guards (third person present) · guarded (past tense) · guarded (past participle) · guarding (present participle)
  1. watch over in order to protect or control.
    "two men were left to guard the stockade" ·
    "the gates were guarded by soldiers"
    • watch over (someone) to prevent them from escaping.
      "his task was to help guard Japanese prisoners"
      keep under surveillance · keep under guard · keep watch over ·
    • basketball
      stay close to (an opponent) in order to prevent them getting or passing the ball.
      "when a player is so closely guarded he cannot pass the ball"
  2. protect against damage or harm.
    "the company fiercely guarded its independence"
    protect · stand guard over · watch over · look after · keep an eye on ·
    take care of · cover · patrol · police · defend · shield · safeguard · preserve · save · keep safe · secure · screen · shelter · fortify · garrison · barricade · man · occupy
    • (guard against)
      take precautions against.
      "farmers must guard against sudden changes in the market"
      beware of · keep watch for · be alert to · take care for ·
      keep an eye out for · be on the alert for · be on the qui vive for · be on the lookout for · keep one's eyes peeled/skinned for
guards (plural noun)
  1. a person who keeps watch, especially a soldier or other person assigned to protect a person or to control access to a place.
    "a security guard" ·
    "soldiers on guard duty"
    sentry · sentinel · security guard · nightwatchman · protector ·
    • a body of soldiers serving to protect a place or person.
      "he's the captain of the palace guard"
    • the household troops of the British army.
    • IRISH
      a member of the Irish police force; a Garda.
      "There's bends all the way from Portlaoise to Carlow. The responsibility for speeding traffic rests with the guards"
      a prison warder.
      jailer · warder · wardress · warden · prison officer · keeper ·
  2. a device worn or fitted to prevent injury or damage.
    "a retractable blade guard"
    safety guard · safety device · protective device · shield · bulwark ·
    screen · fence · fender · bumper · buffer · cushion · pad
  3. a defensive posture that is adopted in a boxing or martial arts contest or in a fight.
    "before Seb could raise his guard Boz swung a wild punch"
    an official who rides on and is in general charge of a train.
  5. american football
    each of two players either side of the centre.
    • basketball
      each of two players chiefly responsible for marking opposing players.
late Middle English (in the sense ‘care, custody’): from Old French garde (noun), garder (verb), of West Germanic origin. Compare with ward.
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There's bends all the way from Portlaoise to Carlow. The responsibility for speeding traffic rests with the guards.
we represented opposite extremes of college society—he a member of the Old guard, I one of the radicals.
the attitude of the airport guard was symptomatic of a system falling apart at the seams.
the coast guard has rescued seven crewmen from a tugboat being battered by rough seas.
the government was caught off guard by the unexpected announcement.
a guard with a pair of vicious piggy eyes above a snarling snout.
the door was thrown open and a uniformed guard entered the room.
when a player is so closely guarded he cannot pass the ball.
he let his guard slip enough to make some unwise comments.
he used a shank to threaten a guard and steal his uniform.
farmers must guard against sudden changes in the market.
before Seb could raise his guard Boz swung a wild punch.
yeomen of the guard wearing a royal red and gold livery.
his sudden rise ruffled the feathers of the old guard.
a security guard was killed trying to stop a raid.
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How to say guard in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)waak
Arabic (NOUN)الحرس, حارس, حراسة, الحراسة, الحارس, حرس, حارسة, حراس, اهبه الاستعداد
Bangla সংযত
Bosnian (Latin) Straža
Bulgarian (NOUN)охрана, гвардия, пазя, пазач, стража, телохранителите, предпазител
(VERB)охраняват, пазят
Cantonese (Traditional) 警衛
Catalan (NOUN)guàrdia
(VERB)custodien, vigilar, protegir
Chinese Simplified 警卫
Chinese Traditional 警衛
Croatian (NOUN)straže, garde, čuvar, Garda, štitnik, branič, gardijska, gardu
(VERB)čuvati, čuvaju, čuva
Czech (NOUN)stráž, Guarda, gardy, ochranný kryt, bránění, hlídka, Garda, kryt
(VERB)střežit, chránit
Danish (NOUN)vagt, vagten, garde, afskærmningen
(VERB)bevogte, vogte, beskytte
Dutch (NOUN)bewaker, Garde, wacht, hoede, bewaak, afscherming, geleide
Estonian (NOUN)valvur, kaitsepiire, kaardiväe, piirivalve
Fijian sotia
Filipino bantay
Finnish (NOUN)vartija, junailija, kaartin, suojuksen, varuillaan
French (NOUN)garde, gardien, dispositif protecteur, dépourvu, vigile, agent
(VERB)se prémunir, garder
German (NOUN)Wache, Garde, Wächter, Hut, Bewachung, Wachmann, Schutz, beschütze
(VERB)bewachen, schützen
Greek (NOUN)φρουρά, φύλακας, γκαρντ, προφυλακτήρα, φύλαξης, επιφυλακή
(VERB)φρουρούν, προφυλαχθεί, φύλαξη
Haitian Creole gad
Hebrew (NOUN)המשמר, משמר, השומר, גארד, שומר, למשמר, שמירה, השמירה
(VERB)לשמור, שומרים
Hindi (NOUN)गार्ड, रक्षक
Hmong Daw neeg zov nyas
Hungarian (NOUN)őr, Gárda, őrség, vagyonőr, őrző, résen
Icelandic (NOUN)vörður, vörðinn
Indonesian (NOUN)penjaga, pengawal, Garda, Kawal, jaga, berjaga, petugas
Italian (NOUN)guardia, protezione
(VERB)custodire, sorvegliare
Japanese (NOUN)ガード, 警備隊, 保安庁, 警備, 衛兵, 警備員, 監視, 警戒, キラー
Kiswahili (NOUN)walinzi
(VERB)kujilinda, kulinda
Klingon 'avwI'
Korean (NOUN)가드, 경비, 감시, 경호, 가드가, 가드로, 지키고
Latvian (NOUN)aizsargs, gvards, apsardzes, sargs, sargam, sardzē, sargu
(VERB)sargāt, nodrošinātos
Lithuanian (NOUN)apsaugos, gvardijos, sarginis, sargyba, gynėjas
(VERB)saugoti, apsaugotume
Malagasy mpiambina
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)pengawal
Maltese irpar
Norwegian Bokmål vakt
Persian (NOUN)گارد, نگهبان, محافظ, سپاه
Polish (NOUN)straży, Gwardii, osłony, stróżujący, strzegą, baczności, chronić
Portuguese (NOUN)guarda, protetor, resguardo, vigia
(VERB)guardar, proteger, vigiar
Querétaro Otomi protector ar ar
Romanian (NOUN)paza, Garda, Gărzii, paznic, gardian, poliţistul
(VERB)păzi, păzească, proteja
Russian (NOUN)охранник, гвардии, страже, предохранитель, караул, сторож, кожух, ограждение
Samoan leoleo
Serbian (Cyrillic) гарда
Serbian (Latin) garda
Slovak (NOUN)stráž, gardy, strehu, hliadka, Garda, kryt, krytu
(VERB)strážiť, chrániť
Slovenian (NOUN)straže, varovalo, garde, varnostnik, policist, gardo, zaščita, Garda
(VERB)ščitile, zaščito
Spanish (NOUN)guardia, protector, vigilante
(VERB)guardar, proteger, vigilar
Swedish (NOUN)vakt, vakten, gardet, bevakning, vaktar
(VERB)vakta, skydda, bevaka
Tahitian tiai
Tamil காவலர்
Telugu గార్డ్
Thai (NOUN)ยาม
Tongan malu'i
Turkish (NOUN)muhafız, bekçi, gardiyan, nöbet, koruma, görevli, koruyucu
(VERB)koru, korumak
Ukrainian (NOUN)гвардії, охорони, сторожові, караул, варта, варті
Urdu (NOUN)گارڈ, محافظ
Vietnamese (NOUN)bảo vệ
Welsh (NOUN)gard, giard
(VERB)ochel, gochel, warchod, wylio
Yucatec Maya protector ti' le
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