insists (third person present) · insisted (past tense) · insisted (past participle) · insisting (present participle)
  1. demand something forcefully, not accepting refusal.
    "she insisted on carrying her own bag" ·
    "he insisted that she came"
    stand firm · be firm · stand one's ground · make a stand · stand up for oneself · be resolute · be determined · show determination · hold on · hold out · be emphatic ·
    not take no for an answer · brook no refusal · persevere · persist · not give up · keep on at someone · stick to one's guns · stick it out · hang in there · demand · command · require · dictate · importune · entreat · urge · exhort
    give up
late 16th century (in the sense ‘persist, persevere’): from Latin insistere ‘persist’, from in- ‘upon’ + sistere ‘stand’.
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How to use insist in a sentence?
they claim he did not gun down the president and insist there was a cover-up.
there is no sense in us sharing coverage, and we would insist on exclusivity.
the fiscal scolds insist that reform will make everything even worse.
they insist on negotiating bilaterally with the other claimant state.
the building society will insist that you have a survey done.
the chairman insisted that all was not doom and gloom.
the heavy studded boots she insisted on wearing.
‘I really am all right now,’ Isabel insisted.
they insist on their right to lobby Congress.
he insisted on answers to his allegations.
she insisted on carrying her own bag.
I must insist we speak privately.
he insisted that she came.
How to say insist in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)aandring, dring
Arabic (VERB)الإصرار, تصر, يصر, يصرون, أصر, نصر, مصرا, مصرة, اصرارها, اصرت
Bangla জোর
Bosnian (Latin) inzistirati
Bulgarian (VERB)настояват
Cantonese (Traditional) 堅持
Catalan (VERB)insisteixen
Chinese Simplified 坚持
Chinese Traditional 堅持
Croatian (VERB)inzistirati, insistiraju, ustrajavaju, ističu, tvrdite
Czech (VERB)trváme, trvat, trvají
Danish (VERB)insistere, fastholde, lægge vægt, forlange
Dutch (VERB)aandringen, volhouden, hameren, vasthouden, dring, benadrukken, aangedrongen
Estonian (VERB)nõudma, nõuda, rõhutada, nõua
Fijian kaya
Filipino igiit
Finnish (VERB)vaadittava, vaatia, inttää, kiinni, korostavat
French (VERB)insister, persistez, exiger
German (VERB)bestehen, beharren, insistieren, betonen
Greek (VERB)επιμένουν, εμμείνουμε
Haitian Creole ensiste
Hebrew (VERB)מתעקש, להתעקש, מקפידים
Hindi (VERB)जोर, कहना, आग्रह
Hmong Daw hais kom siv
Hungarian (VERB)ragaszkodik
Icelandic (VERB)heimta, krefjast þess, krefst þess
Indonesian (VERB)bersikeras, menuntut, menegaskan, memaksa
Italian (VERB)insistere, ostini, pretendere
Japanese (VERB)主張, こだわる
Kiswahili (VERB)kusisitiza
Klingon qap
Korean (VERB)주장, 고집
Latvian (VERB)uzstāt, jāuzstāj, neatlaidīgi, vēlies
Lithuanian (VERB)reikalauti, norinte, primygtinai
Malagasy manantitrantitra
Malay (Latin) berkeras
Maltese jinsistu
Norwegian Bokmål insisterer
Persian (VERB)اصرار
Polish (VERB)nalegać, domagać się, upierać, twierdzą
Portuguese (VERB)insistir, teimam
Querétaro Otomi insisten jar
Romanian (VERB)insista
Russian (VERB)настаивать, утверждают
Samoan finau
Serbian (Cyrillic) Инсистирам
Serbian (Latin) Insistiram
Slovak (VERB)trvali, trvajú, trvať
Slovenian (VERB)vztrajajo
Spanish (VERB)insistir, empeñas, exigir
Swedish (VERB)insistera, envisas, kräva, yrka, yrkar, betona
Tahitian onoono noa
Tamil வலியுறுத்துகின்றனர்
Telugu నొక్కితే
Thai (VERB)ยืนยัน
Tongan vilitaki
Turkish (VERB)ısrar, konusunda ısrar, israr
Ukrainian (VERB)наполягати, настоюють, стверджують
Urdu اصرار
Vietnamese (VERB)đòi, nhấn mạnh
Welsh (VERB)fynnu, mynnu
Yucatec Maya insisten ti'
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