1. third person singular present of go.
goes (third person present) · went (past tense) · going (present participle) · gone (past participle)
  1. move from one place to another; travel.
    "he went out to the shops" ·
    "she longs to go back home" · "we've a long way to go"
    move · proceed · make one's way · advance · progress · pass · walk ·
    wend one's way · travel · journey · repair · remove · retire · betake oneself
    • travel a specified distance.
      "you just have to go a few miles to get to the road"
    • travel or move in order to engage in a specified activity.
      "let's go and have a pint" ·
      "we went to see her" · "she used to go hunting"
    • (go to)
      attend or visit for a particular purpose.
      "we went to the cinema" ·
      "he went to Cambridge University"
    • (go to)
      be sold or awarded to.
      "the top prize went to a twenty-four-year-old sculptor"
      be given · be donated · be assigned · be allotted · be granted ·
      be presented · be awarded · be applied · be devoted · be handed (over) · be turned over · be made over · be ceded
    • (of a thing) lie or extend in a certain direction.
      "the scar went all the way up her leg"
      extend · continue · carry on · stretch · reach · lead
    • change in level, amount, or rank.
      "prices went up by 15 per cent"
    • informal
      said in various expressions when angrily or contemptuously dismissing someone.
      "go and get stuffed"
      come to an end · cease to exist · disappear · vanish ·
      be no more · be over · run its course · fade away · melt away · evaporate · blow over · finish · end · stop · cease · terminate · evanish
    • informal
      used to emphasize the speaker's annoyance at someone's action.
      "then he goes and spoils it all" ·
      "don't go poking your nose where you shouldn't"
    • begin motion (used in a starter's order to begin a race).
      "ready, steady, go!"
  2. leave; depart.
    "I really must go"
    leave · depart · take one's leave · take oneself off · go away · go off ·
    withdraw · absent oneself · say one's goodbyes · quit · make an exit · exit · set off · set out · start out · get going · get under way · be on one's way · decamp · retreat · beat a retreat · retire · make off · clear out · make oneself scarce · slope off · run off · run away · flee · make a move · make tracks · shove off · push off · clear off · beat it · take off · skedaddle · scram · split · scoot · up sticks · pack one's bags · sling one's hook · vamoose · hightail it · cut out · abstract oneself · leave · go · depart · get going · get out · be off with you · shoo · scram · be on your way · run along · beat it · skedaddle · split · vamoose · scat · get lost · push off · buzz off · shove off · clear off · go (and) jump in the lake · hop it · bog off · naff off · on your bike · get along · sling your hook · bug off · light out · haul off · haul ass · take a powder · hit the trail · take a hike · nick off · rack off · voetsak · hamba · begone · avaunt
    arrive · come · stay · return
    • (of time) pass or elapse.
      "the hours went by" ·
      "three years went past"
      pass · pass by · elapse · slip by/past · roll by/past · tick away ·
      wear on · march on · fly by/past
    • pass a specified amount of time in a particular way.
      "they went for two weeks without talking"
    • come to an end; cease to exist.
      "a golden age that has now gone for good" ·
      "11,500 jobs are due to go by next year"
      come to an end · cease to exist · disappear · vanish ·
      be no more · be over · run its course · fade away · melt away · evaporate · blow over · finish · end · stop · cease · terminate · evanish
    • cease operating or functioning.
      "the power went in our road last week"
      be used up · be spent · be finished · be at an end · be exhausted ·
      be consumed · be drained · be depleted
    • leave or resign from a post.
      "I tried to persuade the Chancellor not to go"
    • die (used euphemistically).
      "I'd like to see my grandchildren before I go"
      die · pass away · pass on · expire · depart this life · be no more ·
      breathe one's last · draw one's last breath · meet one's end · meet one's death · meet one's Maker · give up the ghost · go to the great beyond · cross the great divide · shuffle off this mortal coil · perish · go the way of the/all flesh · go to one's last resting place · kick the bucket · bite the dust · croak · conk out · buy it · turn up one's toes · cash in one's chips · go belly up · snuff it · peg out · pop one's clogs
    • be lost or stolen.
      "when he returned minutes later his equipment had gone"
      be stolen · be taken · go missing · disappear · be lost ·
      be mislaid
    • (of money) be spent, especially in a specified way.
      "the rest of his money went on medical expenses"
      be used up · be spent · be finished · be at an end · be exhausted ·
      be consumed · be drained · be depleted
  3. (be going to be/do something)
    intend or be likely or intended to be or do something (used to express a future tense).
    "I'm going to be late for work" ·
    "she's going to have a baby"
  4. pass into or be in a specified state, especially an undesirable one.
    "the food is going bad" ·
    "no one went hungry in our house" · "he's gone crazy"
    become · get · turn · grow · come to be · wax
    • (go to/into)
      enter into a specified state or course of action.
      "she went back to sleep" ·
      "the car went into a spin"
    • make a sound of a specified kind.
      "the engine went bang"
    • (of a bell or similar device) make a sound in functioning.
      "I heard the buzzer go four times"
      sound · sound out · make a sound · make a noise · resound ·
      reverberate · ring · chime · peal · toll · ding · clang
  5. proceed or turn out in a specified way.
    "how did the weekend go?" ·
    "at first all went well"
    turn out · work out · fare · progress · develop · come out · result · end ·
    end up · pan out · eventuate
    • be acceptable or permitted.
      "underground events where anything goes"
  6. be harmonious, complementary, or matching.
    "rosemary goes with roast lamb" ·
    "the earrings and the scarf don't really go"
    match · go together · be harmonious · harmonize · blend ·
    suit each other · be suited · complement each other · be complementary · coordinate with each other · be compatible
    • be found in the same place or situation; be associated.
      "cooking and eating go together"
  7. (of a machine or device) function.
    "my car won't go"
    function · work · be in working order · run · operate · be operative ·
    • continue in operation or existence.
      "the committee was kept going even when its existence could no longer be justified"
  8. (go into/to/towards)
    contribute to or be put into (a whole).
    "considerable effort went into making the operation successful"
    • used to indicate how many people a supply of a resource is sufficient for or how much can be achieved using it.
      "the sale will go a long way towards easing the huge debt burden" ·
      "a little luck can go a long way"
  9. (of an article) be regularly kept or put in a particular place.
    "remember which card goes in which slot"
    be kept · belong · have a place · be found · be located · be situated ·
    lie · stand
    • fit into a particular place or space.
      "you're trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot, and it just won't go"
  10. (of a song or account) have a specified content or wording.
    "if you haven't heard it, the story goes like this"
    • (go by/under)
      be known or called by (a specified name).
      "he now goes under the name Charles Perez"
    • informal
      "the kids go, ‘Yeah, sure.’"
  11. informal
    use a toilet; urinate or defecate.
    "he had to go but couldn't, because she was still in the bathroom"
goes (plural noun)
  1. informal
    an attempt or trial at something.
    "have a go at answering the questions yourself"
    attempt · try · effort · bid · endeavour · shot · stab · crack · bash ·
    whirl · whack · essay · assay
  2. informal
    a person's turn to use or do something.
    "I had a go on Nigel's racing bike" ·
    "come on Tony, it's your go"
    • used in reference to a single item, action, or spell of activity.
      "he drank a pint in one go" ·
      "they now cost about fifty quid a go" · "Chris often covers 400–500 miles at a go"
    spirit, animation, or energy.
    "there's no go in me at all these days"
    • informal
      vigorous activity.
      "it's all go around here"
  4. informal
    a state of affairs.
    "this seems a rum sort of go"
    • informal
      an attack of illness.
      "he's had this nasty go of dysentery"
    an enterprise which has been approved.
    "tell them the project is a go"
  1. functioning properly.
    "all systems go"
Old English gān, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gaan and German gehen ; the form went was originally the past tense of wend.
  1. a Japanese board game of territorial possession and capture.
late 19th century: Japanese, literally ‘small stone’, also the name of the game.
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what goes on in the pits is a million miles away from what happens when Joe Bloggs puts his car in for a service.
the exhaust pipe corrodes around the bend which goes over the rear axle on motor cars.
the feeling of entrapment grows as the roads close and the power goes out.
he goes on to talk about the general uselessness of marketing forecasts.
he goes into the interviews with a simpering smile painted on his face.
the network of avian enthusiasts ensures that no rarity goes unspotted.
she had the confidence that usually goes hand in hand with experience.
if there is no will, then surely the house goes automatically to you.
the authority of the inspectors goes beyond ordinary police powers.
she transparently articulates the thought process she goes through.
the editor goes over the manuscript after it has been copy-edited.
Jim goes for a long walk to work up a hearty appetite for dinner.
he sinks at once, making a sound like glug-glug as he goes down.
not everyone who graduates goes on to take the Queen's shilling.
she goes home alone to TV dinners and repeats of ‘I Love Lucy’.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)gaan, geld
Arabic (VERB)يذهب, غني, تذهب, ينتقل, يمر, ينطبق, يسير, يقطع, المثل
Bangla যায়
Bosnian (Latin) ide
Bulgarian (VERB)отива, върви, продължава, важи, минава, преминава, излиза, течение, отнася
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)va, passa, surt, entra, continua, desapareix, segueix, vagi, funciona
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (VERB)ide, odlazi, pođe, prolazi, krene, ode, vrijedi, prođe, idu
Czech (VERB)jde, jede, přejde, chodí, půjde, pokračuje, odchází, platí, vede
Danish (VERB)går, gælder, fortsætter, rækker
Dutch (VERB)gaat, geldt
Estonian (VERB)läheb, käib, ulatub
Fijian toso
Filipino napupunta
Finnish (VERB)menee, mennään, kulkee, myötä, koskee, lähtee, pätee, siirtyy
French (VERB)va, passe, continue, disparaît, tourne, part
German (VERB)geht, gilt, fährt, reicht, läuft, passt
Greek (VERB)πηγαίνει, πάει, προχωρεί, περνά, ισχύει, πάνε, συνεχίζει, μπαίνει, συμβαίνει
Haitian Creole se
Hebrew (VERB)הולך, עובר, ילך, הולכת, יוצא, הלך, נוסע, נכנס, מגיע, אומרת
Hindi (VERB)जाता, आएगा
Hmong Daw mus
Hungarian (VERB)megy, elmegy, nyúlik, jár
Icelandic (VERB)fer, gengur, fari, gildir
Indonesian (VERB)pergi, berjalan, berlaku, masuk, terjadi
Italian (VERB)va, passa, vale, vada, entra, continua, vanno
Japanese (VERB)行く, 行きます, なる, 入る, 行き, なります
Kiswahili (VERB)huenda, inakwenda, unaendelea, inaenda, linakuja, aenda, anaenda
Klingon Ha'
Korean (VERB)간다, 갑니다, 이뤄지는, 가, 된다면, 들어간다, 되 면, 어울리는, 이동, 되는지, 일어나
Latvian (VERB)iet, dodas, sniedzas, notiek, turpina, pārslēdzas, pāriet, pats
Lithuanian (VERB)eina, važiuoja, išeina, tęsiasi, vyksta, tenka, pasakytina, patenka, pereina, vyks
Malagasy mandeha
Malay (Latin) (VERB)pergi, masuk, berlaku
Maltese (VERB)imur, tmur
Norwegian Bokmål går
Persian (VERB)میرود, رود, برمی
Polish (VERB)idzie, trafia, przechodzi, pójdzie, jedzie, wykracza, udaje, wychodzi, odnosi się
(NOUN)elektrotechnicznych blach teksturowanych
Portuguese (VERB)vai, passa, der, entra, correr, vale, acontece, for, fica, vá
Querétaro Otomi Gi
Romanian (VERB)merge, trece, pleaca, duce, se întâmplă, continuă
Russian (VERB)идет, выходит, проходит, пойдет, переходит, отправляется, уходит, ходит, едет, идут, поступает
Samoan alu
Serbian (Cyrillic) иде
Serbian (Latin) ide
Slovak (VERB)ide, jede, chodí, pôjde, pokračuje, odchádza, platí, prejde, vedie
Slovenian (VERB)gre, sega, velja, dogaja
Spanish (VERB)va, pasa, sale, entra, llega, vuelve
Swedish (VERB)går, fortsätter, åker
Tahitian te haere nei
Tamil (VERB)செல்கிறது
Telugu వెళుతుంది
Thai (VERB)ไป
Tongan 'alu
Turkish (VERB)gider, gidiyor, devam ediyor, gitmez, çıkıyor, başlıyor, girer
Ukrainian (VERB)йде, виходить, іде, піде, переходить, проходить, ходить, потрапляє, стосується, йдуть, відбувається
Urdu (VERB)جاتا
Vietnamese (VERB)đi, diễn
Welsh (VERB)mynd, aiff, fynd heibio
Yucatec Maya Yaan
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