lends (third person present) · lent (past tense) · lent (past participle) · lending (present participle)
  1. grant to (someone) the use of (something) on the understanding that it will be returned.
    "Stewart asked me to lend him my car" ·
    "the pictures were lent to each museum in turn"
    loan · give someone the loan of · let someone use ·
    let someone have the use of · advance · sub
    • allow (a person or organization) the use of (a sum of money) under an agreement to pay it back later, typically with interest.
      "no one would lend him the money" ·
      "banks lend only to their current account customers"
      lend · advance · give credit · credit · allow · give on loan ·
      give someone the loan of · let someone have the use of · let out · lease · charter · hire · sub
  2. contribute or add (a quality) to.
    "the smile lent his face a boyish charm"
  3. (lend oneself to)
    accommodate or adapt oneself to.
    "John stiffly lent himself to her aromatic embraces"
    • (lend itself to)
      (of a thing) be suitable for.
      "bay windows lend themselves to blinds"
      be suitable for · be suited to · be appropriate for · be adaptable to ·
      have the right characteristics for · be applicable for · be easily used for · be readily used for · be serviceable for
Old English lǣnan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch lenen, also to loan1. The addition of the final -d in late Middle English was due to association with verbs such as bend and send.
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the team was met by local officials and fellow Pinoys wanting to lend their support.
the bank was prepared to take a chance and lend him 40% of the purchase price.
he whispered, as if to lend his utterances an added confidentiality.
collocates for the word ‘mortgage’ include ‘lend’ and ‘property’.
the failure of the proximate military power to lend assistance.
banks lend only to their current account customers.
John stiffly lent himself to her aromatic embraces.
the bank did lend money upon pawns at low interest.
they will lend up to 95 per cent of the valuation.
the Samaritans lend their ears to those in crisis.
the pictures were lent to each museum in turn.
the smile lent his face a boyish charm.
bay windows lend themselves to blinds.
Stewart asked me to lend him my car.
lend me your ears,’ Fred orated.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)leen
Arabic (VERB)إقراض, تقرض, تضفي, تقديم, إعارة, الإقراض, إضفاء, مد
Bangla ধার
Bosnian (Latin) posuditi
Bulgarian (VERB)заемаш, оказват, подадат, поддава, придават, кредитира, заем, окажат, назаем
Cantonese (Traditional) 借俾
Catalan (VERB)prestar, donar
Chinese Simplified 借给
Chinese Traditional 借給
Croatian (VERB)posuditi, pozajmiti, kreditiranje, posuđivati, pružiti
Czech (VERB)půjčovat, půjčit, půjčují, půjč, zapůjčit, propůjčit
Danish (VERB)låne, udlåne, hjælpende
Dutch (VERB)lenen, uitlenen, leent, verlenen
Estonian (VERB)laenata, andma
Fijian solia
Filipino ipahiram
Finnish (VERB)lainata, ojentaa, autettava
French (VERB)prêter, confèrent
German (VERB)verleihen, borgen, eignen
Greek (VERB)δανείζουν, προσδίδουν, επιδέχονται, προσφέρονται, δώσουν, παραχωρήσει
Haitian Creole prete
Hebrew (VERB)להלוות, להושיט, להשאיל, השאל, תלווה
Hindi (VERB)उधार
Hmong Daw cia qiv
Hungarian (VERB)hitelezni, kölcsön, adniuk
Icelandic (VERB)lána
Indonesian (VERB)meminjamkan, mengulurkan
Italian (VERB)prestare, concedere prestiti, conferiscono
Japanese (VERB)貸す, 貸し, 貸して, 貸与, 貸さ, 貸し出す, 貸し出し, 添える
Kiswahili mikopo
Klingon noj
Korean (VERB)빌려, 아끼지
Latvian (VERB)aizdot, nodotu
Lithuanian (VERB)skolinti
Malagasy hampindrana
Malay (Latin) (VERB)meminjamkan
Maltese (VERB)jipprestaw
Norwegian Bokmål låne
Persian (VERB)قرض
Polish (VERB)pożyczyć, nadają, udzielić, wypożyczać, nadać
Portuguese (VERB)emprestar
Querétaro Otomi da hmihi
Romanian (VERB)împrumuta
Russian (VERB)одолжить, одалживают, протянуть, ленд, оказать, кредитовать, придать, давать
Samoan tuuina atu
Serbian (Cyrillic) Позајми
Serbian (Latin) Pozajmi
Slovak (VERB)požičiavať, zapožičať, pomocnú
Slovenian (VERB)posojajo, posoditi, nudila, izposodite
Spanish (VERB)prestar, echar, prestarle, prestarles
Swedish (VERB)låna ut
Tahitian horoa i te
Tamil கடன்
Telugu అరువుకు
Thai (VERB)ยืม
Tongan 'ave
Turkish (VERB)ödünç, borç, katmaktadır
Ukrainian (VERB)простягнути, позичати, надавати, надати, борг, давати
Urdu قرض
Vietnamese (VERB)cho vay, mượn, vay
Welsh (VERB)roi benthyg, fenthyca, benthyca
Yucatec Maya páay
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