flares (plural noun)
  1. a sudden brief burst of bright flame or light.
    "the flare of the match lit up his face"
    blaze · flash · dazzle · glare · burst · unsteady flame · flicker · glimmer ·
    • a device producing a very bright flame, used especially as a signal or marker.
      "a distress flare" ·
      "a flare gun"
      distress signal · rocket · Very light · beacon · light · flashlight ·
    • a sudden burst of intense emotion.
      "she felt a flare of anger within her"
    • a sudden recurrence of an inflammation or other medical condition.
      "corticosteroid treatment for colitis flares"
    • astronomy
      a sudden explosion in the chromosphere and corona of the sun or another star, resulting in an intense burst of radiation.See also solar flare.
    • photography
      extraneous illumination on film caused by internal reflection in the camera.
  2. a gradual widening in shape, especially towards the hem of a garment.
    • (flares)
      trousers whose legs get progressively wider from the knees down.
    • an upward and outward curve of a ship's bows, designed to throw the water outwards when in motion.
flares (third person present) · flared (past tense) · flared (past participle) · flaring (present participle)
  1. burn or shine with a sudden intensity.
    "the bonfire crackled and flared up" ·
    "behind him, lightning flared"
    blaze · flash · flare up · flame · burn unsteadily · burn violently ·
    burn up · gleam · glow · glisten · sparkle · glitter · flicker · glimmer · scintillate · burn · blaze · be ablaze · be alight · be on fire · be in flames · flame · be aflame · blaze up · burn up · go up · go up in flames · be afire · be ardent
    • (of a situation or emotion) suddenly become intense or violent.
      "tempers flared as supporters scuffled with other passengers" ·
      "the controversy flared up again in 2003"
      recur · reoccur · reappear · break out · burst out · start suddenly ·
      burst forth · erupt
    • (flare up)
      (of a person) suddenly become angry.
      "she flared up, shouting at Geoffrey"
      lose one's temper · lose control · become enraged ·
      go into a rage · fly into a temper/passion · boil over · boil over with rage · fire up · go berserk · throw a tantrum · explode · blow one's top · fly off the handle · lose one's cool · get mad · go crazy · go wild · go bananas · hit the roof · go through the roof · go up the wall · see red · go off the deep end · blow a fuse/gasket · lose one's rag · go ape · burst a blood vessel · flip · flip one's lid · foam at the mouth · get all steamed up · get worked up · have a fit · go spare · go crackers · do one's nut · get one's knickers in a twist · throw a wobbly · flip one's wig · blow one's lid/stack · have a cow · go postal · have a conniption fit
      keep one's temper · remain calm
  2. gradually become wider at one end.
    "the dress flared out into a huge train"
    • (of a person's nostrils) dilate.
      "his head lifted fractionally, his nostrils flaring"
      spread · broaden · widen · get wider · expand · splay · dilate
    • (of a person) cause (the nostrils) to dilate.
mid 16th century (in the sense ‘spread out one's hair’): of unknown origin. Current senses date from the 17th century.
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How to use flare in a sentence?
tempers flared as supporters scuffled with other passengers.
his head lifted fractionally, his nostrils flaring.
corticosteroid treatment for colitis flares.
the controversy flared up again in 2003.
the flare of the match lit up his face.
the dress flared out into a huge train.
she felt a flare of anger within her.
she flared up, shouting at Geoffrey.
one flare had pinpointed the target.
the bonfire crackled and flared up.
behind him, lightning flared.
a distress flare.
a flare gun.
How to say flare in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans opvlam
Arabic (NOUN)مضيئة, الشعلة الضوئية, التوهج, اشتعال, ضوئية, تفجر, توهج, اندلاع, شعلة, إنارة
Bangla জ্বলা
Bosnian (Latin) baklja
Bulgarian (NOUN)пристъп, възпламенен, изригване, отблясъците, факела, изравняване
Cantonese (Traditional) 耀斑
Catalan (NOUN)flamarada, Bengala, erupció
Chinese Simplified 耀斑
Chinese Traditional 耀斑
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)obrubljeni, signalni, baklje
(NOUN)baklja, raketa
Czech (NOUN)světlici, odlesk, vzplanutí, erupce, lemované, závoje, záře, záblesk
Danish (NOUN)blusse, overstråling
Dutch (NOUN)flakkering, afvangen, overstraling, flair
Estonian (NOUN)põletatud, helk
Fijian ni basika
Filipino sumiklab
Finnish (NOUN)leimahtaa, heijastumia, hulmuta
French (ADJECTIVE)évasés
(NOUN)fusée, poussées, évasement, arrondi, torche, éruption, reflets
German (NOUN)Fackel, Streulicht, Aufflackern, Leuchtsignal, Reflexes, Blendenflecke, abfangen, Flair
Greek (NOUN)φωτοβολίδα, αναλαμπής, έκλαμψη, φλογών, έξαρση, φλόγα
Haitian Creole fize
Hebrew (NOUN)פלייר, נורים, הזיקוק
Hindi (NOUN)भड़कना, भड़क, चमक
Hungarian (NOUN)fáklyát, fényfolt, peremes
Icelandic (NOUN)blossi
Indonesian (NOUN)suar, pijar
Italian (NOUN)chiarore, riacutizzazione, brillamento, bagliore, divampare, riflesso, razzo, fiammata
Japanese (NOUN)フレア, フレアー, 再燃
Kiswahili zinaendelea
Korean (NOUN)플레어, 조명탄
(ADJECTIVE)신호탄, 플레어의
Latvian (NOUN)Platgala, sadedzinātās, izlīdzināšanu, uzliesmojums, nieru
Lithuanian (NOUN)blyksnius, deglo, Užlankų, išlyginimu, paūmėjimo
Malagasy ampoizina
Malay (Latin) suar
Maltese maħruq
Norwegian Bokmål fakkel
Persian شعله ور شدن
Polish (NOUN)flary, pochodni, odblaski, wyrównania, refleksy, błysku
Portuguese (NOUN)alargamento, clarão, labareda, sinalizador, foguete, reflexo, erupção
Querétaro Otomi llamarada
Romanian (NOUN)bordurare, refracţie, flăcăraie, ars
Russian (NOUN)вспышки, пирофакел, факельные, ракету, бликов, отблеск, Флер, сияние
(ADJECTIVE)факельных, раструбом
Samoan oso i luga
Serbian (Cyrillic) Сигнална ракета
Serbian (Latin) Signalna raketa
Slovak (NOUN)svetlice, vzplanutia, obličkového, erupcie
Spanish (NOUN)llamarada, Bengala, destello, brote, fulgor
Swedish (NOUN)utflytning, signalljuset, Överstrålning, facklad, blänk, flamma, reflexer
Tahitian te mai
Tamil வீக்கம்
Telugu ఎగిరిన
Thai แสงจ้า
Tongan tu'u
Turkish (NOUN)parlama, işaret fişeği, fişek, ağahan, parıltılı, patlaması, meşale
Ukrainian (NOUN)відблиску, спалах
Urdu شولےکی چمک
Vietnamese (VERB)bùng
Welsh fflêr
Yucatec Maya llamarada
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