grows (third person present) · grew (past tense) · growing (present participle) · grown (past participle)
  1. (of a living thing) undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically.
    "he would watch Nick grow to manhood" ·
    "grown men don't act so stupidly"
    get bigger · get taller · get larger · increase in size · increase in weight ·
    fill out · fatten · heighten · lengthen · enlarge · extend · expand · stretch · spread · widen · swell · increase · multiply · snowball · mushroom · balloon · augment · build up · mount up · pile up
  2. become larger or greater over a period of time; increase.
    "turnover grew to more than $100,000 within three years"
    get bigger · get taller · get larger · increase in size · increase in weight ·
    fill out · fatten · heighten · lengthen · enlarge · extend · expand · stretch · spread · widen · swell · increase · multiply · snowball · mushroom · balloon · augment · build up · mount up · pile up
  3. become gradually or increasingly.
    "sharing our experiences we grew braver"
    • (of a person) come to feel or think something over time.
      "supposing we had grown to know and love nuclear power"
      become · come to be · get to be · get · turn · start to feel
Old English grōwan (originally referring chiefly to plants), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch groeien, also to grass and green.
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this encouragement to grow potatoes had a disastrous sequel some fifty years later.
we're confident that the new owners will grow and diversify the company globally.
the plant will grow very rapidly and send out runners above the substratum.
banks provide the necessary financial lubrication for any economy to grow.
you can grow the seeds in a yogurt pot with a hole punched in the bottom.
epithermal neutrons are thermalized at depths where tumours tend to grow.
men wore frills and finery and let their hair grow into long lovelocks..
believing it would continue to grow, they had overstaffed the company.
the company intends to grow within itself rather than by acquisition.
kale is one of the most nutritious leaf vegetables you can grow.
a public-debt snowball that could grow to American proportions.
the Karelians began to grow turnips, onions, potatoes and hemp.
do you think she should grow out her hair or keep her pixie?.
entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow their businesses.
lichens grow in conditions that no other plants tolerate.
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How to say grow in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)groei, kweek
Arabic (VERB)تنمو, ينمو, النمو, زراعة, نمو, تكبر, يزداد, نموها, تزداد
Bangla বড়
Bosnian (Latin) rasti
Bulgarian (VERB)растат, расте, нарасне, отглеждат, развиват, разраства
Cantonese (Traditional) 成長
Catalan (VERB)créixer, conrear, cultivar, augmentant
Chinese Simplified 成长
Chinese Traditional 成長
Croatian (VERB)rasti, rastu, narasti, raste, rast, uzgajati, izrasti, razviti, širi
Czech (VERB)rostou, růst, pěstovat, roste, poroste, Pěstujte, rostlo, dařit, růstu, zvětšit
Danish (VERB)vokse, dyrke, avle, gro, Dyrk, stige, udvikle
Dutch (VERB)groeien, kweken, kweek, verbouwen, toenemen, telen, stijgen
Estonian (VERB)kasvada
Fijian tubu cake
Filipino lumago
Finnish (VERB)kasvaa, enentyä, kasvua
French (VERB)croître, grandir, cultiver, pousser, se développent, développer, élever, augmenter, progresser, évoluer
German (VERB)wachsen, anbauen, anwachsen, aufwachsen, erwachsen, züchten, vergrößern, steigern
Greek (VERB)αυξηθεί, μεγαλώνουν, αναπτυχθούν, αυξάνεται, καλλιεργούν, φυτρώνουν, γίνετε
Haitian Creole grandi
Hebrew (VERB)לגדול, לגדל, גדלים, לצמוח, צומחים, גדלות, תגדל, מגדלים, גדל, מגדל
Hindi (VERB)बढ़ने, विकसित, बढ़ती, विकास, बढ़, वृद्धि, जाना, होते, आगे बढ़ने
Hmong Daw hlob
Hungarian (VERB)növekszik, nő, nőnek, nőni, Bővítsd, termeszthető, fejlődik
Icelandic (VERB)vaxa, vaxið, rækta, aukast
Indonesian (VERB)tumbuh, bertumbuh, menumbuhkan, berkembang, mengembangkan, bertambah, menanam
Italian (VERB)crescere, coltivare, svilupparsi, si sviluppano, aumentare
Japanese (VERB)成長, 育つ, 育てる, 育て, 育ち, 栽培, 拡大, 増大
Kiswahili (VERB)kukua, kukuza, Kuza, kupanda
Klingon HoSchoH
Korean (VERB)성장, 자랄, 자라, 커질, 재배, 증가, 늘어날
Latvian (VERB)augt, pieaugt, audzēt, attīstīties, aug, augtu, palielināt, izaugsmi, kļūt, paplašināt
Lithuanian (VERB)augti, auga, auginti, augs, Didink, didės, išaugti, Būk, vystyti
Malagasy mitombo
Malay (Latin) (VERB)berkembang, tumbuh, mengembangkan, membesar, bertumbuh, meningkat, pertumbuhan, membangunkan
Maltese (VERB)jikbru
Norwegian Bokmål vokse
Persian (VERB)رشد
Polish (VERB)rosną, rozwijać, wzrastać, uprawie, rośnie, wzrostu, powiększać
Portuguese (VERB)crescer, cultivar, plantar, aumentar
Querétaro Otomi crecer
Romanian (VERB)crească, cresc, creşte, dezvolta, cultive
(NOUN)maturizează, crestere
Russian (VERB)расти, вырасти, развиваться, увеличиваться, роста, возрастать, становятся
Samoan tuputupu ae
Serbian (Cyrillic) расте
Serbian (Latin) raste
Slovak (VERB)rastú, rast, pestovať, rastie, porastie, narastať, pestujú, raste
Slovenian (VERB)rastejo, rast, rasla, rasti, narašča, gojenje, uspevati, povečal, pridelavo
Spanish (VERB)crecer, cultivar, crecimiento, aumentar
Swedish (VERB)växa, odla, växer, väx, öka, utöka
Tahitian tupu i te rahi
Tamil வளர
Telugu పెరుగుతాయి
Thai (VERB)เติบ โต, ขยาย, เจริญ เติบ โต
Tongan tupulaki
Turkish (VERB)büyümek, büyüye, büyür, büyüt, yetiştir, büyüdükçe, büyü, ulaşması, genişlemesi
Ukrainian (VERB)рости, ростуть, зростати, виростити, вирощувати, ростемо, стаємо, розвитку, збільшуватися
Urdu (VERB)بڑھنے, بڑھ, بڑھے
Vietnamese (VERB)phát triển, mọc, tăng trưởng, trồng, lớn
Welsh (VERB)dyfu, tyfu, thyfu, gynyddu
Yucatec Maya ch'íijil
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