flows (third person present) · flowed (past tense) · flowed (past participle) · flowing (present participle)
  1. (of a liquid, gas, or electricity) move steadily and continuously in a current or stream.
    "from here the river flows north" ·
    "ventilation channels keep the air flowing"
    run · move · go along · course · pass · proceed · glide · slide · drift ·
    circulate · trickle · dribble · drizzle · spill · gurgle · babble · ripple · stream · swirl · surge · sweep · gush · cascade · pour · roll · rush · whirl · well · spurt · spout · squirt · spew · jet · leak · seep · ooze · percolate · drip
    • (of the sea or a tidal river) move towards the land; rise.Compare with ebb.
  2. go from one place to another in a steady stream, typically in large numbers.
    "people flowed into the huge courtyard"
    • proceed or be produced continuously and effortlessly.
      "talk flowed freely around the table"
      result · proceed · arise · follow · ensue · derive · stem · accrue ·
      originate · emanate · spring · emerge · be caused by · be brought about by · be produced by · originate in
    • (of clothing or hair) hang loosely in an easy and graceful manner.
      "her red hair flowed over her shoulders"
    • be available in copious quantities.
      "their talk and laughter grew louder as the excellent brandy flowed"
    • (flow from)
      be caused by.
      "there are certain advantages that may flow from that decision"
      have its origins in · arise from · originate from · spring from ·
      derive from · come from · be rooted in · emanate from · issue from · flow from · proceed from · result from · be consequent on · be caused by · be brought on/about by · be produced by
      cause · give rise to · be independent of
  3. (of a solid) undergo a permanent change of shape under stress, without melting.
  1. the action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream.
    "the flow of water into the pond"
    movement · moving · locomotion · rise and fall · shifting · stirring ·
    to and fro · toing and froing · coming and going · progress · passage · passing · transit · course · flow · going · travel · travelling · motility · mobility
    • the rate or speed at which something flows.
      "under the ford the river backs up, giving a deep sluggish flow"
    • the rise of a tide or a river.Compare with ebb.
  2. a steady, continuous stream or supply of something.
    "a constant flow of people" ·
    "the flow of words was interrupted by painful sobs"
    movement · motion · course · passage · current · flux · drift · circulation ·
    stream · swirl · surge · sweep · gush · roll · rush · welling · spate · tide · spurt · squirt · jet · outpouring · outflow · trickle · leak · seepage · ooze · percolation · drip
    a watery swamp; a morass.
  4. the gradual permanent deformation of a solid under stress, without melting.
Old English flōwan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vloeien, also to flood.
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Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.

John Muir
flow after flow of lava, slags, powders, and ejecta cast upon the previous outpourings in grotesque patterns.
the water from the upper source is emitted at the same speed as the main flow; there is thus no shear.
we can expect to see a flow of legal pressures pushing stragglers towards sustainability.
they had to alter the course of the stream and obstruct the natural flow of the water.
he needs to pay serious attention to his financials, particularly cash flow.
a valve shuts off the flow from the boiler when the water is hot enough.
the transplanted kidney is perfused at low pressure by retrograde flow.
the billions flow in through 28 taxes and countless smaller exactions.
AC reverses its direction of flow sixty times a second at 60 cycles.
their talk and laughter grew louder as the excellent brandy flowed.
in Art Nouveau, the flow and rhythm of a design became pre-eminent.
clean or odorized air from the flow valves is delivered to a mask.
somewhere in the pipes there is a plug of ice blocking the flow.
under the ford the river backs up, giving a deep sluggish flow.
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How to say flow in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)vloei
Arabic (NOUN)تدفق, التدفق, انسياب, الانسياب, دفق, تدفقات
(VERB)تتدفق, يتدفق
Bangla প্রবাহ
Bosnian (Latin) protok
Bulgarian (NOUN)поток, притока, потоци, дебит, тека, течението
(VERB)вливат, тече
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)flux, cabal, flueixen, fluix, circulació, flo, corrent
(VERB)fluir, flueix
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)protok, toka, tijek, tok, pritjecanje, dotok, teče, tokova, toku
(VERB)teku, teći
Czech (NOUN)tok, toku, průtok, proudění, tokem, natékání, toky, příliv
Danish (NOUN)strømmen, gennemstrømning, flyder, løbe
(VERB)flyde, strømme
Dutch (NOUN)stroom, stroming, informatiestroom, debiet, gegevensstroom
(VERB)stromen, vloeien, laten doorlopen
Estonian (NOUN)voolu, juurdevool, liikumist, veevool, voog, voogu, voo
(VERB)voolata, liiguks
Fijian ilavo
Filipino daloy
Finnish (NOUN)virtaus, kulkua, aaltoilu, tiedonkulun, Juoksuta, vuon, työnkulku, kulun, virran
French (NOUN)flux, débit, écoulement, coulent, circulation, flot, courant
(VERB)circuler, s'écouler
German (NOUN)fliessen, Strömung, Fluss, Durchfluss, Datenfluss, Informationsfluss, Ablauf, Flut
Greek (NOUN)ροή, ροής, ροές, ρέουν, ροών
(VERB)ρεύσει, ρέει
Haitian Creole koule
Hebrew (NOUN)זרימת, זרימה, תזרים, הזרימה, לזרום, בזרימת, זורמים, הזרם, זורם, זרם, הזרמת
Hindi (NOUN)प्रवाह, फ्लो, बहाव
Hmong Daw txaus
Hungarian (NOUN)áramlás, átáramlású, folyik, átfolyási, információáramlást, áram, árral, áramot
(VERB)folyni, áramlik
Icelandic (NOUN)flæði, rennsli
(VERB)flæða, renna
Indonesian (NOUN)aliran, arus, alur, mengalirkan
Italian (NOUN)flusso, fluiscono, portata, scorrono
(VERB)fluire, scorrere
Japanese (NOUN)フロー, 流れ, 流, 流量, 流動
Kiswahili (NOUN)mtiririko
Korean (NOUN)흐름, 교류, 유량, 플로우, 유동
(VERB)흐를, 흘러, 흐르는
Latvian (NOUN)plūsmas, plūdumu
Lithuanian (NOUN)srauto, tekėjimą, debitas, srovės, tėkmės
Malagasy mirotsaka
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)aliran, arus
Maltese (NOUN)fluss, nixxiegħa, mixi, ċirkolazzjoni, influss, tnixxija, kurrent, passaġġ
Norwegian Bokmål flyt
Persian (NOUN)جریان, جريان, گردش, فلو, تله, تعطیل
Polish (NOUN)przepływu, płynąć, dopływ, strumienia, przebiegu
Portuguese (NOUN)fluxo, fluem, vazão, caudal, flui, escoamento, circulação, corrente
(VERB)fluir, flua
Querétaro Otomi flujo
Romanian (NOUN)fluxul, debit, curgere, circulatia
(VERB)curgă, curge
Russian (NOUN)потока, расхода, течения, приток, подачи, стока, поступление, проходят
Samoan faaaluga o
Serbian (Cyrillic) проток
Serbian (Latin) protok
Slovak (NOUN)tok, prietok, toku, prúdenie, tokov, prúdom, toky, prúd, obeh
Slovenian (NOUN)pretok, tok, toka, tokom, privreti, potek, toku, dotok, tokov
Spanish (NOUN)flujo, fluyen, caudal, corriente, circulación
Swedish (NOUN)flöde, postflödet, vattenflödet, informationsflöde, strömmen, flyter
(VERB)flöda, flyta, strömma, rinna
Tahitian tae mai
Tamil (NOUN)பாய்வு
Telugu ప్రవాహం
Thai (NOUN)กระแส, ไหล, ขั้น ตอน, ลำดับ
Tongan 'Oku tafe mai
Turkish (NOUN)akışı, akış, debi, akımı, akışlı, akım
Ukrainian (NOUN)потік, потоку, приплив, потоці, течією, течії, течія, витрати
(VERB)випливати, текти, надходити
Urdu (NOUN)بہاؤ, روانی, فلو, جانے
Vietnamese (NOUN)dòng chảy, luồng, chảy, dòng
Welsh (NOUN)llif, lif
(VERB)lifo, llifo, deillio
Yucatec Maya flujo
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