greetings (plural noun)
  1. a polite word or sign of welcome or recognition.
    "Mandy shouted a greeting"
greets (third person present) · greeted (past tense) · greeted (past participle) · greeting (present participle)
  1. give a polite word of recognition or sign of welcome when meeting (someone).
    "some of the customers greeted the barman in Gaelic"
    say hello to · address · salute · hail · halloo · nod to · wave to ·
    raise one's hat to · tip one's hat to · acknowledge the presence of · welcome · meet · receive · show in · usher in · admit · accept · let in
    • receive or acknowledge (something) in a specified way.
      "everyone greeted this idea warmly"
      receive · acknowledge · respond to · react to · take · hear ·
      listen to
    • (especially of a sight or sound) become apparent to (a person arriving somewhere).
      "Sam threw open the door and was greeted by a cacophony of noise"
Old English grētan ‘approach, attack, or salute’, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch groeten and German grüssen ‘greet’.
greets (third person present) · greeted (past tense) · greeted (past participle) · greeting (present participle)
  1. weep; cry.
    "he sat down on the armchair and started to greet"
Old English, partly from grētan ‘cry out, rage’, partly from grēotan ‘lament’, both of Germanic origin.
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How to use greeting in a sentence?
it was an abrupt question, made without even the preface of a greeting.
that's a nice way to come into my kitchen—no greeting!.
Meredith was already calling out a greeting.
she raised her hand in greeting.
warm greetings to you all.
Mandy shouted a greeting.
he sang out a greeting.
How to say greeting in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)groet
Arabic (VERB)المعايدة, تحية, معايدة, الترحيب, التهنئة, تهنئة, تهاني
(NOUN)التحية, تمنيات, ترحيب
Bangla অভিবাদন
Bosnian (Latin) Pozdrav
Bulgarian (VERB)поздравителни
Cantonese (Traditional) 問候
Catalan (NOUN)salutació
(VERB)felicitació, saludar
Chinese Simplified 问候
Chinese Traditional 問候
Croatian (NOUN)Pozdrav
Czech (NOUN)pozdrav, S pozdravem, uvítání
(VERB)pozdravil, blahopřání
Danish (NOUN)hilsen
(VERB)lykønskningskort, hilse
Dutch (NOUN)groet, begroeting, mailgroeten, aanhef
(VERB)groeten, begroeten, wenskaarten
Estonian (NOUN)tervitus
Fijian veikidavaki
Filipino pagbati
Finnish (VERB)tervehdys
French (VERB)salutation, voeux, vœux, souhaits
German (NOUN)Gruß, Begrüßung, Grußformel, Gruss, Ansage, Grußwort, gru, Grüße
Greek (NOUN)χαιρετισμό
(VERB)ευχετήριες, χαιρετιστήριες
(ADJECTIVE)ευχετήρια, χαιρετισμού
Haitian Creole Salitasyon
Hebrew (VERB)ברכה, ברכת
Hindi (VERB)ग्रीटिंग, शुभकामना
(NOUN)अभिवादन, नमस्कार, बधाई
Hmong Daw npawg
Hungarian (NOUN)üdvözlés, köszöntés
(VERB)üdvözlő, köszönti
Icelandic (VERB)kveðja
Indonesian (VERB)ucapan, sambutan, menyapa
(NOUN)salam, pesan pembuka, sapaan
Italian (NOUN)saluto, accoglienza, augurio
(VERB)d'auguri, salutava, auguri
Japanese (VERB)グリーティング, ご挨拶, ごあいさつ
(NOUN)挨拶, 案内応答, あいさつ, あいさつ文, 挨拶文
Kiswahili (VERB)salamu
Klingon ghaH 'ej Duvan
Korean (VERB)인사말, 안부
Latvian (VERB)apsveikuma, sveiciena, uzrunu
(NOUN)sveiciens, apsveikumu
Lithuanian (VERB)sveikinimo
(NOUN)pasisveikinimo, sveikinimą, pasveikinimas
Malagasy fiarahabana
Malay (Latin) (VERB)ucapan
Maltese Awguri
Norwegian Bokmål Hilsen
Persian (VERB)پستال, تبریک
(NOUN)خوش آمد
Polish (VERB)powitanie, pozdrowienie, okolicznościowe, kartki
(NOUN)pozdrowienia, powitaniu, przywitanie
(ADJECTIVE)okolicznościowych, pozdrowień
Portuguese (NOUN)saudação, cumprimento
(VERB)cumprimentando, acolhimento, saudar
Querétaro Otomi Saludo
Romanian (NOUN)salut, felicitare
Russian (NOUN)приветствие, поздравления, открытка
Samoan faafeiloaiga
Serbian (Cyrillic) Поздравна порука
Serbian (Latin) Pozdravna poruka
Slovak (NOUN)pozdrav, uvítanie
Slovenian (NOUN)pozdrav
(VERB)voščilo, pozdravne
Spanish (NOUN)saludo, recibimiento
(VERB)felicitación, saludando
Swedish (NOUN)hälsning, välkomstmeddelande
Tahitian aroha
Tamil (NOUN)வாழ்த்து
Telugu గ్రీటింగ్
Thai อวยพร
Tongan fakafe'iloaki
Turkish (VERB)tebrik, karşılaması
(NOUN)selamlama, karşılama, tebriki
Ukrainian (NOUN)привітання, вітання
(VERB)вітальні, вітаю
Urdu (NOUN)گریٹنگ, مبارکباد
Vietnamese (NOUN)lời chào
(VERB)Chúc mừng, chào mừng, mừng, chào
Welsh (NOUN)cyfarchiad
(VERB)cyfarch, gyfarch
Yucatec Maya Saludo
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