faculties (plural noun)
  1. an inherent mental or physical power.
    "her critical faculties" ·
    "the faculty of sight"
  2. a group of university departments concerned with a major division of knowledge.
    "the Faculty of Arts" ·
    "the law faculty"
    • the teaching or research staff of a group of university departments viewed as a body.
      "there were then no tenured women on the faculty"
    • dated
      the members of a particular profession, especially medicine, considered collectively.
  3. a licence or authorization from a Church authority.
    "the vicar introduced certain ornaments without the necessary faculty to do so"
late Middle English: from Old French faculte, from Latin facultas, from facilis ‘easy’, from facere ‘make, do’.
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18% of the faculty reported that graduate assistants frequently proctored exams.
his faculty for forehanded thought about problems to be resolved in the future.
the vicar introduced certain ornaments without the necessary faculty to do so.
the Young Turks of the faculty demolished the idea of the self.
there were then no tenured women on the faculty.
academics were brown-nosing the senior faculty.
he snubbed faculty members and students alike.
his faculty for taking the initiative.
her critical faculties.
the faculty of sight.
the faculty of Arts.
the law faculty.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)Fakulteit
Arabic (NOUN)كلية, أعضاء هيئة التدريس, كلية الحقوق, الكلية, الهيئة التدريسية, هيئة تدريس
Bangla ফ্যাকাল্টি
Bosnian (Latin) fakultet
Bulgarian (NOUN)факултет, преподаватели
Cantonese (Traditional) 教師
Catalan (NOUN)Facultat, professorat
Chinese Simplified 教师
Chinese Traditional 教師
Croatian (NOUN)fakultet, nastavnici, odjel
Czech (NOUN)fakulty, vyučující
Danish (NOUN)fakultet, lærestaben, Fagråd, naturvidenskabelige, fagområde, undervisere
Dutch (NOUN)faculteit, docenten
Estonian (NOUN)teaduskonna, õppejõud, matemaatika
Fijian kilaka
Finnish (NOUN)tiedekunta, opettajakunnan, koulutusaloille, henkilökunnan
French (NOUN)faculté, corps professoral, professeurs, enseignants
German (NOUN)Fakultät, Lehrkörper, Dozenten, Fachbereich, Dozierende
Greek (NOUN)σχολή, ΔΕΠ, Φιλοσοφική Σχολή, τμήμα, σχολές, διδάσκοντες, ικανότητα, καθηγητές
Haitian Creole fakilte
Hebrew (NOUN)איש סגל, הפקולטה, סגל, פקולטה, הסגל, בפקולטה, לסגל
Hindi (NOUN)संकाय, फ़ैकल्टी, शिक्षकों
Hmong Daw kws qhia ntawv
Hungarian (NOUN)kar, kari, Fakultás, tantestület, oktatók, képesség
Icelandic (NOUN)deild
Indonesian (NOUN)fakultas, staf pengajar, dosen
Italian (NOUN)facoltà, docenti, corpo docente
Japanese (NOUN)教員, 学部, 教職員, 教員紹介, 教授陣, 部, 理学部, 教授, 学科, 講師
Kiswahili Kitivo
Klingon 'arqon
Korean (NOUN)교수진, 교직원, 학부, 교수, 교원, 교수가, 교수의, 강사
Latvian (NOUN)fakultāte, mācībspēkiem, pasniedzējiem
Lithuanian (NOUN)fakultetas, dėstytojų
Malagasy mpiasa
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)Fakulti
Maltese (NOUN)fakultà
Norwegian Bokmål fakultet
Persian (NOUN)دانشکده, هیئت علمی, دانشكده, استادان, پوهنحی, اساتید
Polish (NOUN)Wydział, wykładowców
Portuguese (NOUN)faculdade, corpo docente, docentes, professores
Querétaro Otomi Facultad
Romanian (NOUN)Facultatea, profesori
Russian (NOUN)факультет, преподавателей, кафедре, профессорско, юридическом факультете, способность
Samoan faiaoga
Serbian (Cyrillic) факултет
Serbian (Latin) fakultet
Slovak (NOUN)fakulty, vyučujúci, učiteľov
Slovenian (NOUN)fakulteta, univerzitetne, učno
Spanish (NOUN)facultad, profesores, cuerpo docente, claustro, docentes
Swedish (NOUN)fakulteten, FilFak, lärare
Tahitian muri
Tamil ஆசிரியர்கள்
Telugu అధ్యాపకులు
Thai (NOUN)คณาจารย์, คณะ
Tongan 'a e kau faiako
Turkish (NOUN)fakülte, öğretim
Ukrainian (NOUN)факультет, викладачів, здатність, Кафедра
Urdu (NOUN)فیکلٹی
Vietnamese (NOUN)khoa, giảng viên
Welsh (NOUN)cyfadran, Gyfadran, Chyfadran
Yucatec Maya Facultad
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