fragments (plural noun)
  1. a small part broken off or separated from something.
    "small fragments of pottery"
fragments (third person present) · fragmented (past tense) · fragmented (past participle) · fragmenting (present participle)
  1. break or cause to break into fragments.
    "Lough Erne fragmented into a series of lakes" ·
    "management has tighter control through fragmenting the tasks"
    break up · break · break into pieces · crack open/apart · shatter ·
    splinter · fracture · burst apart · explode · blow apart · implode · disintegrate · come to pieces · fall to pieces · fall apart · collapse · break down · tumble down · smash · smash to smithereens · bust · spall · shiver
late Middle English: from French, or from Latin fragmentum, from frangere ‘to break’.
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How to use fragment in a sentence?
only diatomic molecules are easy to study in this way, as larger molecules invariably fragment.
a fragment of continental crust which rifted away from eastern Australia.
the mug fragment was found in the first four strata with pearlware.
it proved impossible to carbon-date the bone fragment accurately.
management has tighter control through fragmenting the tasks.
Nathan remembered fragments of the conversation.
Lough Erne fragmented into a series of lakes.
a minuscule fragment of DNA.
small fragments of pottery.
How to say fragment in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Arabic (NOUN)يفتت, بلغة, جزء, شظية, تفتيت
Bangla টুকরো
Bosnian (Latin) ulomak
Bulgarian (NOUN)фрагмент
Cantonese (Traditional) 片段
Catalan (VERB)fragmentar
Chinese Simplified 片段
Chinese Traditional 片段
Croatian (NOUN)ulomak, djelić
Czech (NOUN)úlomek, úryvek
Danish (VERB)fragmentere, splitte
Finnish (NOUN)fragmentti, katkelma, palasten, ositus
French (VERB)fragmenter
German (VERB)fragmentieren
Greek (NOUN)θραύσμα, κατακερματίσουν, τεμάχιο, απόσπασμα
Haitian Creole ekla
Hebrew (NOUN)פרגמנט, רסיס, שבר, קטע
Hindi (NOUN)टुकड़ा
Hungarian (NOUN)töredék, fragmentum, részlet
Icelandic (NOUN)brot
Indonesian (NOUN)fragmen
Italian (NOUN)frammento, scheggia
Japanese (NOUN)フラグメント, 断片, 片, 素片, 欠片, 破片
Korean (NOUN)조각, 단편, 파편, 프래그먼트
Latvian (NOUN)fragments, atlūzu
Lithuanian (NOUN)fragmentas
Malay (Latin) fragmen
Maltese framment
Persian (NOUN)قطعه
Portuguese (NOUN)fragmento
Querétaro Otomi fragmento ar
Russian (NOUN)фрагмент, отрывок, осколок
Samoan o se fasi vaega
Serbian (Cyrillic) фрагмент
Slovenian (NOUN)Ulomak, delček, drobec, odlomek
Spanish (NOUN)fragmento
Swedish (NOUN)skärva, avsnittet
(VERB)fragmentera, splittra
Tamil துண்டு
Telugu తునక
Thai ส่วน
Turkish (NOUN)parçası, devrik, çekirdeğin
Ukrainian (NOUN)фрагмент
Urdu ٹکڑا
Vietnamese (NOUN)mảnh, đoạn
Welsh darn
Yucatec Maya fragmento u
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