middles (plural noun)
  1. the point or position at an equal distance from the sides, edges, or ends of something.
    "she stood alone in the middle of the street"
  2. grammar
    the form or voice of a verb expressing reflexive or reciprocal action.
  3. logic
    short for middle term.
  1. at an equal distance from the extremities of something; central.
    "the early and middle part of life" ·
    "middle and eastern Europe"
    • (of a member of a group or sequence) placed so as to have the same number of members on each side.
      "the woman was in her middle forties"
    • intermediate in rank, quality, or ability.
      "there is a dearth of talent at middle level"
    • (of a language) of the period between the old and modern forms.
      "Middle High German"
  2. grammar
    denoting a voice of verbs in some languages, such as Greek, which expresses reciprocal or reflexive action.
    • denoting a transitive verb in English which does not have an equivalent passive, e.g. had in he had an idea.
middles (third person present) · middled (past tense) · middled (past participle) · middling (present participle)
  1. (in cricket, tennis, etc.) strike (the ball) with the middle of the bat, racket, or club.
    "every shot he took on, he middled"
Old English middel, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch middel and German Mittel, also to mid1.
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You know what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night with a vivid dream? And you know that if you don’t have a pencil and pad by the bed, it will be completely gone by the next morning. Sometimes it’s important to wake up and stop dreaming. When a really great dream shows up, grab it.

Larry Page

You know what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night with a vivid dream? And you know that if you don’t have a pencil and pad by the bed, it will be completely gone by the next morning. Sometimes it’s important to wake up and stop dreaming. When a really great dream shows up, grab it.

Larry Page
the social pattern of marrying later in life had originally been confined to the upper middle classes.
the growth of white-collar employment has accounted for the expansion of the upper middle class.
he became somewhat bloated in middle age, and his potations did not improve his appearance.
People tend to put on weight in middle age. However, gaining weight is not inevitable.
Genet's prosopography of the members of the University of Paris in the middle Ages.
the purging of middle management in the recession was a seriously flawed strategy.
the earliest engines had the Gresley conjugated motion for the middle cylinder.
I was waking up in the middle of the night and coughing and hacking for hours.
an attack against a castled king is a very important part of the middle game.
the bullet, fired at point-blank range, hit him in the middle of the back.
the middle term must be distributed, at least once, in the premises.
the civil service became the preserve of the educated middle class.
the middle East is generally held to be the cradle of agriculture.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)middel
Arabic (NOUN)الأوسط, منتصف, الوسط, ميدل, المنتصف
(ADJECTIVE)المتوسطة, الوسطى, متوسطة, وسط
Bangla মধ্য
Bosnian (Latin) srednji
Bulgarian (NOUN)близкия, средата, близък
(ADJECTIVE)средната, среден, бащино
Cantonese (Traditional) 中間
Catalan (NOUN)mitjana, mig, medi, meitat, centre, enmig
(ADJECTIVE)mitjà, central, mitges, intermedi, segon
Chinese Simplified 中间
Chinese Traditional 中間
Croatian (NOUN)sredini, Bliskom, srednjem, usred
(ADJECTIVE)srednje, središnjem
Czech (NOUN)středním, Blízkém, uprostřed, polovině
(ADJECTIVE)střední, prostředním, støední
Danish (NOUN)midten, Mellemøsten
(ADJECTIVE)midt, mellemste, midaldrende
Dutch (NOUN)midden, nabije
Estonian (NOUN)Lähis, keskel, keset, •Keskmise, Kesk
Fijian e loma
Filipino Gitnang
Finnish (NOUN)Lähi, keskellä, puolivälissä
French (NOUN)milieu, moyen, centre, pleine
(ADJECTIVE)intermédiaire, médiane, centrale
German (NOUN)Mitte, nahen, naher, inmitten
Greek (NOUN)μέση, ΜΕΣΑΙΑ, μέσης, μέσον, μέσα
(ADJECTIVE)μεσαίο, μέσο, μέσου, μέσες, μέσος
Haitian Creole nan mitan
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)האמצעי, אמצעית, באמצע, אמצע, הביניים, העמידה
(NOUN)התיכון, המזרח התיכון, מידל, לאמצע
Hindi (NOUN)मध्य, बीच
(ADJECTIVE)मध्यम, मिडिल
Hmong Daw nruab nrab
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)középső
(NOUN)közepén, közel
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)miðja
(NOUN)Mið, millinafn, miðjunni
Indonesian (NOUN)tengah, pertengahan
Italian (NOUN)mezzo, metà, centro
(ADJECTIVE)centrale, medio, intermedio, mezza
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)中間, ミドル, 中流, 中産, 中
(NOUN)真ん中, 途中, 中央, 真中, 半ば, 中東
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)katikati
Klingon botlh
Korean (ADJECTIVE)중간, 가운데
(NOUN)한가운데, 중앙, 미들, 중순, 중동, 한밤중, 중반, 중세
Latvian (NOUN)Tuvajos, vidū, Tuvo, Tuvie, pa vidu, vidējie, otrais
(ADJECTIVE)vidējo, vidus
Lithuanian (NOUN)vidurio, artimųjų
Malagasy eo afovoany
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)pertengahan
(ADJECTIVE)tengah, menengah
Maltese (NOUN)Nofsani, nofs
Norwegian Bokmål midten
Persian (NOUN)میانه, وسط, اواسط
(ADJECTIVE)میانی, متوسط
Polish (NOUN)Bliskim, środku, pośrodku, połowie
(ADJECTIVE)środkowej, średniej, środek, drugie
Portuguese (NOUN)meio, médio, meados, centro
(ADJECTIVE)média, meia, intermediária
Querétaro Otomi nt'uni
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)mijloc, medie
(NOUN)Orientul Mijlociu, mijlocul
Russian (NOUN)Ближнем, середине, центре, стран Ближнего
(ADJECTIVE)среднего, второе
Samoan ogatotonu
Serbian (Cyrillic) средње
Serbian (Latin) srednje
Slovak (NOUN)Blízkom, stredu, uprostred, polovici
(ADJECTIVE)strednej, prostredné
Slovenian (NOUN)sredini, Bližnjem, srednjem
Spanish (NOUN)medio, mitad, centro
(ADJECTIVE)intermedia, central, mediano
Swedish (NOUN)mitten, Mellanöstern
(ADJECTIVE)mellersta, medelklass, mitt
Tahitian ropu
Tamil (NOUN)நடு
Telugu మధ్యలో
Thai (NOUN)กลาง
Tongan Lotoloto
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)orta, göbek, Dikeyorta, ortanca
(NOUN)ortada, ortasında
Ukrainian (NOUN)Близькому, середині, центрі
Urdu (NOUN)وسطیٰ, درمیانی, مشرق وسطی, وسط, مشرق
Vietnamese (NOUN)trung, giữa
(ADJECTIVE)đệm, trung bình
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)canol, ganolig
(NOUN)ganol, nghanol, chanol
Yucatec Maya k'as
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