lower (comparative adjective) · lowest (superlative adjective)
  1. of less than average height from top to bottom or to the top from the ground.
    "the school is a long, low building" ·
    "a low table"
    • situated not far above the ground, the horizon, or sea level.
      "the sun was low in the sky"
    • located at or near the bottom of something.
      "low back pain" ·
      "he smashed a pane low down in the window"
    • (of women's clothing) cut so as to reveal the neck and the upper part of the breasts.
      "the low neckline of her blouse" ·
      "a low-cut black dress"
    • (of latitude) near the equator.
      "the warming effect will be greatest at low latitudes"
    • phonetics
      (of a vowel) pronounced with the tongue held low in the mouth; open.
  2. below average in amount, extent, or intensity.
    "bringing up children on a low income" ·
    "borrowing fell to a low level" · "cook over low heat"
  3. ranking below other people or things in importance or class.
    "jobs with low status" ·
    "training will be given low priority"
  4. (of a sound or voice) not loud or high.
    "keep the volume very low" ·
    "his low, husky voice"
  5. depressed or lacking in energy.
    "I was feeling low"
    depressed · dejected · despondent · downhearted · downcast ·
    low-spirited · down · sorrowful · gloomy · glum · unhappy · sad · melancholy · blue · fed up · morose · moody · miserable · dismal · heavy-hearted · mournful · forlorn · woebegone · disheartened · discouraged · crestfallen · dispirited · without energy · enervated · flat · sapped · weary · ill · unwell · poorly · out of sorts · down in the mouth · down in the dumps · brassed off · cheesed off
lows (plural noun)
  1. a low point, level, or figure.
    "his popularity ratings are at an all-time low"
    nadir · low point · lowest point · all-time low · lowest level ·
    low-water mark · bottom · rock bottom
    • an area of low barometric pressure; a depression.
      "the weatherman talked about highs and lows"
  2. a difficult time in a person's life.
    "the highs and lows of an actor's life"
    • informal
      a state of depression.
      "she doesn't have big highs or big lows"
lower (comparative adverb) · lowest (superlative adverb)
  1. in or into a low position or state.
    "she pressed on, bent low to protect her face"
  2. in a low voice or at a low pitch.
    "we were talking low so we wouldn't wake Dean"
Middle English: from Old Norse lágr, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch laag, also to lie1.
lows (third person present) · lowed (past tense) · lowed (past participle) · lowing (present participle)
  1. (of a cow) make a characteristic deep sound.
    "the cocks were crowing, the cows lowing" ·
    "the lowing of cattle"
    moo · bellow
lows (plural noun)
  1. a sound made by cattle; a moo.
Old English hlōwan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch loeien, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin clamare ‘to shout’.
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How to use low in a sentence?
the delayed introduction of characters' names is accountable, if we consider that names have a low priority.
there was dinghy sailing on the Camel Estuary, shrimping at low tide near Padstow, and surfing on Polzeath.
low in the wall are creeps, through which ewes gain access to grazing from the pastures behind.
she was unwilling to believe that anyone could stoop so low as to steal from a dead woman.
2,500 g is the standard cut-off below which infants are categorized as ‘low birthweight’.
the locomotive stores hydrogen in a tank that can hold over 5000 litres at low pressure.
a diet low in animal fat protects against potentially fatal diseases, notably diabetes.
the long, low, concrete-faced buildings were remarkable solely for their brutalism.
despite the enticement of low prices, sales fell sharply from 2000's record level.
those public-spirited people who call attention to low standards in high places.
although the incidence of card skimming is low, you should observe precautions.
the car was inclined to pink slightly in accelerating from a low engine speed.
modern clinical anaesthesia uses low concentrations of volatile anaesthetics.
the massive kimberlite was fluidized and carried upwards at low temperatures.
listeria and other bacteria were able to multiply in very low temperatures.
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How to say low in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)lae, laag, min, laekrag, gemiddelde, hoë, medium
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)منخفضة, المنخفضة, انخفاض, تدني, متدنية, قليلة, المتدنية, الانخفاض, نقص, ضعف
Bangla কম
Bosnian (Latin) niska
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)ниска, ниско, ниски, нисък, слаба, слабо, слаб, малък
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)baix, poca, escassa, sota
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)niske, nizak, slabo, laganoj, male, mala, malo
Czech (ADJECTIVE)nízké, s nízkým, bučení, slabém, minimum, nedostatek, málo, nejnižší
Danish (ADJECTIVE)lav, lavt, lave, svagt, simpel, svag, lavpris, ringe, billige
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)lage, laag, geringe, loeien, weinig, goedkope
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)madal, vähese, väike, vähe
Fijian isau lailai
Filipino mababang
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)alhainen, matala, ammua, pieni, vähäinen, vähän, vähissä, heikko, edullinen
French (ADJECTIVE)faible, bas, peu, réduit
German (ADJECTIVE)niedrigen, geringe, schwachem, tief, günstigen, wenig, schlechten, leise
Greek (ADJECTIVE)χαμηλή, μικρή
Haitian Creole bese
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)נמוך, נמוכה, נמוכים, נמוכות, הנמוך, הנמוכה, שפל, מחסור, דל, חלשה
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)कम, न्यून, निम्न
Hmong Daw tsis tshua muaj
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)alacsony, kis, gyenge, kevés
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)lágt, lágmark, lágu, lág, lítið, lágan, l疊mark, skerta
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)rendah, murah
Italian (ADJECTIVE)bassa, basso, basse, bassi, scarsa, ridotto, insufficiente
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)低, 低い, 低く, ロー, 少ない, 不足, 下位, 少なく
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)chini, mdogo, mbaya
Klingon 'eS
Korean (ADJECTIVE)낮은, 낮게, 저, 낮습니다, 로우, 낮, 부족, 저렴한, 적은
(NOUN)낮음, 저가
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)zemu, zema, zems, zemas, zemo, zemām, zemākā, klusu, mazu, mazs, nelielu
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)žemas, žemos, mažo, mažai, mažas, mažos, žema, žemo, maža, nedidelis, mažų
Malagasy ambany
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)rendah, kekurangan, lemah
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)baxxa, baxx, baxxi, ftit
Norwegian Bokmål lav
Persian (ADJECTIVE)کم, پایین, پايين, كم, ضعیف, ارزان
Polish (ADJECTIVE)niskie, słabym, o niskiej, małej, małym, mało, mała, niewielkie
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)baixo, pouca, fraca, reduzido
Querétaro Otomi Jár
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)scăzut, redus, joasă, mici, mică, joase, nivel scăzut, mic, slabă
Russian (ADJECTIVE)низкой, невысокая, малой, слабом, бюджетные, небольшой
Samoan maualalo
Serbian (Cyrillic) ниско
Serbian (Latin) nisko
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)nízke, s nízkym, slabom, nedostatok, minimum, málo
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)nizko, pritličen, nizek, majhno, šibki, poceni, malo, slabo
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)baja, poco, escasa, reducido
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)låg, låga, lågt, svagt, lägsta, billig
Tahitian raro
Tamil (ADJECTIVE)குறைந்த, குறைவாக, குறைவான
Telugu తక్కువ
Thai (ADJECTIVE)ต่ำ, ต่ำสุด
Tongan ma'ulalo
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)düşük, alçak, az, alt
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)низьким, невисокі, слабкому, повільному, невелика
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)پست, کم
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)thấp, ít
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)isel, fach, isaf
Yucatec Maya Yáanal
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