1. (of a flame or light) burning or shining unsteadily; wavering.
    "the flickering flames cast long shadows"
flickers (third person present) · flickered (past tense) · flickered (past participle) · flickering (present participle)
  1. (of light or a source of light) shine unsteadily; vary rapidly in brightness.
    "the interior lights flickered, and came on"
    glimmer · glint · gleam · flare · shine · dance · gutter · twinkle · sparkle ·
    blink · wink · flash · scintillate · glisten · shimmer · glitter · glister · coruscate · fulgurate · effulge
    burn steadily
    • (of a flame) burn fitfully, alternately flaring up and dying down.
      "the candle flickered again"
    • (of an emotion) be felt or shown briefly or faintly.
      "amusement flickered briefly in his eyes"
  2. make small, quick movements.
    "her eyelids flickered" ·
    "Forster's eyes flickered open"
    flutter · quiver · vibrate · tremble · wobble · shiver · shudder · spasm ·
    jerk · twitch · bat · flap · wink · blink · open and shut · nictitate · nictate
    • (of someone's eyes) move quickly in a particular direction in order to look at something.
      "her alert hazel eyes flickered around the room"
flickers (plural noun)
  1. an unsteady movement of a flame or light causing rapid variations in brightness.
    "the flicker of a candle flame caught our eyes"
    • fluctuations in the brightness of a film or television image such as occur when the number of frames per second is too small for persistence of vision.
  2. a tiny movement.
    "the flicker of an eyelid"
    • a brief feeling or indication of emotion.
      "a flicker of a smile passed across her face"
Old English flicorian, flycerian ‘to flutter’, probably of Germanic origin and related to Low German flickern and Dutch flikkeren.
flickers (plural noun) · common flicker (noun) · common flickers (plural noun) · northern flicker (noun) · northern flickers (plural noun)
  1. an American woodpecker that often feeds on ants on the ground.
early 19th century: imitative of its call.
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How to use flickering in a sentence?
the flickering light made her face seem insubstantial.
the flickering lamp gave the room a cosy lived-in air.
the flickering flames cast long shadows.
the flickering embers of nationalism.
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Laguages Translations
Arabic (VERB)الخفقان, مترجرج, تومض, الوميض
(NOUN)الإيماض, يرفرف
Bangla টিমটিম
Bosnian (Latin) Titranje
Bulgarian (VERB)трептене
Cantonese (Traditional) 閃爍
Catalan (NOUN)parpellejar
Chinese Simplified 闪烁
Chinese Traditional 閃爍
Croatian (VERB)titranje
Czech (VERB)blikání
Danish (VERB)flimrende
Dutch (VERB)flikkeren, trillen, knipperen
Estonian (VERB)hubisev
Filipino aandap-andap
Finnish (VERB)vilkkuminen, välkkyvä, lepattavat
French (VERB)vacillante, scintillement, clignotement
German (VERB)flackern, Flimmern
Greek (VERB)τρεμοπαίζει
Haitian Creole scintillement
Hebrew מהבהבים
Hindi (VERB)चंचल
Hmong Daw laim laim
Hungarian (VERB)villódzó, pislákoló, lobogó
Indonesian berkedip-kedip
Italian (VERB)tremolante, sfarfallio, tremulo, lampeggiare
Japanese (VERB)ちらつき, 明滅, ちらつく, チラ, 点滅, フリッカー
Klingon flicker
Korean (NOUN)깜박거리는, 깜빡임
(VERB)깜빡, 깜박이, 점멸
Latvian (VERB)ņirboņa, nemierīgu, mirgo
Lithuanian (VERB)mirgėjimas
Malay (Latin) kelipan
Maltese mingħajr ċaqliq
Norwegian Bokmål flimring
Persian مثل نور سوسو
Polish (VERB)migotanie
Portuguese (VERB)cintilação, bruxuleante, piscando, tremeluzentes
(ADJECTIVE)cintilante, flamejante
(NOUN)oscilação, vacilante
Querétaro Otomi parpadeo
Romanian (VERB)pâlpâitoare
Russian (VERB)мерцание, мелькая
Samoan emo mai
Serbian (Cyrillic) трепери
Serbian (Latin) treperi
Slovak (VERB)blikanie
Slovenian (VERB)utripanja
Spanish (VERB)parpadeo, vacilante, oscila
Swedish (VERB)flimmer, fladdrande
Tamil நடுங்கும்
Telugu ఫ్లిక్కరింగ్
Thai กระพริบ
Tongan takemokemo
Turkish (VERB)titreşen
Ukrainian (NOUN)мерехтіння
Urdu لرزتا ہوا
Vietnamese (VERB)nhấp nháy
Welsh chryndod
Yucatec Maya parpadeo
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