indicates (third person present) · indicated (past tense) · indicated (past participle) · indicating (present participle)
  1. point out; show.
    "dotted lines indicate the text's margins"
  2. suggest as a desirable or necessary course of action.
    "treatment for shock may be indicated"
    advisable · desirable · recommended · suggested · desired · preferable ·
    best · sensible · wise · commonsensical · prudent · appropriate · suitable · helpful · useful · effective · advantageous · beneficial · valuable · profitable · gainful · in someone's (best) interests · necessary · needed · required · called for · essential
    (of a driver or motor vehicle) signal an intention to change lanes or turn using an indicator.
    "Cal indicated and moved across the road" ·
    "one car had indicated left but pulled out in front of him"
early 17th century: from Latin indicat- ‘pointed out’, from the verb indicare, from in- ‘towards’ + dicare ‘make known’.
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tests indicate that autonomous driving will cut fuel consumption by up to five per cent.
concentric circles indicate distances of 1 km, 2 km, and 3 km from the centre.
the drawback to this is that the diff does not indicate metadata changes.
the president indicated his willingness to use force against the rebels.
die links between coins indicate that they were made at the same mint.
one car had indicated left but pulled out in front of him.
he must indicate which of the firms he wishes to instruct.
his tone indicated that he didn't hold out much hope.
muddy colours in the aura indicate negative emotions.
these vocalic alternations indicate Cree influence.
an external tube is used to indicate fluid level.
he indicated Cindy with a brief nod of the head.
sales indicate a growing market for such art.
please indicate how many tickets you require.
neons indicate the state of the mains wiring.
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How to say indicate in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)dui, aandui, dui daarop, toon, beteken
Arabic (VERB)تشير, تبين, تدل, يشير, بيان, الإشارة, يبين, توضح, توضيح, ذكر
Bangla ইঙ্গিত
Bosnian (Latin) ukazuju na
Bulgarian (VERB)посочи, показват, укажете, указва, индикират, покаже, сочат, обозначаване, отбелязва
Cantonese (Traditional) 表明
Catalan (VERB)indicar, assenyalen
Chinese Simplified 表明
Chinese Traditional 表明
Croatian (VERB)naznačiti, ukazuju, označavaju, pokazuju, ukazivati, ukazati, upućuju, biste označili, upućivati, navesti, navedite
Czech (VERB)označení, indikovat, naznačují, vyznačte, uveďte, ukazují, uvést, uvádět, znamenat, uvede, určit
Danish (VERB)angive, indikere, tyder, anføre, tyde, viser, oplyse, give udtryk, antyder
Dutch (VERB)aangeven, duiden, geven, wijzen, vermeld, erop wijzen, blijkt, wordt aangegeven, geef
Estonian (VERB)näitavad, viidata, märkida, näidata, saate määrata, osutada, tähistavad, märgib, tähenda
Fijian sa vakaraitaka tiko
Filipino ipahiwatig
Finnish (VERB)osoittavat, ilmoittaa, mainittava, merkitä, viitata, Määritä, tarkoita, kertovat, käy ilmi
French (VERB)indiquer, montrent, signaler, révèlent, préciser
German (VERB)anzugeben, anzuzeigen, deuten darauf hin, zeigen, darauf hinweisen, geben, kennzeichnen, Hinweis darauf, Angabe
Greek (VERB)υποδεικνύουν, δείχνουν, αναφέρει, υποδηλώνουν, αναγραφής, δηλώσει, δείξει, δείξουν, δηλώνει, ένδειξη
Haitian Creole endike
Hebrew (VERB)מציינים, לציין, מצביעים, ציין, מעידים, מעידות, מראים, להצביע, עולה, להעיד, מציין
Hindi (VERB)संकेत मिलता, संकेत, इंगित, दर्शाने, dnsHostName, दर्शाते
Hmong Daw qhia
Hungarian (VERB)jelezze, jelzi, azt mutatják, azt jelzi, tüntetni, jelölik, adja meg, arra utalnak, utal, ismertesse
Icelandic (VERB)tilgreina, kynna, benda, bent
Indonesian (VERB)menunjukkan, mengindikasikan, menandakan, cantumkan
Italian (VERB)indicare, segnalare, designare
Japanese (VERB)示す, 示します, 示し, 指定, 示されます, 示して, 示され
Kiswahili (VERB)zinaonyesha, kuashiria, kuonyesha
Klingon nitlhDaj lo'taHvIS boQwI'vaD tu'moH
Korean (VERB)나타냅니다, 있음을 나타낼, 가리킬
Latvian (VERB)norāda, jānorāda, liecina, apzīmē, parādītu
Lithuanian (VERB)nurodyti, rodo, reikšti, žymėti
Malagasy milaza
Malay (Latin) (VERB)menunjukkan, menandakan, tandakan, menyatakan
Maltese (VERB)jindikaw, tindika, turi, indikat, juru, juri
Norwegian Bokmål Angi
Persian (VERB)نشان دادن
Polish (VERB)wskazują, podać, określić, podawania, zaznaczyć
Portuguese (VERB)indicar, apontam
Querétaro Otomi indicar
Romanian (VERB)indica, preciza, menționeze
Russian (VERB)указать, показывают, свидетельствуют о том, обозначения, означать, сообщить
Samoan faailoa
Serbian (Cyrillic) указују на
Serbian (Latin) ukazuju na
Slovak (VERB)naznačujú, uviesť, uvádzať, uveďte, indikovať, ukazujú, označenie, uvedie, znamenať
Slovenian (VERB)kažejo, navedite, označuje, navesti, navajajo, nakazujejo, pokazati, določite, prikazati, kaže
Spanish (VERB)indicar, señalan, designar
Swedish (VERB)indikera, ange, tyda, tyder, anger, visar
Tahitian faaite i te
Tamil குறிப்பிடவும்
Telugu సూచిస్తాయి
Thai (VERB)ระบุ
Tongan fakahaa'i mai
Turkish (VERB)belirtmek, göstermek, olduğunu göstermektedir, işaret
Ukrainian (VERB)вказують, вказати, позначення, свідчать про, вкажіть, показують, указують, означати
Urdu اشارہ
Vietnamese (VERB)chỉ
Welsh (VERB)nodi, dangos, ddangos, awgrymu, dynodi, ddynodi, nodwch, arwydd, ddweud, Dengys
Yucatec Maya indicar
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