joins (third person present) · joined (past tense) · joined (past participle) · joining (present participle)
  1. link; connect.
    "the tap was joined to a pipe" ·
    "join the paragraphs together"
    connect · unite · fix · affix · attach · add · annex · fasten · stick · glue ·
    fuse · knit · weld · amalgamate · consolidate · combine · bond · append · link · bridge · secure · lock · make fast · tie · bind · string · lash · couple · marry · pair · yoke · team · chain · merge · dovetail · splice · blend · conjoin
    • become linked or connected to.
      "where the River Drave joins the Danube"
      meet · touch · reach · extend to · abut · adjoin · border (on) ·
      converge (with) · rejoin
    • connect (points) with a line.
      "join up the points in a different colour"
    • unite to form one entity or group.
      "they joined up with local environmentalists" ·
      "countries join together to abolish restrictions on trade"
    • become a member or employee of.
      "she joined the department last year"
    • take part in.
      "I joined the demonstration" ·
      "I joined in and sang along"
      become a member of · help in · participate in · join in ·
      get involved in · contribute to · have a hand in · enlist (in) · join up (with) · sign up (with) · affiliate to · team up (with) · join forces (with) · play a part (in) · band together · get together · ally
    • (join up)
      become a member of the armed forces.
      "her brothers joined up in 1914"
      enlist · join · enrol in · sign up for · volunteer for ·
      take the King's shilling
    • come into the company of.
      "after the show we were joined by Jessica's sister"
    • support (someone) in an activity.
      "I am sure you will join me in wishing him every success"
joins (plural noun)
  1. a place or line where two or more things are connected or fastened together.
    "it was soldered so well that you couldn't see the join"
Middle English: from Old French joindre, from Latin jungere ‘to join’.
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How to use join in a sentence?
in what ways does the social environment predispose certain individuals to join delinquent subcultures?.
the task involved clamping the panels into position and arc welding a seam to join them.
encouraging women and girls to join fields traditionally dominated by the male gender.
had she decided to join a rival, she would doubtless be earning a shedload of money.
although she was paid £15 to join a man at his table, she never prostituted herself.
join a choir and give voice to that inner diva who has been hidden away too long.
the two cities will be awarded franchises as the teams join the National League.
if you would like to join the committee, we would love to hear from you.
giving him a friendly pat on the arm, she went off to join the others.
their nationalism is tempered by a desire to join the European Union.
we arrange a framework of activities which you are welcome to join.
her husband was blackballed when he tried to join the Country Club.
speaking through his solicitor, he refused to join the debate.
the wild man of the movies refused to join the teetotal club.
Worsley failed to be selected to join the embassy to Sweden.
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How to say join in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)aansluit, sluit, saam met
Arabic (VERB)الانضمام, تنضم, انضم, انضمام, ينضم, ضم, المشاركة, ربط
(NOUN)التسجيل, الصلة, صلة
Bangla যোগ দিন
Bosnian (Latin) spoj
Bulgarian (VERB)свързвам, обединят, присъединяване, станете, членство
(NOUN)присъедини, съединение, регистриран, обединяват
Cantonese (Traditional) 加入
Catalan (VERB)unir, uneixen, formar part, acompanyin, participar, inscriure, afegit, incorporar, entrar
Chinese Simplified 加入
Chinese Traditional 加入
Croatian (VERB)pridružiti, se pridruže, spajanje, priključiti, uđu, pristupiti, uđe, ulazak
(NOUN)spoja, spoj, pridruživanja
Czech (NOUN)spojit, spojení, spojovací
(VERB)připojit, vstoupit do, se připojily k, zapojit, přistoupit k, vstup
Danish (VERB)slutte sig, deltage, Tilmeld dig, joinforbinde, sammenlægge, bliv medlem, Vær
(NOUN)joinforbindelse, Tilmeld
Dutch (VERB)toetreden, treden, doe mee, deelnemen, aansluiten bij, sluiten, lid, mee, samen
Estonian (VERB)liituda, ühine, ühendada
(NOUN)liitumise, ühendamine
Fijian duavata
Filipino Sumali
Finnish (VERB)liittyä, yhtyä, jatkaa, osallistua
French (VERB)rejoindre, Joignez-vous, adhérer, se joignent, unir, participer, s' inscrire
(NOUN)jointure, Inscrivez-vous
German (VERB)beitreten, anzuschließen, verbinden, teilnehmen, begleiten
Greek (VERB)ενταχθούν, συμμετάσχετε, γίνετε μέλος, Ενώστε, προσχωρήσουν, ενώσουν, ενωθούν μαζί, ενώσει, μαζί
Haitian Creole antre nan
Hebrew (VERB)להצטרף, הצטרפות, הצטרף, תצטרף, מצטרפים, תצטרפו, לצרף, מצטרף
(NOUN)צירוף, הצירוף
Hindi (NOUN)शामिल हों, मिलाएँ
(VERB)जुड़ें, जुड़ने, शामिल, मिलाने
Hmong Daw sib sau
Hungarian (VERB)csatlakozzon, követ
(NOUN)csatlakozás, illesztés
Icelandic (VERB)taka þátt, tengja, ganga, tekið þátt, Skráðu þig, þátt, liðs, setjast
(NOUN)samtenging, sameining
Indonesian (VERB)bergabung, Gabung, ikut, mengikuti
Italian (VERB)unirsi, Unisciti, aderire, partecipare, unitevi, entrare, si uniscono, iscriviti
Japanese (VERB)参加, 加わる, 加入, 入会
(NOUN)結合, ジョイン
Kiswahili (VERB)kujiunga, Jiunge, kuungana, Wajiunga, ujiunge
Klingon muv
Korean (VERB)가입, 참여, 참가, 합류, 결합, 회원 가입, 조인할, 참석
Latvian (VERB)pievienoties, iestāties, piebiedroties, apvienot, piedalīties, iesaistīties, savienot
(NOUN)savienojums, saistīšanas, apvienošana
Lithuanian (VERB)prisijungti, Tapkite, įstoti, suvienyti
Malagasy mpikambana
Malay (Latin) (VERB)menyertai, Sertai, bergabung, memasuki
Maltese (VERB)ingħaqad
Norwegian Bokmål delta
Persian (VERB)پیوستن, ملحق شوید, بپیوندید, ملحق
(NOUN)عضویت, عضويت
Polish (VERB)przyłączyć, dołączyć, przystąpić, dolacz, połączyć, wziąć udział, udziału, łączenia
(NOUN)łączyć, sprzężenia
Portuguese (VERB)juntar, aderir, participar, unir, se juntam, ingressar, junte, entrar, acompanhar
Querétaro Otomi Unir ga ma
Romanian (VERB)se alăture, alătura, adere, adera, vă alăturaţi, unească, intra, participa, uni
Russian (VERB)присоединиться к, вступить, соединить, объединить, регистрация, участвовать, Подпишитесь
(NOUN)соединения, объединение
Samoan auai
Serbian (Cyrillic) спој
Serbian (Latin) spoj
Slovak (VERB)pripojiť, vstúpiť do, spojiť, Pridaj, zapojiť, spájanie, Zaregistrujte
Slovenian (VERB)pridružite, se pridružijo, združiti, zavezati
(NOUN)združevanje, stik
Spanish (VERB)unirse, unir, Únete, acompañen, sumarse, ensamblar, participar, incorporarse, entrar
Swedish (VERB)ansluta sig till, bli medlem, delta, gå, sammanfoga, förena
Tahitian te amui
Tamil சேர
Telugu చేరేందుకు
Thai (NOUN)รวม, สมัคร, เชื่อม
Tongan kau mai ki he
Turkish (NOUN)katılın, birleştirmek, üyelik
(VERB)katılmak, birleştir
Ukrainian (VERB)приєднатися до, вступити, реєстрація, об'єднати, взяти участь, разом, з'єднання
Urdu (VERB)ملاپ, شمولیت, شامل
Vietnamese (VERB)tham gia, tham
Welsh (VERB)ymuno â, ymunwch â, Ymunaf â, uno
Yucatec Maya Much'aba u
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