go one's separate ways
[go one's separate ways]
  1. leave in a different direction from someone with whom one has just travelled or spent time.
    "we had a superb lunch, lazing around until late afternoon, when we went our separate ways"
    • end a romantic, professional, or other relationship.
      "let's say we agreed to go our separate ways"
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How to use go one's (separate) ways in a sentence?
we had a superb lunch, lazing around until late afternoon, when we went our separate ways.
let's say we agreed to go our separate ways.
How to say go one's (separate) ways in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans gaan mens se (aparte) maniere
Arabic انتقل أحد الطرق (منفصلة)
Bangla (স্বতন্ত্র) এক পথ চলে
Bosnian (Latin) nečije () odvoje
Bulgarian отидете на един (отделни) начини
Cantonese (Traditional) 走自己的 (分開的) 路
Catalan anar les maneres (independent)
Chinese Simplified 走自己的 (分开的) 路
Chinese Traditional 走自己的 (分開的) 路
Croatian (zasebna) putem
Czech jít (samostatné) způsoby
Danish gå ens (separat) måder
Dutch iemands (eigen) weg gaan
English go one's (separate) ways
Estonian lähete oma () lahku
Fijian lako e na sala sa (duidui)
Filipino pumunta (hiwalay) ng isang paraan
Finnish mennä (erillinen) tavoin
French aller ses moyens (séparé)
German der (eigenen) Wege zu gehen
Greek πάει κάποιου (ξεχωριστά) τρόπους
Haitian Creole ale (separe) te fè tèt
Hebrew ללכת בדרכים (נפרדת) של אחד
Hindi जाओ एक (अलग) तरीके
Hmong Daw mus yus lub (cais) txoj kev
Hungarian (külön) módon megy
Icelandic fara eina ' (aðskildar) leiðir
Indonesian pergi cara (terpisah)
Italian andare di uno modi (separata)
Japanese (別に) の道を行く
Kiswahili kwenda njia ya mtu (tofauti)
Klingon wa' (chev) mIw ghoS
Korean (별도) 방법으로 이동
Latvian iet (atsevišķu) veidi
Lithuanian eiti (atskirais) keliais
Malagasy handeha fomba (misaraka) ny olona iray
Malay (Latin) pergi cara (berasingan)
Maltese Mur modi (separata) waħda mill-
Norwegian Bokmål gå en (separat) måter
Persian برو راه (جداگانه)
Polish Przejdź sposoby (oddzielne)
Portuguese a () separar
Querétaro Otomi da 'na (Ndäse̲)
Romanian Du-te de moduri de (separat)
Russian (отдельно) пути
Samoan alu i le ala (eseese)
Serbian (Cyrillic) се разилазимо нечијег)
Serbian (Latin) se razilazimo nečijeg)
Slovak rozísť niečí)
Slovenian greš eno () razšli
Spanish van de uno (independiente)
Swedish gå en (skilda) vägar
Tahitian e haere te mau (e)
Tamil செல்ல ஒரு வழிகளில் (தனி)
Telugu ఒకటి యొక్క (ప్రత్యేక) మార్గాలను వెళ్లండి
Thai ไปวิธี (แยกต่างหาก)
Tongan 'alu 'a hala (kehekehe)
Turkish kişinin () yoluna gider
Ukrainian Go (окремих) шляхи
Urdu (الگ) طریقوں کی جائیں
Vietnamese đi cách (riêng biệt)
Welsh ffyrdd (ar wahân) yn mynd
Yucatec Maya Yaan juntúul (independiente).
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