1. the language of ancient Rome and its empire, widely used historically as a language of scholarship and administration.
    • an inhabitant of ancient Latium in Ιtaly.
  2. a native or inhabitant of a country whose language developed from Latin, especially a Latin American.
    • music of a kind originating in Latin America, characterized by dance rhythms and extensive use of indigenous percussion instruments.
      "eclectic jazz through Latin into soulful grooves"
  1. relating to Latin.
    "Latin poetry"
    • relating to the Western or Roman Catholic Church (as historically using Latin for its rites).
      "the Latin patriarch of Antioch"
    • relating to ancient Latium.
      ancient Greek · Grecian · Hellenic · Attic · Latin · ancient Roman
  2. relating to the countries using languages, such as French and Spanish, that developed from Latin.
    "Mexico and other Latin countries"
    • relating to or characteristic of Latin American music.
      "snapping his fingers to a Latin beat"
from Latin Latinus ‘of Latium’ ( see Latium).
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when p is preceded by some latin prefixes, it is doubled because of the assimilation of a consonant, as in 'apparent' (ad-parent).
Keith mixes great house music, featuring tunes with an African, latin, and soulful flavour.
latin was replaced by the vernacular, and the cup was offered to the laity.
sounds of latin music, mostly salsa and merengue, came in from the streets.
the choir addresses the saint piano in Polish, then fortissimo in latin.
ignorance of latin would be a disgrace and a shame to any public man.
not many people plough Greats and become a professor of latin.
since the third century bc there had been a latin Hellenism.
latin was of little avail in the practical affairs of life.
the latin preposition ‘cum’ governs nouns in the ablative.
he knew latin and Greek; I had only a little French.
latin America today is ruled by elected politicians.
the latin verb is rooted in an Indo-European word.
eclectic jazz through latin into soulful grooves.
Eva's governess grounded her in latin and Greek.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)Latyn
Arabic (NOUN)امريكا اللاتينيه, لاتينية, اللاتيني
(ADJECTIVE)دول امريكا اللاتينيه
Bangla লাতিন
Bosnian (Latin) latinski
Bulgarian (NOUN)Латинска
Cantonese (Traditional) 拉丁
Catalan (NOUN)llatí, Amèrica
Chinese Simplified 拉丁
Chinese Traditional 拉丁
Croatian (NOUN)latinski, Južna
Czech (NOUN)Latinské
Dutch (NOUN)Latijnse
(ADJECTIVE)Quartier Latin
Estonian (NOUN)ladina
Fijian vaka-Latini
Finnish (NOUN)Latinalainen
French (NOUN)latine
German (NOUN)Latein
Greek (NOUN)Λατινική
Hebrew (NOUN)הלטינית, לטינית, בלטינית, לועזי
Hindi (NOUN)लैटिन, लातिनी
Icelandic (NOUN)Latína, latneska
Indonesian (NOUN)bahasa Latin
Italian (NOUN)latino
Japanese (NOUN)ラテン, ラテン語, ラテン系, ラテン文字, 中南米
Kiswahili (NOUN)Kilatini, Latino
Korean (NOUN)라틴
Latvian (NOUN)latīņu
Lithuanian (NOUN)Lotynų
Malagasy latina
Maltese (NOUN)Latini
Persian (NOUN)لاتین
Polish (NOUN)łacińska, Ameryce Łacińskiej, latynoskiej
Portuguese (NOUN)Latina
Querétaro Otomi Latina
Romanian (NOUN)latină
Russian (NOUN)Латинской
Samoan Latina
Serbian (Cyrillic) латински
Serbian (Latin) latinski
Slovak (NOUN)Latinskej
Slovenian (NOUN)Latinski
Spanish (NOUN)Latina
Tahitian Amerika
Tamil (NOUN)லத்தீன்
Telugu లాటిన్
Thai (NOUN)ละติน
Tongan lea faka-Latina
Ukrainian (NOUN)латинська, лат
Urdu (NOUN)لاطینی
Vietnamese (NOUN)tiếng Latin
Welsh (NOUN)Lladin, Ladin
Yucatec Maya Latina
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