later (comparative adjective) · latest (superlative adjective)
  1. doing something or taking place after the expected, proper, or usual time.
    "his late arrival" ·
    "she was half an hour late for her lunch appointment"
    behind time · behind schedule · behind · behindhand · not on time ·
    unpunctual · tardy · running late · overdue · long-overdue · delayed · long-delayed · belated · slow · dilatory
  2. belonging or taking place far on in a particular period.
    "they won the game with a late goal" ·
    "an elegantly dressed woman in her late fifties"
    • denoting or belonging to the advanced stage of a historical period or cultural movement.
      "the late 1960s" ·
      "late Gothic style"
    • far on in the day or night.
      "I'm sorry the call is so late" ·
      "it's too late for sherry"
    • flowering or ripening towards the end of the season.
      "the last late chrysanthemums"
  3. (the/one's late)
    (of a specified person) no longer alive.
    "the late Francis Bacon" ·
    "her late husband's grave"
    dead · deceased · departed · lamented · passed on/away · lost ·
later (comparative adverb) · latest (superlative adverb)
  1. after the expected, proper, or usual time.
    "she arrived late"
    behind schedule · behind time · behindhand · unpunctually · belatedly ·
    tardily · at the last minute · at the tail end · dilatorily · slowly · recently · after hours · after office hours · overtime · past the usual finishing/stopping/closing time
  2. far on in time; towards the end of a period.
    "it happened late in 1994"
    • at or until a time far on in the day or night.
      "now I'm old enough to stay up late"
      late at night · till the early hours of the morning ·
      till the wee small hours · till all hours · until stupid o'clock
  3. (late of)
    formerly but not now living or working in a specified place or institution.
    "Mrs Halford, late of the County Records Office"
Old English læt (adjective; also in the sense ‘slow, tardy’), late (adverb), of Germanic origin; related to German lass, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin lassus ‘weary’, let1, and let2.
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the climatic conditions in Britain were slightly warmer compared to the earlier and late parts of the Devensian.
by the late eighteenth century Edo had grown to a metropolis with a population of nearly one million.
similar patterns have been documented in North American mammals across the late Eocene extinction.
he wore the costume of an art dealer from some voguish New York hangout of the late sixties.
they are publishing a series of monographs on music in late medieval and Renaissance cities.
late nights and early start times are leading to classrooms full of sleep-deprived students.
we had a superb lunch, lazing around until late afternoon, when we went our separate ways.
the divorce rate is rising so you'll see more singles in their late 30s and early 40s.
those clouds that will build west of Baltimore late Sunday afternoon are cumulonimbi.
an ultra-right, anti-immigrant party staged its biggest rally ever late on Saturday.
by the time the sheeple wake up and try to change things, it will be too late.
buildings may be purged of the showy symbolism of the late twentieth century.
my aunt did not marry until late in life in spite of her attractiveness.
the luscious brush strokes and warm colours of these late masterpieces.
the term is an Americanism dating back to the late nineteenth century.
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How to say late in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)laat
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)أواخر, وقت متأخر, متاخره, الراحل, المتأخرة, التأخر, تأخر, نهاية
(ADVERB)متأخر, تأخرت, اتاخر
Bangla দেরি হয়ে গেছে
Bosnian (Latin) kasno
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)късно, края, късния, късна, закъснели, късен, покойния, просрочени, забавяне
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)tard, finals, tardana, darreries, difunt, últim, retard
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)kasno, kasnim, krajem, pokojnog, kasne, okasnio, kraja, prekasno
(ADVERB)kasniš, zakasnio, kasna
Czech (ADJECTIVE)pozdní, koncem, konci, zesnulého, opožděné, zpožděné, bývalý
(ADVERB)pozdě, zpoždění, prodlení
Danish (ADJECTIVE)sent, sene, slutningen, sen, afdøde, forsinket, sidst
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)laat, eind, wijlen, zaliger, recente
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)hilja, lõpus
Fijian bera
Filipino huli ang lahat
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)myöhään, lopulla, edesmenneen, loppupuolella
French (ADJECTIVE)tard, tardive, fin, retards, défunt, feu, regretté
German (ADJECTIVE)spät, verspätete, verstorbenen, Ende
(ADVERB)spät dran, Verspätung
Greek (ADJECTIVE)αργά, τέλη, καθυστερημένη, πρόσφατο, ύστερη, αείμνηστου, εκπρόθεσμη, τέλος, προχωρημένη
Haitian Creole an reta
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)מאוחר, שיהיה מאוחר, המנוח, המאוחרות, בסוף
(ADVERB)מאחרת, מאחר, באיחור, מאחרים, איחור
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)देर, स्वर्गीय, दिवंगत
Hmong Daw lig
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)késő, késői, későn, végén, néhai, késedelmes, kései, késve
(ADVERB)késéssel, késik
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)seint, síðbúinn, síðla, lok
(ADVERB)seinn, áliðið
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)terlambat, akhir, larut, almarhum, keterlambatan
Italian (ADJECTIVE)tardi, ritardo, tardo, tarda, fine, defunto
(ADVERB)sera tardi
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)後半, 後期, 下旬, 遅, 遅い, 遅れ, 末, 遅延
(ADVERB)遅く, レイト, 遅れて
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)marehemu, kuchelewa, mwishoni mwa
Klingon paS
Korean (ADJECTIVE)늦은, 늦게, 후반, 늦었, 하순, 늦기, 늦, 런타임에, 늦지, 말
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)vēlu, vēlā, novēloti, vēls, beigās, nelaiķa, nokavētiem, kavējumu
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)vėlai, pabaigoje, vėlu, pavėluotai, vėlyvą, vλlai, vėliau
Malagasy tara
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)lewat, terlambat, Allahyarham, mendiang, akhir, penghujung, kelewatan, lambat
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)tard, tardiva
Norwegian Bokmål sent
Persian (ADJECTIVE)اواخر, دیر, مرحوم, آخر
Polish (ADJECTIVE)późno, pod koniec, późnym, późnego, gwiazdkowego, spóźniony, późną, opóźnieniem, końca, koniec, końcu
Portuguese (ADVERB)atrasado
(ADJECTIVE)tarde, tardia, falecido, final, atrasadas
Querétaro Otomi nde
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)târziu, întârziere, sfârşitul, regretatul, tîrziu, tardivă, mai târziu
Russian (ADJECTIVE)поздно, конце, покойного, последний
(ADVERB)опоздал, опаздывает, поздняя, допоздна
Samoan ua tuai
Serbian (Cyrillic) касно
Serbian (Latin) kasno
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)neskoro, koncom, oneskorené, konci, konca, zosnulého
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)pozno, poznih, pozne, prepozno, konec, zamudo, zapoznelo, konca
(ADVERB)prepozne, zamude, pozna
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)tarde, tardío, finales, atrasado, último, difunto, fines, retrasos
(ADVERB)atrasada, últimos tiempos, retrasado
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)sent, sena, sen, slutet, försenade
Tahitian te maororaa
Tamil தாமதமாக
Telugu ఆలస్యంగా
Thai (ADVERB)ดึก, ปลาย, สาย
(ADJECTIVE)ล่า ช้า
Tongan kuo fuoloa e po'uli
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)geç, ların, merhum, rahmetli, saatte, gecikme
(ADVERB)geciktim, geç saatte
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)пізно, кінці, пізнього, пізній, наприкінці, покійний, запізнився, кінця
(ADVERB)пізня, останнім часом, пізніше
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)دیر, مرحوم, اواخر
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)muộn, hậu
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)hwyr, ddiwedd, niwedd, diwedd
Yucatec Maya chíinil k'iin
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