1. expressed clearly; easy to understand.
    "a lucid account" ·
    "write in a clear and lucid style"
    • showing or having the ability to think clearly, especially in intervals between periods of confusion or insanity.
      "he has a few lucid moments every now and then"
      rational · sane · in one's right mind ·
      in possession of one's faculties · of sound mind · able to think clearly · normal · balanced · well balanced · sensible · clear-headed · right-minded · sober · compos mentis · all there · with all one's marbles
    • psychology
      (of a dream) experienced with the dreamer feeling awake, aware of dreaming, and able to control events consciously.
  2. literary
    bright or luminous.
    "birds dipped their wings in the lucid flow of air"
    dark · dull
late 16th century ( in lucid (sense 2)): from Latin lucidus (perhaps via French lucide or Italian lucido) from lucere ‘shine’, from lux, luc- ‘light’.
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her books convey philosophical issues in a lucid and digestible form.
she was lucid and coherent and did not appear to be injured.
birds dipped their wings in the lucid flow of air.
he has a few lucid moments every now and then.
write in a clear and lucid style.
a lucid account.
How to say lucid in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans helder
Arabic (NOUN)لوسيد, اضح, الجلي
Bangla সুস্পষ্ট
Bosnian (Latin) lucidan
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)ясен, осъзнат, светъл, блестящ
Cantonese (Traditional) 清醒
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)lúcid
Chinese Simplified 清醒
Chinese Traditional 清醒
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)lucidan, proziran
Czech (ADJECTIVE)lucidní, přehledného
Danish (ADJECTIVE)klare
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)lucide, heldere
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)kirgas
Filipino kuwatro
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)selkeä
French (ADJECTIVE)lucide
German (ADJECTIVE)luziden, klar, lichten
Greek (ADJECTIVE)διαυγή, συνειδητό
Haitian Creole èt klè
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)צלול, צלולה
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)चमकदार
Hmong Daw xav zoo
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)világos
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)jelas
Italian (ADJECTIVE)lucido
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)明晰, 明快, 分かりやすい
Kiswahili sane
Korean (ADJECTIVE)명쾌한, 맑은
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)gaišs
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)skaidrus, šviesus
Malagasy nahira
Malay (Latin) jelas
Maltese ċar
Persian (ADJECTIVE)شفاف
Polish (ADJECTIVE)klarowny, świadomy
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)lúcido
Querétaro Otomi t'i lúcido
Russian (ADJECTIVE)осознанные, ясный, четкий, светлый, здравом уме
(NOUN)Лусид, Люсид, ясном, светлые
Samoan tautalaga
Serbian (Cyrillic) луцидан
Serbian (Latin) lucidan
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)lucidní, prehľadného, triezve, zrozumiteľný, jasný
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)lucidni, prosojen
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)lúcido
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)klarsynt, lucida, överskådlig
Tahitian aahiata
Tamil தெளிவான
Telugu ల్యూసిడ్
Thai สุวิมล
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)berrak, aklı başında, anlaşılır
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)усвідомлені, ясний
Urdu ساطع
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)mân
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)eglur
Yucatec Maya yiik'e' wenel
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