1. having a face or expression of a specified kind.
    "a pimply-faced teenager" ·
    "a burly, square-faced doorman" · "sad-faced children"
  2. having a surface or front of a specified kind.
    "a heavy, square-faced hammer" ·
    "a stone-faced building"
    • geometry
      (of a solid) having a specified number of surfaces.
      "a twelve-faced solid"
  3. (of a piece of stone or other material) having a smoothed or polished surface.
    "walls and pillars had faced stone on the outer surfaces"
  4. (of a playing card) turned face up.
    "he gets the faced card as his first card"
faces (plural noun)
  1. the front part of a person's head from the forehead to the chin, or the corresponding part in an animal.
    "she was scarlet in the face and perspiring profusely"
  2. the surface of a thing, especially one that is presented to the view or has a particular function.
    • geometry
      each of the surfaces of a solid.
      "the faces of a cube"
    • a vertical or sloping side of a mountain or cliff.
      "the north face of the Eiger"
    • the side of a planet or moon facing the observer.
      "we can often see the dark face of the moon by earthshine"
    • the front of a building.
      "a series of loggias make up the face of the church"
    • the plate of a clock or watch bearing the digits or hands.
      "a dial like the face of a clock"
    • the distinctive side of a playing card.
      "she scattered a deck of cards face down"
    • the obverse of a coin.
  3. a person of a particular type.
    "this season's squad has a lot of old faces in it"
  4. short for typeface.
faces (third person present) · faced (past tense) · faced (past participle) · facing (present participle)
  1. be positioned with the face or front towards (someone or something).
    "he turned to face her"
    look out on · front on to · look towards · be facing ·
    have/afford/command a view of · look over/across · open out over · look on to · overlook · give on to · give over · be opposite (to)
    back on to
    • have the face or front pointing in a specified direction.
      "the house faces due east"
    • (of a soldier) turn in a particular direction.
      "the men had faced about to the front"
  2. confront and deal with or accept.
    "honesty forced her to face facts" ·
    "he was too old to face up to the responsibilities of his position"
    accept · come to accept · become reconciled to · reconcile oneself to ·
    reach an acceptance (of) · get used to · become accustomed to · adjust to · accommodate oneself to · acclimatize oneself to · learn to live with · cope with · deal with · come to terms with · get to grips with · become resigned to · make the best of · confront · meet head-on · brave · face up to · encounter · meet · meet head-on · confront · dare · defy · oppose · resist · withstand
    dodge · succumb to
  3. cover the surface of (something) with a layer of a different material.
    "the external basement walls were faced with granite slabs"
    cover · clad · veneer · skin · overlay · surface · dress · pave ·
    put a facing on · laminate · inlay · plate · coat · line
Middle English: from Old French, based on Latin facies ‘form, appearance, face’.
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How to use faced in a sentence?
bishops in England were faced with a loss of priests to minister the sacraments.
the road constructors faced the difficulty of rocky ground, difficult to dig.
each has faced similar hardships, and perhaps that is why they are friends.
faced with an overflow of eggs, I chose to hard-boil a few for a snack.
he would have faced a prison sentence but for mitigating circumstances.
industry faced a serious challenge in trying to stimulate consumption.
the minister faced a welter of hostile headlines and mocking cartoons.
this was purgatory, worse than anything she'd faced in her life.
the company epitomized the problems faced by British industry.
he faced a crescendo of boos every time he touched the ball.
the external basement walls were faced with granite slabs.
walls and pillars had faced stone on the outer surfaces.
true, the house faced north, but you got used to that.
he faced charges of attempting to export Ecstasy tabs.
a mother who faced eviction has been given a reprieve.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)gekonfronteer
Arabic (VERB)واجهت, تواجه, واجه, يواجه, واجهوا, مواجهتها, الوجه, نواجه, التي يواجهها
Bangla মুখোমুখি
Bosnian (Latin) s kojima se suočavaju
Bulgarian (VERB)изправени пред, сблъскват, пред
Cantonese (Traditional) 面臨
Catalan (VERB)enfronten, davant, encarat, afrontar
Chinese Simplified 面临
Chinese Traditional 面臨
Croatian (VERB)suočeni, suočio, suočavaju, lice, susreću
Czech (VERB)čelí, potýkají, kterým čelí, konfrontován, jimž čelí, tváří, stál, povlakem
Danish (VERB)konfronteret, står, okoumé, står over, ansigt, mødt
Dutch (VERB)geconfronteerd, kampen, wijzerplaat
Estonian (VERB)silmitsi, ees, vastamisi
Fijian a sotava
Filipino hinarap
Finnish (VERB)edessä, kohdannut, kohtaavat, joutuneet, kohdistuu
French (VERB)confrontés, face, affronté, auxquels font face, rencontrés, donnait, devant, faire face
German (VERB)konfrontiert, gegenübergestellt, angesichts
Greek (VERB)αντιμέτωποι, βρίσκεται αντιμέτωπη, μπροστά, ενώπιον, απέναντι
Haitian Creole fè fas a
Hebrew (VERB)מתמודדים, בפני
Hindi (VERB)का सामना करना पड़ा, सामना, मद्देनजर
Hmong Daw muag
Hungarian (VERB)szembe, arcú, szegélyez, néz szembe
Icelandic (VERB)andlit, glíma, frammi
Indonesian (VERB)dihadapi, menghadapi, berhadapan, berwajah, hadapi
Italian (VERB)affrontato, fronte, si affacciava, affacciato, incontrate, dava, confrontati
Japanese (VERB)直面, 迫ら, 対峙, 迎え, 面し, 抱える
Kiswahili (VERB)wanakabiliwa, alikabiliana
Klingon qaD
Korean (VERB)직면
Latvian (VERB)saskaras, pievērsās, sastopas, jārēķinās, uzlūkoja, pagriezās pret, pārklājumu, darīšana, paskatījās, nostājās
Lithuanian (VERB)susiduria, sprendžiamos, patiria
Malagasy niatrika
Malay (Latin) (VERB)dihadapi, berhadapan, berdepan, menghadapi, hadapi
Maltese iffaċċjati
Norwegian Bokmål møtte
Persian (VERB)مواجه, روبرو
Polish (VERB)obliczu, do czynienia, napotykanych, stykają, stanęła, odczuwane, spotykają się, zmierzyć
Portuguese (VERB)enfrentou, confrontados, encarou, deparamos, diante, face
Querétaro Otomi frente 'na
Romanian (VERB)confruntat, întâmpinate
Russian (VERB)столкнулся, сталкиваются, с которыми сталкивается, посмотрен, лицом, выходил, встала, смотрели
Samoan feagai ma
Serbian (Cyrillic) суочени
Serbian (Latin) suočeni
Slovak (VERB)ktorým čelia, čelia, stretávajú, konfrontovaný, zápasia, stál, tvárou, potýka, vystavené
Slovenian (VERB)soočeni, soočajo, srečujejo, lice, soočiti
Spanish (VERB)enfrentado, afrontado, encarado, ante, daba, cara, se enfrentaron, confrontados, enfrentarse
Swedish (VERB)stod inför, ställs inför, inför, möter, konfronteras, står inför, belagd, drabbar, mötte, möta
Tahitian i mua
Tamil எதிர்கொள்ளும்
Telugu ఎదుర్కొన్న
Thai ต้องเผชิญกับ
Tongan fehangahangai
Turkish (VERB)karşı karşıya, yüzlü, yüz yüze
Ukrainian (VERB)стикаються, зіткнувся, особою
Urdu کا سامنا کرنا پڑا
Vietnamese (VERB)phải đối mặt với
Welsh (VERB)wynebu, hwynebu, eu hwynebu
Yucatec Maya frente u
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