1. provided with light or lighting; illuminated.
    "lighted tennis courts"
  2. having been ignited; burning.
    "a lighted candle"
  1. the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.
    "the light of the sun" ·
    "the lamps in the street shed a faint light into the room"
    illumination · brightness · luminescence · luminosity · shining ·
    gleaming · gleam · brilliance · radiance · lustre · glowing · glow · blaze · glare · dazzle · incandescence · phosphorescence · sunlight · moonlight · starlight · lamplight · firelight · electric light · gaslight · ray of light · shaft of light · beam of light · effulgence · refulgence · lambency · fulguration · daylight · light of day · natural light · sunlight · daylight hours · daytime · day · hours of sunlight
    • a source of illumination, especially an electric lamp.
      "a light came on in his room"
      lamp · torch · flashlight · headlight · headlamp · sidelight ·
      standard lamp · wall light · street light · floodlight · lantern · candle · taper · beacon
    • (lights)
      decorative illuminations.
      "Christmas lights"
    • (lights)
      a traffic light.
      "turn right at the lights"
    • the amount or quality of light in a place.
      "the plant requires good light" ·
      "in some lights she could look beautiful"
    • law
      the light falling on the windows of a house.See ancient lights.
  2. an expression in someone's eyes indicating a particular emotion or mood.
    "a shrewd light entered his eyes"
  3. understanding of a problem or mystery; enlightenment.
    "she saw light dawn on the woman's face"
    • spiritual illumination by divine truth.
  4. an area of something that is brighter or paler than its surroundings.
    "sunshine will brighten the natural lights in your hair"
  5. a device used to produce a flame or spark.
    "he asked me for a light"
    match · (cigarette) lighter · flame · spark · source of fire
  6. a window or opening to let light in.
    "the bedroom has a wide bay with leaded lights"
    • a perpendicular division of a mullioned window.
    • a pane of glass forming the roof or side of a greenhouse or the top of a cold frame.
  7. a person eminent in a particular sphere of activity.
    "such lights of Liberalism as the historian Goldwin Smith"
    expert · authority · master · leader · guru · leading light · guiding light ·
    luminary · celebrity · dignitary · public figure · worthy · VIP · big name · star · bigwig · big gun · big shot · big noise · celeb
    (in a crossword puzzle) a blank space to be filled by a letter.
lights (third person present) · lit (past tense) · lighting (present participle) · lighted (past participle)
  1. provide with light or lighting; illuminate.
    "the room was lit by a number of small lamps" ·
    "lightning suddenly lit up the house"
  2. make (something) start burning; ignite.
    "Allen gathered sticks and lit a fire"
    set alight · set light to · set burning · set on fire · set fire to ·
    put/set a match to · ignite · kindle · burn · spark (off) · fire · touch off · start · torch · enkindle
    extinguish · put out
    • begin to burn; be ignited.
      "the gas wouldn't light properly"
    • (light something up)
      ignite a cigarette, cigar, or pipe and begin to smoke it.
      "she lit up a cigarette and puffed on it serenely" ·
      "workers who light up in prohibited areas face dismissal"
lighter (comparative adjective) · lightest (superlative adjective)
  1. having a considerable or sufficient amount of natural light; not dark.
    "the bedrooms are light and airy"
    bright · full of light · well lit · well lighted · well illuminated · sunny ·
  2. (of a colour) pale.
    "her eyes were light blue"
    light-coloured · light-toned · pale · pale-coloured · pastel ·
    pastel-coloured · whitish · faded · faint · weak · bleached · fair · light-coloured · blonde · golden · flaxen · yellow
Old English lēoht, līht (noun and adjective), līhtan (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch licht and German Licht, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek leukos ‘white’ and Latin lux ‘light’.
lighter (comparative adjective) · lightest (superlative adjective)
  1. of little weight; not heavy.
    "they are very light and portable" ·
    "light alloy wheels" · "you're as light as a feather"
    easy to lift · not heavy · weighing very little · lightweight · easy to carry ·
  2. relatively low in density, amount, or intensity.
    "passenger traffic was light" ·
    "light autumn rains"
  3. (of food or a meal) small in quantity and easy to digest.
    "a light supper"
    small · modest · scanty · simple · skimpy · frugal · not heavy · not rich ·
    not large · easily digested · digestible
    heavy · rich
    • (of a foodstuff) low in fat, cholesterol, sugar, or other rich ingredients.
      "stick to a light diet"
    • (of drink) not strongly alcoholic or heavy on the stomach.
      "a light Hungarian wine"
    • (of pastry or cake) fluffy or well aerated during cooking.
      "it was delicious, the pastry light and flaky"
  4. gentle or delicate.
    "she planted a light kiss on his cheek" ·
    "my breathing was steady and light"
    • (of type) having thin strokes; not bold.
      "times shown in light type denote connecting services"
  5. (of entertainment) requiring little mental effort; not profound or serious.
    "pop is thought of as light entertainment" ·
    "some light reading"
  6. archaic
    (of a woman) having many casual sexual encounters or relationships.
Old English lēocht, līht (noun), lēohte (adverb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch licht and German leicht, from an Indo-European root shared by lung.
lights (third person present) · lit (past tense) · lit (past participle) · lighted (past tense) · lighted (past participle) · lighting (present participle)
  1. (light on/upon)
    come upon or discover by chance.
    "he lit on a possible solution"
    come across · chance on · hit on · happen on · stumble on/across ·
    blunder on · find · discover · uncover · arrive at · encounter · think of · come up with
  2. archaic
    "from the horse he lit down"
    • (light on)
      fall and settle or land on (a surface).
      "a feather just lighted on the ground"
Old English līhtan (in light3 (sense 2) ; also ‘lessen the weight of’), from light2 ; compare with alight1.
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How to use lighted in a sentence?
the cierges were lighted, and a splendid mass in music performed.
the thousand varying shades interflowing like a lighted water.
bonfires of brushwood, lighted to bream the sharp-bowed craft.
the fire was caused by someone dropping a lighted cigarette.
an iced cake with nine lighted candles on it.
a feather just lighted on the ground.
lighted tennis courts.
a lighted candle.
How to say lighted in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans Neergedaal
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)مضاءة, المضاءة, المضيئة, مضيئة
(VERB)مضاء, أضاءت, أضاء
Bangla জ্বালানো
Bosnian (Latin) osvijetljeni
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)осветени, запали
Cantonese (Traditional) 點燃
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)il·luminats
Chinese Simplified 点燃
Chinese Traditional 點燃
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)osvijetljeni, upaljene
Czech (ADJECTIVE)osvětlené, zapálené
Danish (ADJECTIVE)tændte, oplyste
Dutch (NOUN)oplichtend
(ADJECTIVE)brandende, verlichte, oplichtende, aangestoken
Estonian (NOUN)valgusriiulid
Fijian waqaca
Filipino sinindihan
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)valaistu
French (ADJECTIVE)éclairée, allumée, lumineux, illuminé
(VERB)éclairé, allumé, illuminés
German (VERB)beleuchtet, angezündet, zündete, erhellte
(ADJECTIVE)erleuchteten, brennende
Greek (ADJECTIVE)φωτιζόμενο, φωτισμένο, αναμμένο, φωτεινές
(VERB)αναμμένα, άναψε
Haitian Creole limen
Hebrew מוארים
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)जलाई, प्रकाशित
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)megvilágított, meggyújtott, égő
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)lýst
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)menyala
Italian (ADJECTIVE)illuminato, accesa, luminosi
Japanese (VERB)点灯, ライトアップ
Kiswahili viliangaza
Klingon wov
Korean (ADJECTIVE)조명
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)izgaismotas, apgaismotā
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)apšviesta
Malagasy nianjera
Malay (Latin) menyala
Maltese jkunhekk
Norwegian Bokmål tent
Persian (NOUN)روشن
Polish (NOUN)Zapalana
(ADJECTIVE)oświetlone, zapaloną
(VERB)oświetlona, zapalony, podświetlone
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)iluminado, acesa, aceso
(VERB)iluminados, acendeu
Querétaro Otomi njot'i ga̲tho
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)luminat, aprinse
Russian (ADJECTIVE)освещенные, зажженными, горящую
(VERB)освещена, зажег, засветиться, закурил
Samoan faamalamalamaina
Serbian (Cyrillic) светло
Serbian (Latin) svetlo
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)osvetlené, zapálené
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)osvetljeni, prižgal
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)iluminado, encendida
(VERB)encendido, iluminó
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)upplysta, belyst, tände, tända, tänt
Tahitian Ua ama te mori
Tamil பற்ற
Telugu వెలిగింది
Thai สว่าง
Tongan tutu
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)ışıklı, yanan
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)освітлені, запалені
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)روشن
Welsh goleuo
Yucatec Maya sáasil
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