving a suspect package should exercise extreme caution.
cases of infanticide often involve extreme emotional disturbance.
he can take comfort in the extreme unlikelihood of a prosecution.
these claims might strike many people as absolutist and extreme.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)uiterste
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)المدقع, فقر مدقع, متطرفة, تطرفا, الشديد, القصوى, المتطرف, أقصى, القاسية, البالغة
Bangla চরম
Bosnian (Latin) ekstremne
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)екстремни, крайно, изключителна, краен
Cantonese (Traditional) 極端
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)extrema
Chinese Simplified 极端
Chinese Traditional 極端
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)ekstremnim, krajnost, izuzetne, iznimnim
Czech (ADJECTIVE)extrémní, krajní, mimořádné
Danish (ADJECTIVE)ekstreme, yderste
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)uiterste
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)äärmise, äärmuslik, ekstreemsed
Fijian vakatani
Filipino matinding
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)äärimmäinen
French (ADJECTIVE)extrême, extrème
German (ADJECTIVE)äußersten
Greek (ADJECTIVE)ακραία, άκρας, έσχατης, εξαιρετική, άκρο, υπερβολική, άκρα
Haitian Creole extricate
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)קיצוני, הקיצוני, מוגזם
(NOUN)אקסטרים, אתגרי
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)चरम, अति, अतिवादी, अत्यधिक, उग्र
(NOUN)ऐक्सट्रीम, एक्सट्रीम
Hmong Daw heev
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)extrém, szélsőséges, rendkívüli
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)ystur, öfgafullt, mikilli, erfiðustu, frelsi, sumum
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)ekstrim
Italian (ADJECTIVE)estrema
Japanese (NOUN)エクストリーム
(ADJECTIVE)極端, 極度, 極限, 過激, 細心, 極, 過酷な, 異常
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)uliokithiri
Korean (ADJECTIVE)극단적인, 극도, 극한, 극치, 극심한
(NOUN)익스 트림
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)galējās, ārkārtējas, ekstremāli, pārmērīgu
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)ekstremalių, kraštutiniais, ypatingos, tolimiausio
(NOUN)Ekstremalus, kraštutinumą
Malagasy ratsy
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)melampau, ekstrem
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)estremi
Persian (NOUN)افراطی, فوق العاده
(ADJECTIVE)شدید, مفرط
Polish (ADJECTIVE)ekstremalnych, skrajnych, dodatek, wyjątkowo
(NOUN)ekstremalna, skrajności, biegunie
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)extrema, radicais, exagerado
Querétaro Otomi extremo
Romanian (NOUN)supliment
Russian (ADJECTIVE)экстремальных, крайней, чрезвычайной, весьма, предельной, исключительных
(NOUN)Экстрим, крайности
Samoan ogaoga
Serbian (Cyrillic) екстремно
Serbian (Latin) ekstremno
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)extrémne, krajnej, mimoriadnej
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)ekstremnih, skrajno, izjemno, izredno, huda
(NOUN)skrajnosti, izredni
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)extrema
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)extrema, ytterligheten
Tahitian rahi
Tamil தீவிர
Telugu తీవ్ర
Thai (NOUN)มาก
Tongan fu'u totu'a
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)aşırı, ekstrem, uçta, uç
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)крайніх, екстремальних, надзвичайної, вкрай
(NOUN)екстремальний, крайність
Urdu (NOUN)انتہائی
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)cực, cực đoan, cực kỳ, khắc nghiệt
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)eithafol, llethol, enbyd
Yucatec Maya extremo
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