grips (third person present) · gripped (past tense) · gripped (past participle) · gripping (present participle)
  1. take and keep a firm hold of; grasp tightly.
    "his knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel"
    grasp · clutch · hold · clasp · grasp/take/lay hold of · latch on to · grab ·
    seize · clench · cling to · catch · catch at · get one's hands on · pluck · squeeze · press · gripe
    release · hold lightly
    • maintain a firm contact, especially by friction.
      "a sole that really grips well on wet rock"
  2. (of an emotion or situation) have a strong or adverse effect on.
    "she was gripped by a feeling of excitement" ·
    "the country was gripped by recession"
  1. a firm hold; a tight grasp.
    "his arm was held in a vice-like grip" ·
    "the icy grip of winter"
    grasp · hold · clutch · clasp · clench · gripe · handshake · hand grip ·
    hand clasp
    • a manner of holding something.
      "I've changed my grip and my backswing"
      handshake · hand grip · hand clasp
    • the ability of something, especially a wheel or shoe, to maintain a firm contact with a surface.
      "these shoes have got no grip"
  2. effective control over something.
    "he had to take a grip on his nerves"
    control · power · mastery · hold · stranglehold · clutches · domination ·
    dominion · command · influence · possession · rule · tyranny · evil embrace
    • an understanding of something.
      "you've got a good grip on what's going on"
      understanding of · comprehension of · perception of ·
      awareness of · grasp of · apprehension of · conception of · realization of · knowledge of · cognizance of · ken of · mastery of · command of · insight into · familiarity with
  3. a part or attachment by which something is held in the hand.
    "handlebar grips"
      a hairgrip.
  4. a travelling bag.
    "a grip crammed with new clothes"
    travelling bag · bag · holdall · overnight bag · overnighter · flight bag ·
    kitbag · Gladstone bag · valise · portmanteau
  5. a stagehand in a theatre.
    stagehand · theatrical assistant
    • a member of a camera crew responsible for moving and setting up equipment.
Old English grippa (verb), gripe ‘grasp, clutch’ (noun), gripa ‘handful, sheath’ ; related to gripe.
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suspension changes include a wider front and rear track with increased negative camber for better cornering grip.
don't stress—there's plenty of time to get a grip on the situation.
the iron grip of the president on every aspect of foreign policy.
he was in the grip of an obsession he was powerless to resist.
the grip on her arm was firm enough to rivet her to the spot.
presidential advisers keep a tight grip on domestic policy.
his knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel.
keep a strong grip on the fore-end of a pump shotgun.
with a growl of fury, he tightened his grip.
she was gripped by a feeling of excitement.
a sole that really grips well on wet rock.
you've got a good grip on what's going on.
he grabbed my wrist in a vice-like grip.
I've changed my grip and my backswing.
she wrenched herself free of his grip.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)greep
Arabic (NOUN)قبضة, قبضته, القبضة, الخناق
Bangla খপ্পর
Bosnian (Latin) hvat
Bulgarian (NOUN)захващане, сцепление, хватката, хващане, дръжка, ръкостискане, овладее, плен, повърхност
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)adherència, empunyadura, agafador, encaixada, urpes
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)hvat, prianjanje, zahvat, stisak, zgrabiti, drška, držanje, držač, ručka
Czech (NOUN)rukojeť, přilnavost, uchopení, sevření, stisk, jílec, úchyt, zajetí
Danish (NOUN)greb, grebet, vejgreb, fodfæste, styr
(VERB)gribe fat
Dutch (NOUN)greep, handgreep, houvast, handvat, beet
Estonian (NOUN)haarde, haare, käepide
Fijian ivesu
Filipino mahigpit na pagkakahawak
Finnish (NOUN)pito, ote, otteen, kouraista, pidon, otetta, kahva, otepidon, kädensija
French (NOUN)poignée, adhérence, emprise, préhension, prise, accroche, saisissez
German (NOUN)Griff, Griffigkeit, halt, Haftung
Greek (NOUN)πιάσιμο, λαβή, πρόσφυση, κράτημα, λαβής, κλοιό, χερούλι, χειρολαβή, έλεος
Haitian Creole priz
Hebrew (NOUN)אחיזה, האחיזה, אחיזת, גריפ, ידית
Hindi (NOUN)पकड़, चपेट, ग्रिप, काबू
Hmong Daw nyem
Hungarian (NOUN)markolat, fogást, megfogás, tapadás, markában, csúszásmentessége, szorításában, fogantyú, fogó
Indonesian (NOUN)cengkeraman, pegangan, genggaman
Italian (NOUN)presa, impugnatura, aderenza, morsa, manico
(VERB)afferrare, impugnare
Japanese (NOUN)グリップ, 握り, 把持
Kiswahili (NOUN)mtego
Korean (NOUN)그립, 손잡이, 입씨름, 손아귀, 파악, 잡기
Latvian (NOUN)rokturis, saķeri, tvēriena, spals, satvēriens
(VERB)pieķertos, satveriet
Lithuanian (NOUN)rankena, sukibimas, koto, kontrolę, danga
Malagasy mafy
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)cengkaman
Maltese manku
Norwegian Bokmål grep
Persian (NOUN)گریپ, ادراک, چسبیدن, گرفتن, چنگ, چنگال
Polish (NOUN)uchwyt, przyczepność, chwyt, ogarnięty, uścisku, chwyć
Portuguese (NOUN)aperto, aderência, punho, alça, garras, pega, segure
(VERB)agarrar, segurar
Romanian (NOUN)prindere, aderenta, strânsoarea, mânerul, înhăţare, apuca, priză
Russian (NOUN)сцепление, захват, ручка, тисках, рукоятка, хватку, сжатие, власть
Samoan uu
Serbian (Cyrillic) стисак
Serbian (Latin) stisak
Slovak (NOUN)priľnavosť, uchopenie, zovretia, rukoväť, držadlo, uchytenie, záber, zajatí, pazúrov
Slovenian (NOUN)oprijem, prijem, primežu, ročaj
Spanish (NOUN)agarre, apretón, empuñadura, garras, adherencia, mango, puño
(VERB)agarrar, sujete
Swedish (NOUN)grepp, fattandet, klorna, handtag
Tahitian faaea
Tamil பிடியை
Telugu పట్టు
Thai จับ
Tongan piki ma'u
Turkish (NOUN)kavrama, tutuş, tutamacı, yol tutuş, tutunma, kabza, pençe
Ukrainian (NOUN)зчеплення, ручка, лещатах, рукоятки, полоні, владу, ручки
Urdu (NOUN)گرفت
Vietnamese (NOUN)kẹp, cầm, nắm
Welsh (NOUN)gafael, afael
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