hares (plural noun)
  1. a fast-running, long-eared mammal that resembles a large rabbit, having very long hind legs and typically found in grassland or open woodland.
    • a dummy hare propelled around the track in greyhound racing.
hares (third person present) · hared (past tense) · hared (past participle) · haring (present participle)
  1. run with great speed.
    "he hared off between the trees"
    be quick · hurry up · move quickly · go fast · hasten · make haste ·
    speed · speed up · lose no time · press on · push on · run · dash · rush · hurtle · dart · race · fly · flash · shoot · streak · bolt · bound · blast · charge · chase · career · scurry · scramble · scamper · scuttle · sprint · gallop · go hell for leather · go like lightning · scutter · whizz · whoosh · vroom · tear · scoot · hare · pelt · zip · whip · zoom · belt · beetle · buzz · get a move on · step on it · get cracking · get moving · shake a leg · go like a bat out of hell · hotfoot it · leg it · burn rubber · bomb · bucket · shift · put one's foot down · get one's skates on · go like the clappers · stir one's stumps · wheech · hightail · barrel · boogie · clip · lay rubber · get the lead out · get a wiggle on · put foot · cut along · post · hie · fleet
    move slowly · dawdle
Old English hara, of Germanic origin: related to Dutch haas and German Hase.
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How to use hare in a sentence?
a brace of birds and hare, that I cribbed this morning out of a basket of game.
they slipped the hounds, the hare racing for the side of the hill.
one of the things I had to do was to paunch and skin a hare.
he hared off between the trees.
a recipe for saddle of hare.
hare coursing.
jugged hare.
How to say hare in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)haas
Arabic (NOUN)هير
Bangla শশক
Bosnian (Latin) zec
Bulgarian (NOUN)Хеър, Харе, заекът
Cantonese (Traditional) 兔子
Catalan (NOUN)llebre
Chinese Simplified 兔子
Chinese Traditional 兔子
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)zec
Czech (NOUN)zajíc
Danish (NOUN)haren, harer
Dutch (NOUN)haas, hazen
Estonian (NOUN)jänes
Filipino pagong
Finnish (VERB)jänis
French (NOUN)lièvre
German (NOUN)Hase
Greek (NOUN)λαγός, λαγό, λαγού, λαγοί, ΧΑΡΕ, Χέαρ, λαγών, ΛΑΓΟΣ
Haitian Creole Lapen
Hebrew (VERB)ארנבת
Hindi (NOUN)हरे
Hmong Daw luav
Hungarian (NOUN)nyúl
Icelandic harvið
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)kelinci
Italian (ADJECTIVE)lepre
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)ノウサギ, ハーレ, 野ウサギ
(NOUN)ウサギ, うさぎ, 野兎, ハレ, ヘア
Korean (ADJECTIVE)토끼
(NOUN)헤어, 부디
Latvian (NOUN)zaķis
Lithuanian (NOUN)kiškis
Maltese liebru
Persian خرگوش
Polish (ADJECTIVE)zając
Portuguese (NOUN)lebre, Lepus
Querétaro Otomi liebre
Romanian (NOUN)iepurele
Russian (NOUN)Харе, заяц, зайца, Хэйр, Хейр, Хэа
Serbian (Cyrillic) зец
Serbian (Latin) zec
Slovak (NOUN)zajac
Slovenian (NOUN)zajca, hace
Spanish (NOUN)liebre
Swedish (NOUN)haren
Tamil முயல்
Telugu హరే
Thai (NOUN)แฮร์
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)tavşan
Ukrainian (NOUN)заєць, зайця
Urdu خرگوش
Yucatec Maya tsuub
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