lumps (plural noun)
  1. a compact mass of a substance, especially one without a definite or regular shape.
    "there was a lump of ice floating in the milk"
    chunk · wedge · hunk · piece · mass · block · slab · cake · nugget ·
    ball · brick · cube · dab · pat · knob · clod · gobbet · dollop · wad · clump · cluster · mound · concentration · bit · segment · portion · gob · glob
    (the lump)
    the state of being self-employed and paid without deduction of tax, especially in the building industry.
    "‘Working?’ ‘Only on the lump, here and there’" ·
    "lump labour"
lumps (third person present) · lumped (past tense) · lumped (past participle) · lumping (present participle)
  1. put in an indiscriminate mass or group; treat as alike without regard for particulars.
    "Hong Kong and Bangkok tend to be lumped together in holiday brochures" ·
    "Nigel didn't like being lumped in with prisoners"
    combine · put · group · bunch · aggregate · unite · pool · mix · blend ·
    merge · mass · join · fuse · conglomerate · coalesce · consolidate · collect · throw · consider together
    • (in taxonomy) classify plants or animals in relatively inclusive groups, disregarding minor variations.
      "many arguments are based on one side lumping and the other splitting"
    carry (a heavy load) somewhere with difficulty.
    "the coalman had to lump one-hundredweight sacks right through the house"
Middle English: perhaps from a Germanic base meaning ‘shapeless piece’ ; compare with Danish lump ‘lump’, Norwegian and Swedish dialect lump ‘block, log’, and Dutch lomp ‘rag’.
(lump it)
lumps (third person present) · lumped (past tense) · lumped (past participle) · lumping (present participle)
  1. accept or tolerate a disagreeable situation whether one likes it or not.
    "you can like it or lump it but I've got to work"
    put up with it · bear it · endure it · take it · tolerate it · suffer it · accept it ·
    make allowances for it · abide it · brook it · weather it · countenance it · thole it · stick it · stomach it · stand it · swallow it · hack it · wear it
late 16th century (in the sense ‘look sulky’): symbolic of displeasure; compare with words such as dump and grump. The current sense dates from the early 19th century.
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How to use lump in a sentence?
the coalman had to lump one-hundredweight sacks right through the house.
Hong Kong and Bangkok tend to be lumped together in holiday brochures.
many arguments are based on one side lumping and the other splitting.
making a one-off lump sum in commutation of your pension rights.
I won't stand a chance against a big lump like you.
he was unhurt apart from a huge lump on his head.
Nigel didn't like being lumped in with prisoners.
you can like it or lump it but I've got to work.
‘Working?’ ‘Only on the lump, here and there’.
there was a lump of ice floating in the milk.
a lump in the breast was surgically removed.
the sum assured can be paid as a lump sum.
a lump of congealed moussaka.
like it or lump it, buster.
a grapefruit-sized lump.
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How to say lump in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans enkelbedrag
Arabic (NOUN)مقطوع, المقطوع, غصة, تورم, نتوء, كتلة, الورم, نبات
Bangla পিণ্ড
Bosnian (Latin) gruda
Bulgarian (NOUN)бучка, буца, еднократно, тесто
(ADJECTIVE)еднократна, фиксирана, договорни
Cantonese (Traditional) 腫塊
Catalan (NOUN)tros
Chinese Simplified 肿块
Chinese Traditional 腫塊
Croatian (NOUN)kvržicu, gruda, paušalnom, grudom, grumen
Czech (NOUN)paušální, bouli, knedlík, Hrouda, jednorázové
Danish (NOUN)klump, fikserede, faste, knude
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)forfaitaire, totaalbedrag
(NOUN)klomp, Brok, bult
Estonian (NOUN)ühekordsete, põle
Fijian vuce
Filipino bukol
Finnish (NOUN)kiinteä, kertakorvauksen, järkäle, pala, taikinan
French (NOUN)forfaitaire, bosse, morceau, grosseur, boule, motte
German (NOUN)Klumpen, Kloß, Granulat, Beule, pauschal, Brocken
Greek (NOUN)κατ ' αποκοπή, εφάπαξ, εξόγκωμα, κόμπο
Haitian Creole gro moso
Hebrew (NOUN)לאמפ, הגוש, גוש
Hindi (NOUN)गांठ, एकमुश्त
Hmong Daw pob
Hungarian (NOUN)csomó, dudor, átalányösszeg, göröngy, gombóc
Icelandic (NOUN)moli, hnút
Indonesian (NOUN)benjolan, gumpalan
Italian (NOUN)grumo, nodulo, groppo, zolletta, forfettaria, pezzo, protuberanza, ammasso
Japanese (NOUN)しこり, 塊, 一時金, こり, かたまり, 固まり
Kiswahili donge
Korean (NOUN)덩어리, 혹
(VERB)일률적, 총괄
Latvian (NOUN)vienreizēja, lamzak, pikucis, kamolu, mīklu
Lithuanian (NOUN)vienkartinės
Malagasy vongana
Malay (Latin) sekaligus
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)f'daqqa, sħaħ
Norwegian Bokmål klump
Persian (ADJECTIVE)توده
Polish (NOUN)guzek, ryczałtu, bryła, guzem, kawałkach
Portuguese (NOUN)caroço, protuberância, nódulo, torrão, pedaço, inchaço
Querétaro Otomi Terrón
Romanian (NOUN)forfetare, nod, nodul
Russian (NOUN)комок, единовременно, глыба, паушальной, шишка, кусок, опухоль
Samoan faaletonu
Serbian (Cyrillic) паушалну
Serbian (Latin) paušalnu
Slovak (NOUN)paušálne, knedlík, jednorazové, hrču
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)pavšalni
(NOUN)pavšalnega, povprečnine, cmok, kepa
Spanish (NOUN)terrón, bulto, protuberancia, nudo, trozo, tumor, grumos
Swedish (NOUN)klump, knöl, knuta
(VERB)klumpa, bunta
Tamil கட்டி
Telugu ముద్ద
Thai ก้อน
Tongan mahoa'a
Turkish (NOUN)yumru, şişlik, şişkinlik, topak
Ukrainian (NOUN)одноразово, грудкою, шматок
Urdu (NOUN)گانٹھ
Vietnamese (NOUN)cục
Welsh (NOUN)lwmp
Yucatec Maya Terrón
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