1. the action or process of innovating.
    "innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization"
    change · alteration · revolution · upheaval · transformation · metamorphosis · reorganization · restructuring · rearrangement · recasting · remodelling · renovation ·
    restyling · variation · new measures · new methods · new devices · novelty · newness · unconventionality · modernization · modernism · a break with tradition · a shift of emphasis · a departure · a change of direction · a shake up · a shakedown · transmogrification
    • a new method, idea, product, etc..
      "technological innovations designed to save energy"
late Middle English: from Latin innovatio(n-), from the verb innovare ( see innovate).
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How to use innovation in a sentence?
It was a period of innovation and experimentation with new decorative techniques.
innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization.
‘the twist’ was a revolutionary terpsichorean innovation.
on all educational fronts, innovation was the watchword.
technological innovations designed to save energy.
innovation is the mainspring of the new economy.
he's at the forefront of junglist innovation.
we have a proud history of innovation.
How to say innovation in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)innovasie
Arabic (NOUN)الابتكار, ابتكار, الإبداع, ابتداع, لﻻبتكار, التجديد, المبتكرات, إبداع
Bangla নারীর অধিকার প্রতিষ্ঠায় ইসলাম
Bosnian (Latin) inovacija
Bulgarian (NOUN)иновации, нововъведение, новаторство, новост
Cantonese (Traditional) 創新
Catalan (NOUN)innovació
Chinese Simplified 创新
Chinese Traditional 創新
Croatian (NOUN)inovacija
Czech (NOUN)inovace, oblasti inovací, novinkou
Danish (NOUN)nyskabelse, fornyelse, nytænkning, nyhed
Dutch (NOUN)innovatie, vernieuwing
Estonian (NOUN)innovatsiooni, uuendustegevuse
Fijian veisau
Filipino pagbabago
Finnish (NOUN)innovaatio, uudistus
French (NOUN)nouveauté
German (NOUN)Neuerung
Greek (NOUN)καινοτομία
Haitian Creole famasyetik
Hebrew (NOUN)חדשנות, החדשנות, בחדשנות, וחדשנות, חידוש, החידוש
Hindi (NOUN)नवाचार, नवीनता, अभिनव, नवप्रवर्तन
Hungarian (NOUN)innováció, újítás
Icelandic (NOUN)nýsköpun, nýjung
Indonesian (NOUN)inovasi
Italian (NOUN)innovazione, novità
Japanese (NOUN)イノベーション, 革新, 技術革新, 革新性, 変革, 改革, 革新的
Kiswahili (NOUN)uvumbuzi, ubunifu
Klingon chab
Korean (NOUN)혁신, 기술 혁신, 이노베이션
Latvian (NOUN)inovāciju, jauninājumu, novatorisma, jaunrades, izgudrojumu
Lithuanian (NOUN)inovacijų, naujovių, novatoriškumą
Malagasy fampidirana zava-baovao
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)inovasi, pembaharuan
Maltese (NOUN)innovazzjoni, tiġdid
Norwegian Bokmål innovasjon
Persian (NOUN)نوآوری, ابداع
Polish (NOUN)innowacji
Portuguese (NOUN)inovação
Querétaro Otomi innovación
Romanian (NOUN)inovare
Russian (NOUN)инновации, нововведения, рационализаторство
Samoan o le aega
Serbian (Cyrillic) иновација
Serbian (Latin) inovacija
Slovak (NOUN)inovácie, novinkou
Slovenian (NOUN)inovacije, novost, prenovitev
Spanish (NOUN)innovación, novedad
Swedish (NOUN)nyskapande, nytänkande, förnyelse, nyheten
Tahitian haamaitai roatu a
Tamil புதுமை
Telugu ఆవిష్కరణ
Thai (NOUN)นวัตกรรม
Tongan 'ilo fo'ou
Turkish (NOUN)yenilik, inovasyon
Ukrainian (NOUN)інновації, нововведення, новаторство
Urdu (NOUN)بدعت, جدت, اختراع
Vietnamese (NOUN)cải tiến, sáng tạo
Welsh (NOUN)arloesi, dyfeisgarwch
Yucatec Maya innovación
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