finishes (third person present) · finished (past tense) · finished (past participle) · finishing (present participle)
  1. bring (a task or activity) to an end; complete.
    "they were straining to finish the job" ·
    "we finished eating our meal"
    completed · concluded · consummated · finalized · terminated ·
    over and done with · over · in the past · at an end · accomplished · executed · discharged · done with · done · fulfilled · settled · achieved · attained · realized · wound up · wrapped up · sewn up · polished off · knocked off · effectuated · complete · end · conclude · close · bring to a conclusion · bring to an end · bring to a close · consummate · finalize · bring to fruition · crown · cap · set the seal on · round off · put the finishing touches to · stop · cease · terminate · accomplish · execute · discharge · carry out · deal with · do · get done · fulfil · wind up · wrap up · sew up · polish off · knock off
    unfinished · incomplete · start · leave unfinished
  2. complete the manufacture or decoration of (an article) by giving it an attractive surface appearance.
    "the interior was finished with American oak"
    varnish · lacquer · veneer · coat · stain · wax · shellac · enamel ·
    put a finish on · glaze · give a shine to · gloss · polish · burnish · smooth off
    • complete the fattening of (livestock) before slaughter.
      "over 100,000 head of cattle are finished every year" ·
      "a reduction in prices for finished cattle"
  3. dated
    prepare (a girl) for entry into fashionable society.
    "where were you finished?"
  1. an end or final part or stage of something.
    "a bowl of raspberries was the perfect finish to the meal" ·
    "I really enjoyed the film from start to finish"
    end · ending · completion · conclusion · close · closing · cessation ·
    finalization · termination · final part · final stage · final act · finale · denouement · last stages · accomplishment · execution · fulfilment · realization · achievement · consummation · resolution · fruition · winding up · wind-up · sewing up · polishing off
    • a point or place at which a race or competition ends.
      "he surged into a winning lead 200 metres from the finish"
      finishing line · finishing post · tape · end point
  2. the manner in which the manufacture of an article is completed in detail.
    "the car's popularity is helped by its high-quality finish and strong diesel engine"
Middle English: from Old French feniss-, lengthened stem of fenir, from Latin finire, from finis ‘end’.
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sanding will change the lustre of the sanded spot, especially if the finish has been antiqued.
if one were well born enough to ‘come out’ it was a disaster to finish the season unbetrothed.
you can easily take a character to level 20 in less than 15 hours and finish the campaign.
the car's popularity is helped by its high-quality finish and strong diesel engine.
a spritz of this product will help roughen up your hair for a textured finish.
Linfield clinched their first championship in a thrilling fight to the finish.

Win any way as long as you can get away with it. Nice guys finish last.

Leo Durocher

Win any way as long as you can get away with it. Nice guys finish last.

Leo Durocher

Win any way as long as you can get away with it. Nice guys finish last.

Leo Durocher
the minute we finish this evening, they'll start striking the set.
the English men-at-arms finished them off in hand-to-hand combat.
dummy has the spade ace and two diamond winners at the finish.
to finish, stipple the picture with the original base colour.
a bowl of raspberries was the perfect finish to the meal.
he surged into a winning lead 200 metres from the finish.
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How to say finish in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)klaar, afwerking, afronding, eindig, voorkoms
(VERB)voltooi, klaarmaak, rond
Arabic (VERB)إنهاء, الانتهاء, انهي, ننهي, تنهي, تنتهي, ينهي, انتهي, ينتهي
(NOUN)النهاية, انتهاء
Bangla \"শেষ\"
Bosnian (Latin) završiti
Bulgarian (VERB)завърши, довърша, приключи, края, свърши
(NOUN)финала, готово, свършвам, покритие, завършек, край
Cantonese (Traditional) 完成
Catalan (VERB)acabar, acabi, finalitzar, acabeu, fi
(NOUN)acabat, final, acaben, meta
Chinese Simplified 完成
Chinese Traditional 完成
Croatian (VERB)završiti, dovrši, dokrajči, kraja
(NOUN)završi, cilja
Czech (VERB)dokončit, skončení, ukončit
(NOUN)dokončení, skončit, povrch, apretura, úpravou, konec
Danish (VERB)afslutte, slut, færdig, komme ind, fuldføre
(NOUN)Udfør, slutdato, afslutning, målstregen, overflade
Dutch (NOUN)voltooien, afwerking, einddatum, aankomst
(VERB)gefinisht, eindigen, klaar bent, afmaken, beëindig, voltooid
Estonian (NOUN)viimistlus, valmis, Lõpeta, finišit, lõpp
(VERB)lõpetada, lõpuni
Fijian vakacavara
Filipino tapusin ang
Finnish (VERB)loppuun, lopettaa, päättyä, valmiiksi, lopuksi
(NOUN)viimeistely, maali, valmis, päättymispäivä, pinta, loppu
French (NOUN)finition, arrivée, finale
(VERB)finir, terminer, fin, achever
German (VERB)beenden, fertig, Ende, abgeschlossen
(NOUN)Fertig stellen, Oberfläche, Abgang, Ziel, Verarbeitung
Greek (NOUN)φινίρισμα, τέρμα, τελειώνει, λήξης, λήξη, τέλος
(VERB)τελειώσει, ολοκληρώσετε, τερματίσει
Haitian Creole fini
Hebrew (VERB)לסיים, נסיים, לגמור, סיים, תסיים, אסיים, מסיימת, מסיים
(NOUN)סיום, הסיום, גימור
Hindi (NOUN)खत्म, समाप्त, फिनिश
(VERB)पूरा, खत्म हो
Hmong Daw suaj kaum
Hungarian (VERB)befejezni, fejezze be
(NOUN)befejezés, kivitelben, célba, felülettel, lecsengés, kidolgozás
Icelandic (VERB)ljúka, klára, lokið, lýkur, enda
Indonesian (VERB)menyelesaikan, akhir
Italian (VERB)finire, terminare, completare, concludere
(NOUN)finitura, fine, rivestimento, traguardo, finale, termina
Japanese (NOUN)仕上げ, フィニッシュ, 仕上がり, 終わり
(VERB)完了, 終了, 終える, 終え, 仕上げる, 終わる
Kiswahili (VERB)kumaliza, kukamilisha
Klingon rIn
Korean (NOUN)마무리, 마침, 끝, 결승, 마감
(VERB)완료, 끝내, 완성, 마칩니다, 마칠
Latvian (NOUN)pabeigt, apdare, finiša, beigt
(VERB)pabeigtu, beigām, beidzis
Lithuanian (VERB)baigti, baikite, pabaigos, galo
(NOUN)apdaila, finišo
Malagasy fenoy
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)selesai, penamat, tamat
(VERB)menghabiskan, menyelesaikan, menamatkan, menyiapkan, akhir, melengkapkan
Maltese (NOUN)temm, lest
Norwegian Bokmål Fullfør
Persian (NOUN)پایان
(VERB)پایان برساند, اتمام
Polish (NOUN)wykończenie, Zakończ, mety, kończyć, Dczenie
(VERB)zakończyć, skończyć, końca, ukończyć, dokończyć
Portuguese (VERB)terminar, acabar, concluir, acabe, finalizar, fim
(NOUN)acabamento, revestimento, chegada, final
Querétaro Otomi xí thege ár
Romanian (VERB)termina, sfârşit, se termine, finaliza, încheia
(NOUN)finisaj, terminare, sosire, finalizare
Russian (VERB)закончить, завершить, конца, прикончить
(NOUN)отделка, готово, финиша, окончания, завершение
Samoan faauma
Serbian (Cyrillic) заврши
Serbian (Latin) završi
Slovak (VERB)dokončiť, skončiť, konca, ukončiť
(NOUN)povrch, cieľovej, prevedenie, dokončenia, úpravou, koniec
Slovenian (NOUN)konča, zaključek, Dokončaj, finiš, ciljno, končni, površino
(VERB)končati, zaključi, dokončanje
Spanish (VERB)terminar, acabar, finalizar, fin
(NOUN)acabado, final, revestimiento, meta, terminado
Swedish (NOUN)slutför, avslut, målgång, yta, fullföljande, mål
(VERB)avsluta, slut, klar
Tahitian faaoti i te
Tamil (NOUN)முடி
Telugu పూర్తి
Thai (VERB)จบ, เสร็จ, สิ้นสุด
Tongan faka'osi
Turkish (VERB)bitirmek, tamamlamak, bitme
(NOUN)bitiş, kaplama, yüzey
Ukrainian (VERB)закінчити, завершити, фінішувати, убити
(NOUN)Готово, фінішу, обробкою, оздоблення
Urdu (NOUN)تکمیل
Vietnamese (VERB)kết thúc, hoàn thành, xong
Welsh (NOUN)gorffen
(VERB)orffen, Gorffennaf, gloi
Yucatec Maya acabado
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