1. (means of/to do something)
    an action or system by which a result is achieved; a method.
    "technology seen as a means to bring about emancipation" ·
    "resolving disputes by peaceful means"
  2. financial resources; income.
    "a woman of modest but independent means"
    money · resources · capital · income · finance · funds · cash ·
    the wherewithal · assets · dough · bread · dibs · moolah · shekels · gelt · loot · oof · scratch · splosh · dosh · brass · lolly · spondulicks · wonga · ackers · dineros · jack · mazuma · Oscar
late Middle English: plural of mean3, the early sense being ‘intermediary’.
defines (third person present) · defined (past tense) · defined (past participle) · defining (present participle)
  1. state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of.
    "the contract will seek to define the client's obligations"
    explain · expound · interpret · elucidate · explicate · describe · clarify ·
    give the meaning of · state precisely · spell out · put into words · express in words
    • give the meaning of (a word or phrase), especially in a dictionary.
      "the dictionary defines it as ‘a type of pasture’"
    • make up or establish the character or essence of.
      "for some, the football club defines their identity"
  2. mark out the boundary or limits of.
    "the river defines the park's boundary"
    determine · establish · fix · specify · designate · decide · stipulate ·
    settle · set out · mark out · mark off · demarcate · bound · delimit · delineate · circumscribe · set the boundaries/limits of
late Middle English (also in the sense ‘bring to an end’): from Old French definer, from a variant of Latin definire, from de- (expressing completion) + finire ‘finish’ (from finis ‘end’).
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If you're not making mistakes, you're not taking risks, and that means you're not going anywhere. The key is to make mistakes faster than the competition, so you have more changes to learn and win.

John W. Holt, Jr.
the judicious use of oak ageing means the wines are capable of being confused with the great French Chardonnays.
the authors advise a variable no-trump opening bid which means weak non-vulnerable and strong vulnerable.
an area of high pressure over much of the UK means that dry and fine conditions look set to continue.
the astronomic valuation of technology companies that seem to lack any discernible means of revenue.
cyberwar is asymmetric, which means it benefits lesser military powers as much as military goliaths.
the photograph had been smudged by the photocopier and was by no means as clear as the original.
the early Pythagoreans represented numbers by means of dots arranged in certain patterns.
they used murder as a cold-blooded and clinically calculated means to a political end.
last, but by no means least, much still needs to be done to improve public attitudes.
eight days of tramping means you have to think seriously about each item you carry.
the Japanese word often glossed as ‘sincerity’ really means something different.
a collector with an eye for quality and the means to indulge it without stint.
all of them have been efficient in disposing of their rivals by deadly means.
they instituted press censorship and monopolized the means of communication.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)beteken
(NOUN)middel, wyse, manier
Arabic (VERB)يعني, تعني, يعنيه, يقصد, معنى
(NOUN)وسائل, الوسائل, وسيلة, الوسيلة, السبل, سبل
Bangla মানে
Bosnian (Latin) Znači
Bulgarian (VERB)означава, способ, значи
(NOUN)средства, начин
Cantonese (Traditional) 意味着
Catalan (VERB)significa, vol dir, suposa, implica
(NOUN)mitjans, manera
Chinese Simplified 意味 着
Chinese Traditional 意味 著
Croatian (VERB)znači, označava
(NOUN)sredstva, način
Czech (VERB)znamená, rozumí
(NOUN)prostředky, dopravních prostředků, způsob
Danish (VERB)betyder, forstås, indebærer, sige
(NOUN)midler, middel, måde
Dutch (VERB)betekent, houdt, wil zeggen, verstaan, inhoudt
(NOUN)middelen, wijze, manier
Estonian (VERB)tähendab
(NOUN)vahendid, viisil, õigusaktid
Fijian e kena ibalebale
Filipino ibig sabihin ay
Finnish (VERB)tarkoittaa, merkitsee, keino
(NOUN)keinot, välineet
French (VERB)signifie, veut dire, désigne, on entend, s'entend, implique
German (VERB)bedeutet, heißt, meint
(NOUN)Mittel, Hilfe, Wege
Greek (VERB)σημαίνει, νοείται, νοούνται, συνεπάγεται
(NOUN)μέσα, μέσο, μέσων, τρόπο
Haitian Creole vle di
Hebrew (VERB)אומר, פירושו, משמעות, מתכוון, חשוב, כלומר
(NOUN)אמצעי, האמצעים, באמצעים, המשמעות
Hindi (VERB)मतलब, अर्थ, अभिप्रेत
(NOUN)साधन, माध्यम, तरह, तरीकों
Hmong Daw txhais tau tias
Hungarian (VERB)azt jelenti, jelent
(NOUN)eszközök, módon
Icelandic (VERB)þýðir, merkir, leið, táknar
(NOUN)hætti, muni
Indonesian (VERB)berarti, artinya, bererti, bermakna
(NOUN)sarana, cara, alat
Italian (VERB)significa, vuol dire, intende, indica
(NOUN)mezzi, mezzo, strumenti
Japanese (NOUN)手段, 平均
(VERB)意味, という意味, つまり, したがっ
Kiswahili (VERB)ina maana, humaanisha, maana
Klingon qej
Korean (VERB)의미, 있음을, 뜻, 있다는, 뜻인지, 한다는, 의미가, 방법이
(NOUN)수단, 방법
Latvian (VERB)nozīmē
Lithuanian (VERB)reiškia, reiπkia, tai
(NOUN)priemonėmis, būdais, būdu
Malagasy dia midika hoe
Malay (Latin) (VERB)bermakna, ertinya, bererti, berarti
Maltese (VERB)tfisser, ifisser, jfisser
(NOUN)mezzi, mezz, b'mezzi
Norwegian Bokmål betyr
Persian (VERB)معنی, معنای, معناست, یعنی, وجه
(NOUN)وسیله, استفاده, ابزار, وسایل, داروهای
Polish (VERB)oznacza, znaczy
(NOUN)środki, środek, sposób
Portuguese (VERB)significa, quer dizer
Querétaro Otomi ir bo̲ni
Romanian (VERB)înseamnă, reprezintă, înțelege
Russian (VERB)означает, значит, намеревается, подразумевает
(NOUN)средства, середины, способы
Samoan o lona uiga
Serbian (Cyrillic) Значи
Serbian (Latin) Znači
Slovak (VERB)znamená, rozumie
(NOUN)prostriedky, dopravných prostriedkov, spôsobom
Slovenian (VERB)pomeni, sredstvo
(NOUN)sredstva, prevoznih sredstev, način
Spanish (VERB)significa, quiere decir, implica, supone, entiende
Swedish (VERB)innebär, betyder, hjälpmedel, avses
(NOUN)medel, hjälpmedlet, sätt, metoder, möjlighet
Tahitian te auraa ra
Tamil பொருள்
Telugu అంటే
Thai (NOUN)วิธี
Tongan 'uhinga
Turkish (VERB)anlamına gelir, demek, vasıta, yani, ifade
(NOUN)araçlar, araç, aracı
Ukrainian (VERB)означає, значить
(NOUN)засоби, кошти, засіб, коштів, способом
Urdu (VERB)یعنی, مراد, معنی
(NOUN)اسباب, ذرائع, وسائل, ذریعہ
Vietnamese (NOUN)phương tiện
(VERB)nghĩa, ý nghĩa
Welsh (VERB)golygu, olygu, yw
(NOUN)modd, fodd, ddulliau, dull, ffordd, gyfrwng, ffyrdd, cyfrwng
Yucatec Maya u k'áat u ya'al
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