give rise to
[give rise to]
  1. cause to happen.
    "decisions which give rise to arguments"
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How to use give rise to in a sentence?
decisions which give rise to arguments.
How to say give rise to in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans gee aanleiding tot
Arabic تؤدي إلى
Bangla নিষ্পন্ন করা
Bosnian (Latin) tra i da
Bulgarian да доведат до
Cantonese (Traditional) 產生咗
Catalan donar lloc a
Chinese Simplified 产生了
Chinese Traditional 產生了
Croatian tra i da
Czech vést k
Danish give anledning til
Dutch aanleiding geven tot
Estonian kaasa tuua
Fijian solia na cadra mai na
Filipino ibigay ang tumaas na
Finnish synnyttää
French donnent lieu à
German geben Anlass zur
Greek να οδηγήσει σε
Haitian Creole fè leve kanpe pou
Hebrew לעורר
Hindi को जन्म देना
Hmong Daw muab nce mus rau
Hungarian eredményező
Icelandic gefa tilefni til
Indonesian menimbulkan
Italian dar luogo a
Japanese 上昇を与える
Kiswahili kutoa kupanda kwa
Klingon Sal nob
Korean 일으키
Latvian parāds
Lithuanian kelti
Malagasy omeo ny fitsanganan' ny
Malay (Latin) menimbulkan
Maltese jagħtu lok għal
Norwegian Bokmål gir opphav til
Persian منجر به
Polish przyczyniły się do powstania
Portuguese dar origem a
Querétaro Otomi Gi lugar ma
Romanian da naştere la
Russian породить
Samoan tuu atu i le tulai mai i le
Serbian (Cyrillic) æете да
Serbian (Latin) æete da
Slovak podnetom pre vznik
Slovenian povzročajo
Spanish dar lugar a
Swedish ge upphov till
Tahitian e horoa mai ia
Tamil ஏற்றம் கொடுக்க
Telugu పెరగడానికి
Thai ก่อให้เกิด
Tongan 'Oange ki he toe tu'u ke
Turkish için ortaya çıkmasına
Ukrainian призвести до
Urdu بڑھا کر دے
Vietnamese cung cấp cho tăng tới
Welsh yn arwain i
Yucatec Maya ts'a kúuchil ti'
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