intenser (comparative adjective) · intensest (superlative adjective)
  1. of extreme force, degree, or strength.
    "the job demands intense concentration" ·
    "the heat was intense" · "an intense blue"
  2. having or showing strong feelings or opinions; extremely earnest or serious.
    "an intense young woman, passionate about her art" ·
    "a burning and intense look"
late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin intensus ‘stretched tightly, strained’, past participle of intendere ( see intend).
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a heatwave so intense that it shrivelled the grapes in every vineyard.
people who fissle sweet wrappers at the intense moments of a film.
the heat was so intense I could feel the hairs on my hands singe.
a more active period of igneous activity caused intense folding.
there was intense opposition to the proposal from isolationists.
my preggo sister had a sudden intense craving for ketchup.
there always has been intense rivalry between the clubs.
their affair was triggered by intense sexual chemistry.
they came under intense fire from enemy field guns.
alternate bouts of intense labour and of idleness.
an intense young woman, passionate about her art.
the smaller the eye, the more intense the winds.
this is intense, moving, and inspiring theatre.
prices fell in reaction to intense competition.
intense transcutaneous electrical stimulations.
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How to say intense in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)مكثفة, المكثف, مكثف, كثافة, الشديد, شديدة, مكثفا, شديد, الحاد, حادة, حدة
Bangla তীব্র
Bosnian (Latin) intenzivna
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)интензивен, силен, силна, наситен, силни
Cantonese (Traditional) 激烈
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)intens
Chinese Simplified 激烈
Chinese Traditional 激烈
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)intenzivne, napeto, žestoko, jak, snažne
Czech (ADJECTIVE)intenzivní, silné, horlivý, prudké
Danish (ADJECTIVE)intens, inderlig, heftig, krævende
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)hevige, heftig
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)intensiivne, tugev, tihe, pingeline
Fijian kaukauwa
Filipino matinding
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)intensiivistä, voimakas, kovaa, kiihkeitä, kovassa, tiiviin, ankara, erottuva, vilkasta
German (ADJECTIVE)intensive, heftig, starke
Greek (ADJECTIVE)έντονη, εντατική
Haitian Creole vif
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)אינטנסיבי, עז, עזים, חזק, העזה, נמרץ, עזה, לחוץ, מתוח, חזקה
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)तीव्र, गहन
Hmong Daw khaus
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)intenzív, nagyfokú, heves, erős, élénk
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)ákafur, ákafa, mikil, bjartur
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)intens, kuat, sengit
Italian (ADJECTIVE)intenso
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)強烈な, 激しい, 強烈, 強い, 激しく, 強く, 熱烈な
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)makali
Klingon nom
Korean (ADJECTIVE)강렬한, 격렬, 치열, 강한, 심해, 열정적인
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)intensīva, ciešs, spēcīga, enerģisko, saspringta, stiprs, spraigas, dzidri, piesātināto, krāsaini, spilgts
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)intensyvus, stiprus, ryški, didelį, įtempta
Malagasy mahery vaika
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)sengit, kuat
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)intens
Norwegian Bokmål intens
Persian (ADJECTIVE)شدید
Polish (ADJECTIVE)intensywne, silny
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)intenso
Querétaro Otomi intenso
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)intens
Russian (ADJECTIVE)интенсивным, напряженной, насыщенный, сильной, активной, острая
Samoan malosi
Serbian (Cyrillic) интензивна
Serbian (Latin) intenzivna
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)intenzívne, silná
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)intenzivno, hud, napete, huda, močnim, močna, hudo
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)intenso
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)intensiv, hård
Tahitian puai
Tamil தீவிர
Telugu తీవ్ర
Thai (ADJECTIVE)รุนแรง
Tongan lahi
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)yoğun, ıntense, şiddetli, hararetli, gergin
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)інтенсивним, напруженою, насичений, запеклих, сильний, жорсткої
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)شدید
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)cường, mạnh mẽ, căng thẳng, mạnh
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)dwys, ddwys, brwd
Yucatec Maya ku ts'tantik
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