1. below 0°C.
    "strong winds and freezing temperatures"
    bitterly cold · cold · chill · chilling · frosty · frozen · glacial · wintry ·
    sub-zero · raw · biting · piercing · penetrating · cutting · stinging · numbing · arctic · polar · Siberian · gelid · brumal · rimy · algid · circumpolar
    • (used hyperbolically) very cold.
      "he was freezing and miserable" ·
      "it was freezing cold outside"
      frozen · extremely cold · painfully cold · numb with cold ·
      very chilly · chilled through · chilled to the bone/marrow · frozen to the core · frozen stiff · shivery · shivering · frostbitten · frozen to death
    • (of fog or rain) consisting of droplets which freeze rapidly on contact with a surface to form ice crystals.
freezings (plural noun)
  1. the freezing point of water (0°C).
    "the temperature was well above freezing"
freezes (third person present) · froze (past tense) · freezing (present participle) · frozen (past participle)
  1. (with reference to a liquid) turn or be turned into ice or another solid as a result of extreme cold.
    "in the winter the milk froze" ·
    "frost freezes water that has seeped into joints"
    • become or cause to become blocked, covered, or rigid with ice.
      "the pipes had frozen" ·
      "the ground was frozen hard"
      turn into ice · ice over · ice up · solidify · harden · glaciate
      thaw · melt
    • be so cold that one feels near death (often used hyperbolically).
      "you'll freeze to death standing there"
      feel very cold · go numb with cold · turn blue with cold · shiver ·
      shiver with cold · get chilled · get chilled to the bone/marrow · feel Jack Frost's fingers
    • (of the weather) be at or below freezing.
      "at night it froze again"
    • deprive (a part of the body) of feeling, especially by the application of a chilled anaesthetic substance.
    • stare coldly at (someone); treat coldly.
      "she would freeze him with a look when he tried to talk to her"
  2. store (something) at a very low temperature in order to preserve it.
    "the cake can be frozen"
    deep-freeze · quick-freeze · freeze-dry · put in the freezer · pack in ice ·
    put on ice · ice · store at a low temperature · chill · cool · refrigerate · preserve
    • (of food) be able to be preserved at a very low temperature.
      "this soup freezes well"
  3. become suddenly motionless or paralysed with fear or shock.
    "she froze in horror"
    stop dead · stop in one's tracks · stop · stand (stock) still · go rigid ·
  4. hold (something) at a fixed level or in a fixed state for a period of time.
    "new spending on defence was to be frozen"
    fix · suspend · hold · peg · set · limit · restrict · curb · check · cap ·
    confine · control · regulate · hold/keep down
    • prevent (assets) from being used for a period of time.
      "the charity's bank account has been frozen"
    • stop (a moving image) at a particular frame when filming or viewing.
      "the camera will set fast shutter speeds to freeze the action"
    • (of a computer screen) become temporarily locked because of system problems.
freezes (plural noun)
  1. an act of holding or being held at a fixed level or in a fixed state.
    "workers faced a pay freeze"
  2. a period of frost or very cold weather.
    "the big freeze surprised the weathermen"
    cold snap · spell of cold weather · freeze-up · frost
Old English frēosan (in the phrase hit frēoseth ‘it is freezing’), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vriezen and German frieren, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin pruina ‘hoar frost’ and frost.
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How to use freezing in a sentence?
another hack that will save time is to cover your side mirrors with a plastic bag when freezing rain is forecast.
the insects are able to enter prolonged states of dormancy, allowing them to resist freezing.
freezing and canning can be reliable methods of preserving foods.
a cooling curve is plotted and the freezing point determined.
she was freezing and keeping the fire low to save money.
the temperature was well above freezing.
strong winds and freezing temperatures.
I'm not going in there—it's freezing.
the freezing wind made her eyes tear.
the preservative effects of freezing.
he was freezing and miserable.
it was freezing cold outside.
gosh, it's freezing!.
a freezing cold day.
below freezing.
How to say freezing in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)bevriesing
Arabic (VERB)تجميد, التجميد, اتجمد, متجمدة, يجمد, تجمد, تتجمد, يتجمد
Bangla জমে
Bosnian (Latin) zamrzavanje
Bulgarian (VERB)замразяване, замръзване, минусови, студен, нулата
Cantonese (Traditional) 凍結
Catalan (VERB)congelació
Chinese Simplified 冻结
Chinese Traditional 凍結
Croatian (VERB)zamrzavanje, smrzavanja, hladan, ledeno, nule, niskim, smrznuti
Czech (VERB)zmrazení, mrazící, mrznout, zamrznutí, mrzne, mrazem, zima
(ADJECTIVE)mrznutí, mrazu, tuhnutí
Danish (VERB)frysning, frysepunktet, indefrysningen, iskold, fastfryse, frost
Dutch (VERB)bevriezing, invriezen, vriespunt, blokkering, ingevroren, ijskoude
Estonian (VERB)külmutamine
Fijian batabata
Filipino sobrang lamig
Finnish (VERB)jäädyttäminen, pakastus
French (VERB)congélation, gel, geler, verglaçante, glacial, figer, froid
German (VERB)einfrieren, dem Gefrierpunkt, eiskalt, tiefkühlen, eisige, Frost, fixieren, kalt, Vereisung
Greek (VERB)κατάψυξη, πάγωμα, δέσμευση, ψύξη, παγερός, παγώνει, μηδέν
(ADJECTIVE)παγώνοντας, πήξεως, πήξης, ψύξης
Haitian Creole fè frèt anpil
Hebrew (VERB)קופאת, מקפיא, הקפאה, קופא, הקפאת, לקפוא, קפוא, לאפס, קירור
Hindi (VERB)ठंड, बर्फ़ीली
Hmong Daw soj ntsuam xyuas
Hungarian (VERB)fagyasztás, befagyasztása, fagypont, dermesztő
Icelandic (VERB)frystingu, ískalt, frostmarki, frjósa
Indonesian (VERB)pembekuan, membekukan, beku, kedinginan
Italian (VERB)congelamento, gelata, gelida, surgelazione, gelo, ghiacciata
Japanese (VERB)凍結, フリージング, フリーズ, 冷凍, 凍, 凍り, 氷点下, 氷結, 凍っ
Kiswahili (VERB)kufungia
Klingon taD
Korean (VERB)동결, 얼어, 냉동, 결빙, 얼, 찬
Latvian (VERB)sasalšanas, iesaldēšana, saldēšanas
(ADJECTIVE)iesaldēšanas, sasaldēšanai, ledaini
Lithuanian (VERB)užšaldymo, įšaldymas, žema
Malagasy nangatsiaka
Malay (Latin) (VERB)pembekuan
Maltese (VERB)iffriżar, friża
Norwegian Bokmål frysing
Persian (VERB)انجماد, سردخانه, منجمد
Polish (VERB)zamrażanie, zamrożenie, mrożenia, marznący, mróz, zera, zamarzaniem, zabezpieczeniu, krzepnięcia
Portuguese (VERB)congelamento, gelado, frio, zero
Querétaro Otomi congelación
Romanian (VERB)îngheţarea, congelare
Russian (VERB)замораживания, морозильные, промерзания, блокирования, холодно, ледяной
Samoan maluluina
Serbian (Cyrillic) замрзавање
Serbian (Latin) zamrzavanje
Slovak (VERB)zmrazenie, mrazu, mraze, tuhnutia, mraziaci, mrzne
Slovenian (VERB)zamrznitev, zmrzovanje, lediščem, Zmrziščna, zmrzaljo
(ADJECTIVE)zmrziščne, zamrzovalnega
Spanish (VERB)congelación, helada, Engelante, congelándote, mantecación, congelarse
Swedish (VERB)frysning, frysa, fryser, underkylt, spärrande, fryspunkten, frost
Tahitian toetoe
Tamil முடக்கம்
Telugu ఘనీభవన
Thai แช่แข็ง
Tongan momoko
Turkish (VERB)donma, dondurma, Donu, donuyor, Don, donmuş, üşümeye
Ukrainian (VERB)замерзання, заморожування, морозильне, нуля
Urdu منجمد
Vietnamese (VERB)đóng băng, đông, đông lạnh
Welsh (VERB)rhewi, rewi
Yucatec Maya congelación
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