flavours (plural noun) · flavor (noun) · flavors (plural noun)
  1. the distinctive taste of a food or drink.
    "the yoghurt comes in eight fruit flavours" ·
    "adding sun-dried tomatoes gives the sauce extra flavour"
    taste · savour · tang · relish · palate · sapor · flavouring · seasoning ·
    • US
      a substance used to alter or enhance the taste of food or drink; a flavouring.
  2. an indication of the essential character of something.
    "the extracts give a flavour of the content and tone of the conversation"
  3. a kind, variety, or sort.
    "various flavours of firewall are evolving"
  4. physics
    a quantized property of quarks which differentiates them into at least six varieties (up, down, charmed, strange, top, bottom).Compare with colour.
flavours (third person present) · flavoured (past tense) · flavoured (past participle) · flavouring (present participle) · flavor (verb) · flavors (third person present) · flavored (past tense) · flavored (past participle) · flavoring (present participle)
  1. alter or enhance the taste of (food or drink) by adding a particular ingredient.
    "chunks of chicken flavoured with herbs"
    add flavour to · add flavouring to · season · spice (up) ·
    add seasoning/herbs/spices to · add piquancy to · ginger up · enrich · enliven · liven up · spike · pep up
    • give a distinctive quality to.
      "the faint exasperation that had flavoured her tone"
late Middle English (in the sense ‘fragrance, aroma’): from Old French flaor, perhaps based on a blend of Latin flatus ‘blowing’ and foetor ‘stench’ ; the -v- appears to have been introduced in Middle English by association with savour. flavour (sense 1of the noun) dates from the late 17th century.
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How to use flavour in a sentence?
Keith mixes great house music, featuring tunes with an African, Latin, and soulful flavour.
any unpasteurized cheese will have a fuller flavour than its treated counterpart.
I've added frame grabs to give a good flavour of what the film is all about.
fresh goats' milk cheese has a slightly sharper flavour than fromage frais.
whitewashed walls and red pantiles gave the resort a Mediterranean flavour.
the veal saltimbocca with its sage and prosciutto had the edge on flavour.
the extracts give a flavour of the content and tone of the conversation.
the salmon is quickly processed after harvest to preserve the flavour.
when the young spirit is barrelled, it absorbs some of this flavour.
shiitake mushrooms impart a wonderfully woody flavour to the salad.
the programme caught something of the flavour of Minoan culture.
they have spliced a gene into tomatoes that improves flavour.
the sweet flavour contrasts with the sharpness of the lemon.
the sauce has a processed flavour with a sharpish finish.
adding sun-dried tomatoes gives the sauce extra flavour.
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How to say flavour in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)geur, smaak
Arabic (NOUN)نكهة, النكهة
Bangla স্বাদ
Bosnian (Latin) okus
Bulgarian (NOUN)вкус, аромат, вкуса, вкусът
Cantonese (Traditional) 味道
Catalan (NOUN)sabor, gust, aroma
Chinese Simplified 味道
Chinese Traditional 味道
Croatian (VERB)aroma
(NOUN)okus, okusa, okusom, arome, ukus
Czech (NOUN)chuť, příchutí, chutí, aroma, vůni
Danish (NOUN)smag, smagen
Dutch (NOUN)smaak, aroma, tintje
Estonian (NOUN)maitse
Filipino lasa
Finnish (NOUN)maku, makua, maun, makuun, aromi
French (NOUN)saveur, arôme, goût, flaveur
(VERB)aromatiser, parfumer
German (NOUN)Geschmack, Aroma, Flair, Würze
Greek (NOUN)γεύση, άρωμα
Haitian Creole saveur
Hebrew (NOUN)טעם, הטעם
Hindi (NOUN)स्वाद
Hungarian (NOUN)íz, megízesít, ízt, ízzel, aroma, íze, ízét, ízű
Icelandic Bragð
Indonesian (NOUN)rasa, cita rasa
Italian (NOUN)sapore, flavor, gusto, aroma, particolarità
Japanese (NOUN)味, 風味, フレーバー, 香り
Kiswahili Tunaepuka
Korean (NOUN)풍미, 맛, 향
Latvian (NOUN)aromātu, buķete, piegarša, garša, garšu
Lithuanian (NOUN)skonio, prieskonis, aromatą
Malay (Latin) perisa
Maltese (NOUN)togħma
Norwegian Bokmål smak
Persian (NOUN)طعم
Polish (NOUN)smak, smaku, aromat, smakiem, zapach
Portuguese (NOUN)sabor, aroma
Querétaro Otomi sabor
Romanian (NOUN)aroma, arome
Russian (NOUN)вкус, аромат, флейвор, привкус, колорит
Serbian (Cyrillic) укус
Serbian (Latin) ukus
Slovak (NOUN)príchuť, chuť, aróma, chuti, arómu, chuťou, vôňu, vôňou
Slovenian (NOUN)okus, okusa, aroma, arome, aromo
Spanish (NOUN)sabor, flavor, aroma
Swedish (NOUN)smak, anstrykning, Smaksätt, arom, smaken, prägel, smakprov
Tamil சுவை
Telugu ఫ్లేవర్
Thai (NOUN)กลิ่น
Turkish (NOUN)lezzet, aromalı, tadında, tat, Kokular, tadı
Ukrainian (NOUN)присмаку, смак, смаку, аромат, смаком
Urdu ذائقہ
Vietnamese (NOUN)hương
Welsh (NOUN)blas, rhagflas, Flas, naws
Yucatec Maya sabor
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