imagines (third person present) · imagined (past tense) · imagined (past participle) · imagining (present participle)
  1. form a mental image or concept of.
    "she imagined him at his desk, his head in his hands" ·
    "I couldn't imagine what she expected to tell them"
    visualize · envisage · envision · picture · form a picture of ·
    see in the mind's eye · conjure up · conceptualize · dream about · fantasize about · dream up · think up · conceive · think of · plan · project · scheme
    • believe (something unreal or untrue) to exist or be so.
      "I think you're imagining things"
  2. suppose or assume.
    "after Ned died, everyone imagined that Mabel would move away"
    assume · presume · expect · take it · take it for granted · take it as read ·
    take it as given · presuppose · suppose · think it likely · dare say · think · surmise · conjecture · believe · be of the opinion that · fancy · feel · be of the view · be under the impression · figure · guess · reckon · opine · ween
Middle English: from Old French imaginer, from Latin imaginare ‘form an image of, represent’ and imaginari ‘picture to oneself’, both from imago, imagin- ‘image’.
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it was more than I could imagine to be up on the podium and singing the national anthem.
I imagine you all go round to the pub afterwards for a quick noggin and a chat.
they were forced to imagine the disaster through the prism of television.
the most unregenerate and irredeemable people you could ever imagine.
imagine publishers all over the country repricing thousands of books.
it is difficult to imagine the slim person going for a real blowout.
one can only imagine the tears and snotters running down his cheeks.
there have been lots of stories going around, as you can imagine.
after Ned died, everyone imagined that Mabel would move away.
twenty-seven cats lived there—you can imagine the smell!.
she imagined him at his desk, his head in his hands.
I couldn't imagine what she expected to tell them.
I can't imagine going out with someone who had BO.
imagine that little snip telling me I was wrong!.
he could imagine them snickering as he passed.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)dink
Arabic (VERB)تخيل, تتخيل, أتخيل, اتصور, نتصور, تصور, نتخيل, تخيلوا, تخيلي, التخيل, يتخيل, يتصور
Bangla কল্পনা করুন
Bosnian (Latin) Zamislite
Bulgarian (VERB)представете, си
Cantonese (Traditional) 想象
Catalan (VERB)imaginar
Chinese Simplified 想象
Chinese Traditional 想像
Croatian (VERB)zamisliti
Czech (NOUN)Představte si
(VERB)představit, domnívat
Danish (VERB)forestille sig, id
(NOUN)Forestil dig, Tænk
Dutch (VERB)veronderstel, voorstellen, inbeelden, bedenken, denken, aanneem, neem
Estonian (NOUN)kujutada
Fijian Vakasamataka mada
Filipino Kunwari
Finnish (VERB)kuvitella
French (VERB)imaginer, suppose
German (VERB)vorstellen
(NOUN)Stell dir vor
Greek (VERB)φανταστείτε
Haitian Creole imajine
Hebrew (VERB)לדמיין, דמיינו, מדמיין, תארו לעצמכם, דמיין, תדמיין, לתאר, מניח, מניחה
(NOUN)תאר לעצמך
Hindi (VERB)कल्पना, सोच
Hmong Daw xav txog tej yam
Hungarian (VERB)elképzelni, képzelem
(NOUN)Képzelje el
Icelandic (VERB)ímynda sér
(NOUN)Ímyndaðu þér
Indonesian (VERB)bayangkan
Italian (VERB)immaginare
Japanese (VERB)想像, 想像してみてくだ, 考えてみましょう
Kiswahili (VERB)kufikiria, wafikirie
Korean (VERB)상상, 추측할
Latvian (VERB)iedomāties, iztēloties
Lithuanian (VERB)įsivaizduoti
Malagasy alaivo sary an-tsaina
Malay (Latin) (VERB)bayangkan
Maltese jimmaġinaw
Norwegian Bokmål Tenk
Persian (VERB)تصور کنید, تصور
Polish (VERB)sobie wyobrazić, wyobrażenia
Portuguese (VERB)imaginar
Querétaro Otomi mi
Romanian (VERB)imagina
Russian (VERB)представить, вообразить, себе, полагаю
Samoan vaai faalemafaufau
Serbian (Cyrillic) Замислите
Serbian (Latin) Zamislite
Slovak (NOUN)Predstavte si
Slovenian (VERB)predstavljati, zamisliti, pomisli, verjeti
Spanish (VERB)imaginar, imaginarse
(NOUN)Imagínese, Imagínate
Swedish (VERB)föreställa sig, döm, tänka, antar, tro
(NOUN)Tänk dig, Tänk, föreställ
Tahitian a feruri na i
Tamil கற்பனை
Telugu ఊహించలేదు
Thai (VERB)จินตนาการ
Tongan Fakakaukauloto
Turkish (VERB)hayal, düşüne, imgelemek, tahmin
Ukrainian (VERB)уявіть, уявити, уявляю, уявімо, представити, собі, здогадуватися, вважаю
Urdu (VERB)تصور
Vietnamese (VERB)tưởng tượng
Welsh (VERB)ddychmygu, Dychmygwch, dyfalu, tybio
(NOUN)Dychmyga, Dychymygwch
Yucatec Maya tuukul
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