farms (plural noun)
  1. an area of land and its buildings, used for growing crops and rearing animals.
    "a farm of 100 acres" ·
    "farm workers"
    • a farmhouse.
      "a half-timbered farm"
    • a place for breeding a particular type of animal or producing a specified crop.
      "a fish farm"
      ranch · range · farm
    • a place devoted to producing or promoting something.
      "an energy farm"
farms (third person present) · farmed (past tense) · farmed (past participle) · farming (present participle)
  1. make one's living by growing crops or keeping livestock.
    "he has farmed organically for years"
    be a farmer · practise farming · cultivate/till/work the land · till the soil ·
    rear livestock · do agricultural work
    • use (land) for growing crops and rearing animals.
      "marshes are being drained in order to farm the land"
      cultivate · bring under cultivation · till · work · plough · dig · plant
    • breed or grow (a type of livestock or crop) commercially.
      "ostriches are farmed in South Africa and Australia"
      grow · cultivate · raise · plant · tend · bring on · harvest · breed ·
      rear · keep
  2. (farm someone/something out)
    send out or subcontract work to others.
    "it saves time and money to farm out some writing work to specialized companies"
    contract out · outsource · assign to others · subcontract · delegate
    • arrange for a child to be looked after by someone, usually for payment.
      "the babies are farmed out for five years"
      have fostered · have cared for · send to a childminder ·
      put in care
    • dated
      send a sports player temporarily to another team in return for a fee.
      "he was farmed out in 1938 and '39 and came back for two games in 1940"
  3. historical
    allow someone to collect and keep the revenues from (a tax) on payment of a fee.
    "the customs had been farmed to the collector for a fixed sum"
Middle English: from Old French ferme, from medieval Latin firma ‘fixed payment’, from Latin firmare ‘fix, settle’ (in medieval Latin ‘contract for’), from firmus ‘constant, firm’ ; compare with firm2. The noun originally denoted a fixed annual amount payable as rent or tax; this is reflected in farm (sense 3of the verb), which later gave rise to ‘to subcontract’ ( farm (sense 2of the verb)). The noun came to denote a lease, and, in the early 16th century, land leased for farming. The verb sense ‘grow crops or keep livestock’ dates from the early 19th century.
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How to use farm in a sentence?
the warden of Windsor Forest was granted as part of his farm the herbage of the whole forest.
each of them was to be rewarded with a farm and a number of mining claims in the land.
fields which have been ploughed with a supreme exhibition of the farm worker's skills.
we have to tag the sheep before sale or when moving them from one farm to another.
it saves time and money to farm out some writing work to specialized companies.
after locking the farm gate I had switched on the power to electrify the fence.
the farm has been built up over the years by hard work and self-denial.
he was farmed out in 1938 and '39 and came back for two games in 1940.
the farm is organized in such a way that it can be run by two adults.
the conditions of farm workers in the 1890s made gleaning essential.
he thought it was unladylike for his daughter to work on a farm.
the government tried to block an agreement on farm subsidies.
the customs had been farmed to the collector for a fixed sum.
there were pieces of rusting farm machinery beside the road.
the cautionary vision of works like Animal farm and 1984.
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How to say farm in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)plaas, plase, boer
Arabic (NOUN)المزرعة, مزرعة, المزارع, تكتل, الزراعية, مزرعتنا, زراعية, مزارع
Bangla খামার
Bosnian (Latin) farma
Bulgarian (NOUN)ферма, стопанство, селскостопански, земеделски, Фарм, чифлик, ферми
Cantonese (Traditional) 農場
Catalan (NOUN)granja, finca, agrícoles, granges, masia, explotació, conjunt, servidors
Chinese Simplified 农场
Chinese Traditional 農場
Croatian (NOUN)farmi, farma, farme, farmu, farmom, imanju, poljoprivredne, gospodarstvo, seoski
Czech (NOUN)farmě, farmy, farma, farmu, hospodářství, zemědělské, statku, farmou, statek
Danish (NOUN)gård, gården, farmen, bedriften, bondegård, akvakulturbrug, landbrug, jord
Dutch (NOUN)boerderij, hoeve, vakantiehuisje, landbouwbedrijven, bedrijf, boer, agrarische
Estonian (NOUN)talu, serveripargi, põllumajandusettevõtte, pargi, kasvandus, tallu, parki
Fijian vanua ni teitei
Filipino sakahan
Finnish (NOUN)maatilan, tilalla, palvelinfarmin, farmi, klusterin, maatalouden
French (NOUN)ferme, agricoles, gites, exploitation, batterie, élevage, cultiver
German (NOUN)Bauernhof, Hof, Serverfarm, landwirtschaftlichen, Betrieb
Greek (NOUN)αγρόκτημα, φάρμα, γεωργικά, εκμετάλλευση, συμπλέγματος, εκτρεφόμενα, αγροτικών, συστοιχία, εκτροφής, κτήμα
Haitian Creole fèm travay tè
Hebrew (NOUN)החווה, חווה, בחווה, משק, לחווה, נחלה, בחוות, מהחווה, המשק, פארם
Hindi (NOUN)खेत, फार्म, कृषि
Hmong Daw ua liaj ua teb
Hungarian (NOUN)gazdaság, farmon, mezőgazdasági, tanya, farmban, farmhoz
Icelandic (NOUN)bæinn, bænum, bæ
Indonesian (NOUN)peternakan, pertanian, lahan, perkebunan, tani, ladang
Italian (NOUN)fattoria, azienda agricola, Agriturismo, Podere, allevamento, maso
Japanese (NOUN)ファーム, 農場, 農園, 農業, 農家, 牧場
Kiswahili (NOUN)shamba, kilimo
Klingon Du'
Korean (NOUN)농장, 팜에, 팜, 팜의, 팜을, 팜이
Latvian (NOUN)fermas, saimniecības, fermu, viensēta, audzētavu, sēta
Lithuanian (NOUN)ūkio, ūkyje, ūkis, ūkių, ūkį, fermos, ferma, žemės ūkio
Malagasy toeram-pambolena
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)ladang, penternakan, perladangan, pertanian
Maltese (NOUN)razzett, irziezet, biedja, agrikolu
Norwegian Bokmål gården
Persian (NOUN)مزرعه, کشاورزی, اهلی
Polish (NOUN)gospodarstwa, farmy, farmie, ferma, farma, rolnicze, farmę, hodowli, Agroturystyka, zagroda
Portuguese (NOUN)fazenda, exploração agrícola, quinta, granja, agrícolas, cultivar
Querétaro Otomi granja
Romanian (NOUN)fermă, agricole, fermei, exploatație, crescătorie
Russian (NOUN)фермы, Фарм, сельскохозяйственных, хозяйство, хутор
Samoan faatoaga
Serbian (Cyrillic) фарма
Serbian (Latin) farma
Slovak (NOUN)farme, farma, farmy, farmu, poľnohospodárskych, statku, hospodárstva, farmou, fariem
Slovenian (NOUN)kmetiji, gruči, gruče, ribogojnice, gručo, kmečki, gruča, gojišče, domačih, gospodarstvu
Spanish (NOUN)granja, finca, agrícolas, explotación, Hacienda, cultivar, rural
Swedish (NOUN)gård, gården, servergruppen, lantgård, jordbruksföretaget, bondgård, anläggning, jord, gruppen
Tahitian te faaapu
Tamil (NOUN)பண்ணை
Telugu వ్యవసాయ
Thai (NOUN)ฟาร์ม, เกษตร, วฟาร์ม, ไร่
Tongan faama
Turkish (NOUN)çiftlik, grubu, grupta, tarım, grub, tarla, santrali
Ukrainian (NOUN)ферми, ферма, фермі, ферму, Фарм, сільськогосподарських, фермою, фермерських, господарство, ферм
Urdu (NOUN)فارم
Vietnamese (NOUN)trang trại, nông trại, nông, trại, nông nghiệp
Welsh (NOUN)fferm
Yucatec Maya p'ujik
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