implies (third person present) · implied (past tense) · implied (past participle) · implying (present participle)
  1. indicate the truth or existence of (something) by suggestion rather than explicit reference.
    "salesmen who use jargon to imply superior knowledge" ·
    "the report implies that two million jobs might be lost"
    insinuate · suggest · hint · intimate · implicate · say indirectly · indicate · give someone to understand · give someone to believe · convey the impression · signal ·
    make out
late Middle English: from Old French emplier, from Latin implicare, from in- ‘in’ + plicare ‘to fold’. The original sense was ‘entwine’ ; in the 16th and 17th centuries the word also meant ‘employ’. Compare with employ and implicate.
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How to use imply in a sentence?
he relayed this in such a manner as to imply grave delinquency on the host's part.
the forecasted traffic increase implied more roads and more air pollution.
Conrad uses a range of constructions which express or imply similitude.
the report implies that two million jobs might be lost.
salesmen who use jargon to imply superior knowledge.
How to say imply in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)impliseer
Arabic (VERB)يعني ضمنا, ينطوي, تنطوي, يعني, تعني ضمنا, ضمنا, تعني, تعبر
Bangla ইঙ্গিত
Bosnian (Latin) podrazumijevaju
Bulgarian (VERB)предполага, означава, подсказват
Cantonese (Traditional) 意味着
Catalan (VERB)implica, comportar, suposar
Chinese Simplified 意味 着
Chinese Traditional 意味 著
Croatian (VERB)implicira, podrazumijeva, sugerirati, znače
Czech (VERB)naznačit, znamenat, vyplývat
(ADVERB)implikují, neznamená, předpokládají
Danish (VERB)antyde, indebære, ensbetydende med, betyde, indikere
Dutch (VERB)impliceren, inhouden, betekenen, behelzen
Estonian (VERB)tähenda, eeldavad
Fijian vakaibalebaletaka
Filipino ipinahihiwatig
Finnish (VERB)tarkoita, vihjata, merkitse, edellytä
French (VERB)implique, supposent, insinuer
(ADVERB)implique-t-il, laissent entendre
German (VERB)implizieren, andeuten, bedeuten, besagen, unterstellen, deuten
Greek (VERB)υπονοεί, συνεπάγεται, αποδώσουν, υποδηλώνει, προϋποθέτει
(ADVERB)υποδηλώνουν, συνάγεται
Haitian Creole vie di
Hebrew (VERB)לרמוז
Hindi (VERB)मतलब
Hmong Daw teev
Hungarian (VERB)jelenti, utalni, arra utalnak
Icelandic vekja
Indonesian (VERB)menyiratkan
Italian (VERB)implica, sottintendere, insinuare
Japanese (VERB)ほのめかす, 意味, 含意, 暗示, ほのめか, 示唆
Kiswahili (VERB)kuashiria
Korean (VERB)암시, 함축
Latvian (VERB)nenozīmē, nozīmē
Lithuanian (VERB)reiškia, reikšti
Malagasy midika hoe
Malay (Latin) menandakan
Maltese (VERB)timplikax, jimplika
Norwegian Bokmål antyde
Persian این مفهوم را میرسانند
Polish (ADVERB)implikują, pociąga za sobą
(VERB)sugerować, oznacza
Portuguese (VERB)implica, insinuar, sugerir
Querétaro Otomi insinuar
Romanian (VERB)implică, sugera, însemna
Russian (VERB)подразумевает, предполагает, означает
Samoan faaataata
Serbian (Cyrillic) имплицирају
Serbian (Latin) impliciraju
Slovak (VERB)naznačovať, znamenať, predpokladajú
Slovenian (VERB)namigovati, pomeni
Spanish (VERB)implica, insinuar, entraña
Swedish (VERB)antyda, innebära, påskina, betyda
Tahitian parau
Tamil பொருள்
Telugu సూచిస్తుందా
Thai นัย
Tongan 'uhinga
Turkish (VERB)ima, olunmasının, anlamına
Ukrainian (VERB)означає, увазі
Urdu مطلب
Vietnamese (VERB)ngụ ý
Welsh (VERB)awgrymu
Yucatec Maya insinuar
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