jets (plural noun)
  1. a rapid stream of liquid or gas forced out of a small opening.
    "a jet of boiling water spurted over his hand"
    stream · spurt · squirt · spray · fountain · spout · gush · outpouring ·
    rush · surge · burst · spill · flow · flood · cascade · torrent · current
  2. a jet engine.
    • an aircraft powered by one or more jet engines.
      "a private jet"
      jet plane · jetliner · aircraft · plane · aeroplane
jets (third person present) · jetted (past tense) · jetted (past participle) · jetting (present participle)
  1. spurt out in jets.
    "blood jetted from his nostrils"
    squirt · spurt · shoot · spray · fountain · erupt · gush · pour · stream ·
    rush · pump · surge · spew · spill · flow · course · well · spring · burst · issue · emanate · sloosh
  2. travel by jet aircraft.
    "the newly weds jetted off for a honeymoon in New York"
    fly · travel/go by jet · travel/go by plane · travel/go by air
late 16th century (as a verb meaning ‘jut out’): from French jeter ‘to throw’, based on Latin jactare, frequentative of jacere ‘to throw’.
  1. a hard black semi-precious variety of lignite, capable of being carved and highly polished.
    "jet beads"
    • a glossy black colour.
      "her jet-black hair"
      black · jet black · pitch black · as black as pitch · pitchy ·
      pitch dark · inky · ink black · sloe black · coal black · ebony · raven · sable · sooty
Middle English: from Old French jaiet, from Latin Gagates, from Greek gagatēs ‘from Gagai’, a town in Asia Minor.
  1. Joint European Torus, a machine for conducting experiments in nuclear fusion, at Culham in Oxfordshire.
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How to use jet in a sentence?
as the jet headed towards Italian airspace, two F104 fighters scrambled from a base in Sicily to intercept it.
scientific principles such as chemical bonding or the workings of jet propulsion.
a crash involving two Russian jet fighters at the International Air Tattoo.
tread on one of these and a jet of water squirts up your leg.
those of you who jet off to foreign parts for your holidays.
the routing for the jet efflux also needs to be considered.
the newly weds jetted off for a honeymoon in New York.
the jet braked hard as its wheels touched the runway.
a man armed with grenades hijacked the jet yesterday.
a jet engine can take up to six seconds to spool up.
she was suffering from jet lag and needed to rest.
in 1960 jet planes were the razor edge of chic.
the white pink and the pansy freaked with jet.
a jet of boiling water spurted over his hand.
we sit in a jet, cruising at some 30,000 ft.
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How to say jet in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Arabic (NOUN)جت, طائرة, النفاثة, جيت, نفاثة, الطائرة, انبثاق, طائرته, متن طائرة, ضخ
Bangla জেট
Bosnian (Latin) mlaz
Bulgarian (NOUN)джет, реактивни, струя, самолет, струйни, часовата
Cantonese (Traditional) 射流
Catalan (NOUN)raig, voli, doll, reacció, avió, motos
Chinese Simplified 射流
Chinese Traditional 射流
Croatian (NOUN)mlaz, avion
Czech (NOUN)proudových, tryskové, databázový stroj Jet, gagát, paprskem, letadlo
Danish (NOUN)jetfly
Dutch (NOUN)straal
Estonian (NOUN)jeti, joa
Fijian vukaca
Finnish (NOUN)suihkukone, pirskahtaa, Jetin
French (NOUN)gicleur, avion, réaction, rayon
German (NOUN)Strahl, Düse, Wasserstrahl, Jetski
Greek (NOUN)αεριωθούμενο, τζετ, εκτόξευση, πίδακα
Haitian Creole avyon
Hebrew (NOUN)סילון, ג'ט, הסילון, מטוס, הג'ט, המטוס, במטוס
Hindi (NOUN)जेट, विमान
Hmong Daw dav hlau
Hungarian (NOUN)sugárhajtású
Icelandic (NOUN)þota
Indonesian (NOUN)pesawat jet
Italian (NOUN)getto, propulsione, getti
Japanese (NOUN)ジェット, 噴流, ジェット機, 噴射, 噴出
Korean (NOUN)제트, 제트기, 젯, 분출, 분사, 잉크젯
Latvian (NOUN)reaktīvo, strūklas, piķa, ahāta, lidmašīna, sprauslai, ogļu
Lithuanian (NOUN)reaktyvinis, srove, čiurkšlės
Malagasy mifamezivezy
Maltese (NOUN)ġett
Persian (NOUN)جت, افشان
Polish (NOUN)odrzutowych, gagat, strumień, reaktywnych
Portuguese (NOUN)jato, jacto, jatinho, avião, jatos
Romanian (NOUN)jetul, turboreactor
Russian (NOUN)струи, реактивный, Джет, самолет, водные, двигателя
Samoan vaalele
Serbian (Cyrillic) Јет
Slovak (NOUN)prúdové, dýzové, tryskové, lúčom, prúd, lietadlo
Slovenian (NOUN)reaktivnih, curkom, curek, Mlazni, curka, letalsko
Spanish (NOUN)chorro, azabache, avión, inyección
Swedish (NOUN)vattenstråle, jetplan, stråle
Tahitian tutuha
Tamil (NOUN)ஜெட்
Telugu జెట్
Thai (NOUN)เจ็ท
Tongan vakapuna
Turkish (NOUN)jeti, jet motorlu, uçağı
Ukrainian (NOUN)реактивний, струменя, Джет, водні, водний, літак
Urdu (NOUN)جیٹ
Vietnamese (NOUN)máy bay, chiếc máy bay
Welsh (NOUN)jetiau
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