1. the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.
    "suddenly, as if by magic, the doors start to open"
    sorcery · witchcraft · wizardry · necromancy · enchantment ·
    spellworking · incantation · the supernatural · occultism · the occult · black magic · the black arts · devilry · divination · malediction · voodoo · hoodoo · sympathetic magic · white magic · witching · witchery · charm · hex · spell · jinx · mojo · orenda · makutu · muti · sortilege · thaumaturgy · theurgy
  1. having or apparently having supernatural powers.
    "a magic wand"
    supernatural · enchanted · occult · Druidical · necromantic ·
    thaumaturgic · thaumaturgical · sorcerous
    • very effective in producing the desired results.
      "confidence is the magic ingredient needed to spark recovery"
    wonderful; exciting.
    "it was a great time, magic"
    fascinating · captivating · charming · glamorous · magical · enchanting ·
    entrancing · spellbinding · magnetic · irresistible · hypnotic · marvellous · excellent · splendid · wonderful · magnificent · superb · glorious · sublime · lovely · delightful · beautiful · too good to be true · super · great · amazing · fantastic · terrific · tremendous · phenomenal · sensational · heavenly · gorgeous · dreamy · grand · fabulous · fab · fabby · fantabulous · supercalifragilisticexpialidocious · awesome · amazeballs · to die for · ace · cool · mean · bad · wicked · mega · crucial · mind-blowing · far out · A1 · sound · out of this world · marvy · dope · def · phat · smashing · neat · badass · bodacious · boss · radical · rad · peachy · boffo · bully · bitching · dandy · jim-dandy · on fleek · beaut · bonzer · groovy · spanking · divine · capital · champion · wizard · corking · ripping · cracking · spiffing · top-hole · topping · beezer · swell · keen · kif · lank · goodly
magics (third person present) · magicked (past tense) · magicked (past participle) · magicking (present participle)
  1. move, change, or create by or as if by magic.
    "he must have been magicked out of the car at the precise second it exploded"
late Middle English: from Old French magique, from Latin magicus (adjective), late Latin magica (noun), from Greek magikē (tekhnē) ‘(art of) a magus’: magi were regarded as magicians.
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if they think we have a magic formula to solve the problem, don't disillusion them.
he must have been magicked out of the car at the precise second it exploded.
he's been working his magic on New Zealand movies for the past two decades.
the fairy godmother waves her magic wand and grants the heroine's wishes.
I never believed in love spells or magic until I met this spellcaster.
tactile exhibitions help blind people enjoy the magic of sculpture.
the creature was protected by the magic spells of its mistress.
ancient peoples attributed magic properties to certain stones.
confidence is the magic ingredient needed to spark recovery.
had he patched our system to recognize a magic password?.
the magic of the landscape erased all else from her mind.
thrill to the magic of the world's greatest guitarist.
suddenly, as if by magic, the doors start to open.
his magic takes him a hair above the competition.
his parents bought him a magic set for Christmas.
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Laguages Translations
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)السحر, سحرية, سحري, سحرا
(NOUN)ماجيك, سحر
Bangla জাদু
Bosnian (Latin) magija
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)магия, магически, вълшебната
(NOUN)магията, магическо, Меджик, вълшебни, магии
Cantonese (Traditional) 魔法
Catalan (NOUN)màgia
Chinese Simplified 魔法
Chinese Traditional 魔法
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)magija, čarobnu, čarolija
(NOUN)čaroliju, čari
Czech (ADJECTIVE)magie, kouzelné, kouzla
(NOUN)kouzlo, kouzelná
Danish (ADJECTIVE)magi
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)magische
Estonian (NOUN)maagia, võlu
Fijian cakamana
Finnish (NOUN)taika
(ADJECTIVE)maaginen, taikuutta
French (NOUN)magie
German (NOUN)Magie, Zauber
(ADJECTIVE)magische, zauberhafte
Greek (NOUN)μαγεία, μαγικός
(ADJECTIVE)μαγικό, μαγείας
Haitian Creole sanp
Hebrew (NOUN)קסם, הקסם, מג'יק, בקסם, יק, כישוף
(ADJECTIVE)קסמים, הקסמים, קסום, הקסום, קסומה
Hindi (NOUN)जादू, मैजिक
Hmong Daw khawv koob
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)mágia, varázslat, bűvös
Icelandic (NOUN)galdur, töfra
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)sihir, ajaib
(NOUN)sulap, keajaiban
Italian (NOUN)magia
Japanese (NOUN)マジック, 魔術, 手品, 魔力, 魔
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)uchawi
Korean (ADJECTIVE)마법, 마술, 신기한
(NOUN)매직, 마법과
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)burvju, burvestības, maģisko
(NOUN)burvestību, burvību
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)magija, stebuklinga
Malagasy toetoetrany
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)sihir, ajaib
Persian (ADJECTIVE)جادویی
(NOUN)جادو, مجیک, سحر
Polish (ADJECTIVE)magii
Portuguese (NOUN)magia
Querétaro Otomi magia
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)magie
Russian (NOUN)магия, волшебство, по волшебству, Мэджик
(ADJECTIVE)волшебный, магический
Samoan maneta
Serbian (Cyrillic) магија
Serbian (Latin) magija
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)mágia, kúzla, kúzelnú, čarovný
(NOUN)kúzlo, Kúzelnícke, čarovná, čaro
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)čarobno, magije, čarovnijo
(NOUN)čarodejstvo, čarobnost, čare
Spanish (NOUN)magia
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)magi
Tahitian peu tahutahu
Tamil மேஜிக்
Telugu మ్యాజిక్
Thai (NOUN)วิเศษ, มายากล, เมจิก, แมจิก, มหัศจรรย์
Tongan mana
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)sihirli, büyü, büyülü, sihrin
(NOUN)sihri, büyüsü, büyüyü
Ukrainian (NOUN)магія, чарівний, магію, магією, Меджик, магічних
(ADJECTIVE)магії, магічний, чарівні, чари
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)جادو
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)ma thuật, kỳ diệu
(NOUN)ảo thuật, diệu
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)hud, hudol, parod
Yucatec Maya k'askunaj ich
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