[meɪnˈteɪn, mənˈteɪn]
maintains (third person present) · maintained (past tense) · maintained (past participle) · maintaining (present participle)
  1. cause or enable (a condition or situation) to continue.
    "the need to maintain close links between industry and schools"
    continue · keep · keep going · keep up · keep alive · keep in existence ·
    carry on · preserve · conserve · prolong · perpetuate · sustain · bolster (up) · prop up · retain · support · bear
    break off
    • keep (something) at the same level or rate.
      "agricultural prices will have to be maintained"
    • keep (a building, machine, or road) in good condition by checking or repairing it regularly.
      "the Department for Transport is responsible for maintaining the main roads in England"
      keep in good condition · keep in repair · keep up · service · rebuild ·
      conserve · preserve · keep intact · care for · take good care of · look after
  2. provide with necessities for life or existence.
    "the allowance covers the basic costs of maintaining a child"
    support · provide for · keep · finance · nurture · feed · nourish · sustain
  3. state something strongly to be the case; assert.
    "he has always maintained his innocence" ·
    "he had persistently maintained that he would not stand against his old friend"
    insist (on) · declare · assert · protest · state · aver · say · announce ·
    affirm · avow · profess · claim · allege · contend · argue · swear (to) · hold to · asseverate
Middle English (also in the sense ‘practise an action habitually’): from Old French maintenir, from Latin manu tenere ‘hold in the hand’.
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those that maintain exclusivity of religion—that is, one particular religion is the only true religion.
those close to the financial and economic pulse maintain that there have been fundamental changes.
the patient is asked to maintain this position while the examiner attempts to pronate the foot.
a certain amount of daily exercise is essential to maintain proper body tone and function.
the Department for Transport is responsible for maintaining the main roads in England.
press reports suggested that the secret police were helping to maintain public order.
some collectors maintain spaces specifically to house their larger works of art.
he had persistently maintained that he would not stand against his old friend.
we maintain value for money by cutting out the middleman and selling direct.
the reforms were tangential to efforts to maintain a basic standard of life.
some maintain that he derived the idea of civil disobedience from Thoreau.
these banks maintain their exclusivity by setting minimum entry standards.
the commander refused to maintain his troops through pillage and plunder.
the price of beer compelled me to maintain a certain level of sobriety.
an English garrison was maintained there in the seventeenth century.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)handhaaf, onderhou, behou, stand
Arabic (VERB)الاحتفاظ, صيانة, صون, صيانتها, المحافظة عليها, تحتفظ, الحفاظ, يحتفظ, مواصلة, إبقاء
Bangla কায়েম
Bosnian (Latin) održavanje
Bulgarian (VERB)поддържа, запази, поддръжка, твърдят, водят
Cantonese (Traditional) 保持
Catalan (VERB)mantenir, mantingui, sostenen, conservar
Chinese Simplified 保持
Chinese Traditional 保持
Croatian (VERB)održavati, zadržati, održi, održe, očuvati
(NOUN)održavajte, zadržite
Czech (VERB)udržovat, zachovat, udržet, udržují, údržbu, spravovat, uchovávat, ponechat
Danish (VERB)opretholde, vedligeholde, bevare, fastholde, bibeholde, påstå, holde
(NOUN)vedligehold, Bevar
Dutch (VERB)handhaven, onderhouden, behouden, houden, bijhouden, bewaren, gehandhaafd, beweren, instandhouding
Estonian (VERB)säilitada, hooldada, hallata, hoida, pidama, haldab, väita, hoiab
Fijian maroroya na
Filipino mapanatili ang
Finnish (NOUN)Ylläpidä, säilytä
(VERB)ylläpitää, säilyttää, elättää, pitää, huoltaa, väittävät
French (VERB)maintenir, entretenir, conserver, préserver, garder, gérer, tenir, assurer
German (VERB)pflegen, beizubehalten, Aufrechterhaltung, verwalten, erhalten, halten, bewahren, behaupten, warten, Wartung, wahren
Greek (VERB)διατηρήσει, συντήρηση, τηρεί, τηρούν
Haitian Creole kenbe
Hebrew (VERB)לתחזק, לשמר, לשמור, ישמור, לנהל, שומרים, לטפל
Hindi (VERB)बनाए रखने, बनाए, रखरखाव, रखें
Hmong Daw tuav
Hungarian (VERB)fenntartani, tart fenn, karbantartása, fenn, megtartása, megőrzése, tartania, őrizni
Icelandic (NOUN)viðhalda
(VERB)halda, viðhaldið
Indonesian (VERB)mempertahankan, menjaga, memelihara, mengelola
Italian (VERB)mantenere, effettuare, gestire, conservare, manutenzione, mantiene, preservare, sostengono
Japanese (VERB)維持, 保守, 保持, 管理, メンテナンス, 保つ
Kiswahili (VERB)kudumisha, kutunza, kuendeleza
Klingon leH
Korean (VERB)유지, 유지 관리, 유지할, 유지 보수
Latvian (VERB)uzturēt, saglabāt, jāuztur, paturēt spēkā, jāsaglabā
Lithuanian (VERB)išlaikyti, prižiūrėti, išsaugoti, tvarkyti, palaiko
Malagasy hihazona ny
Malay (Latin) (VERB)mengekalkan, menyelenggara, memelihara, menjaga, mempertahankan
Maltese (VERB)jżommu, iżommu, jinżamm, żżomm, tinżamm, imantnu, iżżomm, jmantnu, tmantni, mantnut, żomm
Norwegian Bokmål opprettholde
Persian (VERB)حفظ, نگهداری
Polish (VERB)utrzymania, konserwować, zachować, podtrzymać
Portuguese (VERB)manter, manutenção, conservar, atualizar
Querétaro Otomi da zeti
Romanian (VERB)menţine, să menţină, întreţine, păstra, susţin
Russian (VERB)поддерживать, сохранить, обслуживании, вести, ведения, утверждают
Samoan faatumauina
Serbian (Cyrillic) одржавање
Serbian (Latin) održavanje
Slovak (VERB)udržiavať, zachovať, udržať, udržujú, údržbu, ponechať, uchovávať, tvrdí, spravovať
Slovenian (VERB)ohraniti, vzdrževanje, obdržati, bi ohranili, vodijo
Spanish (VERB)mantener, conservar, sostienen
Swedish (VERB)upprätthålla, underhålla, behålla, bevara, bibehåller, hålla, hävdar, föra
(NOUN)underhåll, Behåll
Tahitian ia tapea noa
Tamil பராமரிக்க
Telugu నిర్వహించడానికి
Thai (NOUN)รักษา, รักษาการ
Tongan tauhi
Turkish (VERB)korumak, sürdürmek, bakımı, koru, koruya, sağlamak, muhafaza, tutmak, korur
(NOUN)koruyun, bakım
Ukrainian (VERB)підтримувати, зберегти, обслуговуванні, зберігати, стверджувати, вести
Urdu (VERB)برقرار رکھنے
Vietnamese (VERB)duy trì, bảo trì
Welsh (VERB)gynnal, chynnal, cynnal, gadw, cadw, chadw, barhau
Yucatec Maya mantener
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