heeds (third person present) · heeded (past tense) · heeded (past participle) · heeding (present participle)
  1. pay attention to; take notice of.
    "he should have heeded the warnings"
    pay attention to · take notice of · take note of · pay heed to ·
    be heedful of · attend to · listen to · notice · note · pay regard to · bear in mind · be mindful of · mind · mark · consider · take into account · take into consideration · be guided by · follow · obey · keep · keep to · adhere to · abide by · observe · take to heart · give ear to · be alert to · be cautious of · watch out for
  1. careful attention.
    "if he heard, he paid no heed" ·
    "we must take heed of the suggestions"
Old English hēdan, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch hoeden and German hüten.
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How to use heed in a sentence?
if he did not heed the warning, he would surely die.
we must take heed of the suggestions.
he should have heeded the warnings.
if he heard, he paid no heed.
How to say heed in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans ag
Arabic (VERB)تلتفت, تصغي, الالتفات, الإصغاء
(NOUN)حذرهم, تكترث
Bangla অনুধাবন
Bosnian (Latin) obratiti pažnju
Bulgarian (VERB)вслушат, обърне внимание
Cantonese (Traditional) 注意
Catalan prestar atenció
Chinese Simplified 注意
Chinese Traditional 注意
Croatian (VERB)obazirati, pazi
Czech (VERB)dbát
(NOUN)respektujte, pozornost
Danish (NOUN)agt, Respekter
(VERB)lytte, Læg mærke
Dutch (VERB)luisteren
(NOUN)aandacht, gehoor
Estonian (VERB)kuulda
Fijian muria
Filipino dinggin
Finnish (NOUN)vaarin, varteen
(VERB)kuunneltava, vaari, Huomioi
French (VERB)tenir compte, tenez compte
German (VERB)beherzigen, beachten
(NOUN)Beachtung, Rücksicht
Greek (NOUN)σοβαρά υπόψη, προσοχή
Haitian Creole fè atansyon
Hebrew (NOUN)הקדישה, להנחיות
Hindi (VERB)ध्यान
Hmong Daw mloog
Hungarian (VERB)számoljunk, megfogadni, figyelmet
Icelandic hæsi
Indonesian (VERB)mengindahkan, memperhatikan
Italian (VERB)ascoltare
Japanese (VERB)留意, 傾ける
Kiswahili kutii
Klingon qIm
Korean (VERB)유념하시기, 치뤄야, 따르는, 받아들이지
Latvian (NOUN)uzmanību
Lithuanian (VERB)paisyti
Malagasy sofina
Malay (Latin) Peringatan
Maltese attenzjoni
Norwegian Bokmål akt
Persian (VERB)توجه
Polish (VERB)słuchać
Portuguese (VERB)preste atenção
Querétaro Otomi da Ntheti jar
Romanian (NOUN)aminte, atenţie
Russian (VERB)прислушаться, внял, обращайте внимание, внимать, откликнуться, послушал
Samoan faalogo
Serbian (Cyrillic) придржавати
Serbian (Latin) pridržavati
Slovak (VERB)dbať, pozornosť
(NOUN)pozore, dbajte
Slovenian (VERB)pazi
Spanish (VERB)atienda, respete
Swedish (VERB)hörsamma, lyssna, beakta
Tahitian haapao
Tamil நல்லுணர்வு
Telugu పాటించడం
Thai ปฏิบัติตาม
Tongan tokanga ki he
Turkish (NOUN)kulak
(VERB)dikkate alın
Ukrainian (VERB)прислухатися
Urdu ہوشیار
Vietnamese (VERB)chú ý, tuân thủ
Welsh (VERB)wrando
Yucatec Maya páay óolal ti'
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