halts (third person present) · halted (past tense) · halted (past participle) · halting (present participle)
  1. bring or come to an abrupt stop.
    "there is growing pressure to halt the bloodshed" ·
    "she halted in mid sentence"
    stop · come to a halt · come to a stop · come to a standstill ·
    come to rest · pull up · draw up · stand still · draw to a stand · cease · stop · finish · discontinue · terminate · conclude · come to an end · come to a halt · come to a stop · draw to a close · come to a standstill · be over · be abandoned · pause · be broken off · be suspended · terminate · end · stop · cease · finish · suspend · bring to a stop · bring to a close · bring to an end · put an end to · put a stop to · break off · wind up · arrest · impede · check · curb · stem · staunch · block · stall · hold back · pull the plug on · put the kibosh on
    start · go · start · continue · start · continue
    • used as a military command to bring marching soldiers to a stop.
      "company, halt!"
halts (plural noun)
  1. a suspension of movement or activity, typically a temporary one.
    "a halt in production" ·
    "a bus screeched to a halt"
      a minor stopping place on a local railway line.
late 16th century: originally in the phrase make halt, from German haltmachen, from halten ‘to hold’.
  1. lame.
    "if a man were halt or hunch'd"
halts (third person present) · halted (past tense) · halted (past participle) · halting (present participle)
  1. walk with a limp.
    "he halted slightly in his walk"
Old English healtian (verb), halt, healt (adjective), of Germanic origin.
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if the density is less than a certain critical value the gravitational attraction will be too weak to halt the expansion.
the work will come to a halt if the electricity and telephone people don't get satisfaction.
the truck shuddered to a halt, spraying gravel from under its wheels.
we need to halt the decimation of this country's manufacturing base.
a key aim is to try to halt widespread deforestation in the Amazon.
the brakes faded, needing a firmer push to bring the car to halt.
the accident brought his career to a screeching halt.
the boat ground to a halt where the water shallowed.
Niall brought the car to a halt and cut the engine.
there is growing pressure to halt the bloodshed.
use an ice axe to halt a slide on ice and snow.
police set up barricades to halt the marchers.
Peter came to a halt midway down the street.
the plane taxied to a halt at the terminal.
their forces intervened to halt the attack.
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How to say halt in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans stilstand
Arabic (VERB)وقف, وقفها, نوقف
(NOUN)توقف, الوقف, التوقف, توقفت
Bangla স্থগিত
Bosnian (Latin) Stoj
Bulgarian (VERB)спре, спирам, спрат
(NOUN)спиране, застой
Cantonese (Traditional) 停止
Catalan (VERB)aturar
Chinese Simplified 停止
Chinese Traditional 停止
Croatian (NOUN)stoj, zastoja, šepav, stani, obustavu, stao, zaustavite
(VERB)zaustaviti, prekine
Czech (VERB)zastavit
(NOUN)zastavil, stůj
Danish (VERB)standse, stoppe, bremse, dæmme op
(NOUN)raste, stå, standsning, stopper
Dutch (VERB)halt toe te roepen, stoppen, staken, stopgezet
(NOUN)stilstand, stopzetting
Estonian (VERB)peatada
Fijian lokiloki
Filipino mga pilay
Finnish (VERB)pysäyttää, ontua, pysähtymiseen
(NOUN)pysähtynyt, seis
French (NOUN)halte
(VERB)stopper, arrêter, enrayer, mettre fin, freiner, interrompre, suspendre
German (NOUN)Stillstand, erliegen, Stopp
(VERB)stoppen, anhalten, aufhalten
Greek (VERB)σταματήσει, ανάσχεση
(NOUN)Αλτ, αδιέξοδο
Haitian Creole kanpe
Hebrew (NOUN)עצור
Hindi (NOUN)पड़ाव, ठप
(VERB)रोकने, रोक
Hmong Daw nres
Hungarian (VERB)megállás
(NOUN)megállt, állj
Icelandic (VERB)stöðva
Indonesian (VERB)menghentikan
Italian (NOUN)battuta d'arresto, alt, fermata, arresto, sosta
(VERB)fermare, arrestare
Japanese (NOUN)停止
(VERB)歯止め, 食い止める, 中止, 止める
Kiswahili (VERB)kusimamisha
Klingon rIgh bIH
Korean (VERB)중단, 정지할
Latvian (NOUN)apturētu, apstājās, pretestību
(VERB)apturēt, apvaldītu, apstāties
Lithuanian (VERB)sustabdyti
Malagasy mandringa
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)menghentikan
Maltese jwaqqfu l-
Norwegian Bokmål stoppe
Persian (NOUN)توقف
(VERB)متوقف کردن
Polish (NOUN)zatrzymania
(VERB)powstrzymać, wstrzymania, zatrzyma
Portuguese (NOUN)parada, impasse, parem
(VERB)travar, parar, interromper, deter, suspender
Querétaro Otomi detener
Romanian (NOUN)popas, stopare
(VERB)opri, stopa, oprească
Russian (NOUN)остановке, привал, прекращение, стой, тупик
(VERB)остановить, прекращения, положить конец
Samoan Setu
Serbian (Cyrillic) Стој
Serbian (Latin) Stoj
Slovak (VERB)zastaviť
Slovenian (VERB)zaustavitev
(NOUN)premor, zastoja, ustavi, zaustavi
Spanish (VERB)detener, frenar, poner fin
(NOUN)detenerse, se detuvo
Swedish (VERB)stoppa, hejda, stanna, upphöra
(NOUN)avstanna, stopp, upphörande
Tahitian te pirioi
Tamil நிறுத்த
Telugu నిలిపివేస్తూ
Thai หยุดชะงัก
Tongan pipiki
Turkish (VERB)durdurmak
(NOUN)dur, durun, durmak
Ukrainian (NOUN)привал, зупинки
(VERB)зупинити, припинення
Urdu رک
Vietnamese (VERB)ngăn chặn, tạm dừng
(NOUN)dừng, ngưng
Welsh (NOUN)arhosfa, stop
(VERB)atal, stopio
Yucatec Maya je'elel
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