1. a cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth's surface that limits visibility (to a lesser extent than fog; strictly, with visibility remaining above 1 km).
    "the peaks were shrouded in mist" ·
    "a mist rose out of the river"
    haze · fog · smog · murk · cloud · cloudiness · mistiness · Scotch mist ·
    • a condensed vapour settling in fine droplets on a surface.
      "a breeze cooled the mist of perspiration that had dampened her temples"
    • a haze or film over the eyes, especially caused by tears, and resulting in blurred vision.
      "Ruth saw most of the scene through a mist of tears"
    • used in reference to something that blurs one's perceptions or memory.
      "Sardinia's origins are lost in the mists of time"
mists (third person present) · misted (past tense) · misted (past participle) · misting (present participle)
  1. cover or become covered with mist.
    "the windows of the car were misted up with condensation" ·
    "the glass was beginning to mist up"
    steam up · become misty · fog over/up ·
    become covered with condensation · haze over · film over · cloud over · become cloudy · become blurred
Old English, of Germanic origin; from an Indo-European root shared by Greek omikhlē ‘mist, fog’.
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How to use mist in a sentence?
a breeze cooled the mist of perspiration that had dampened her temples.
there will be sunny intervals after clearance of any early mist.
a clump of islands, very green, but hazed in cloud and mist.
excess moisture is precipitated as rain, fog, mist, or dew.
the windows of the car were misted up with condensation.
don't mist furry-leaved plants such as African violets.
the mist was shot through with orange spokes of light.
pine needles draped with a delicate filigree of mist.
Ruth saw most of the scene through a mist of tears.
Sardinia's origins are lost in the mists of time.
wreaths of mist swirled up into the cold air.
a shadowy figure appeared through the mist.
the water is glassy under a scud of mist.
her eyes misted over with relief and joy.
mist with water and scrunch into shape.
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How to say mist in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans inasem
Arabic (NOUN)ضباب, الضباب, ميست, رذاذ, السديم, غشاوة, سديم, الرذاذ
Bangla কুয়াশা
Bosnian (Latin) magla
Bulgarian (NOUN)мъгла
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)boira
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)magla, sumaglica, snijega
Czech (NOUN)mlhy, mlha, mlhou, mlze, mlhu, mlžné, kouřově, opar
Danish (NOUN)tåge, tågedis, tågen, disen, dis, dug
Dutch (NOUN)nevel
Estonian (NOUN)udu
Fijian na kabu
Filipino gabon
Finnish (NOUN)sumun, sumu, sumua, sumentaa, usva
French (NOUN)brume, brouillard, bruine, buée
German (NOUN)Nebel, Dunst, Sprühnebel
Greek (NOUN)ομίχλη, υδρονέφωση, καταχνιά
Haitian Creole farinay
Hebrew (NOUN)ערפל, הערפל, אובך
Hindi (NOUN)धुंध
Hmong Daw pos huab
Hungarian (NOUN)köd, ködben, pára
Indonesian (NOUN)kabut
Italian (NOUN)nebbia, foschia, bruma
Japanese (NOUN)ミスト, 霧, 霧状, もや, 噴霧, 霞
Kiswahili (NOUN)ukungu
Korean (NOUN)안개, 미스트, 흐림
Latvian (NOUN)migla, dūmaka
Lithuanian (NOUN)rūkas, rūką, rūko, migla
Malagasy zavon'
Malay (Latin) kabus
Maltese ċpar
Norwegian Bokmål tåke
Persian (NOUN)غبار
Polish (NOUN)mgły, mgła, mgle, mglisty
Portuguese (NOUN)névoa, neblina, bruma, nevoeiro
Querétaro Otomi 'mo̲ngui
Romanian (NOUN)ceaţă
Russian (NOUN)туман, мист, дымка, мгле
Samoan puao
Serbian (Cyrillic) магла
Serbian (Latin) magla
Slovak (NOUN)hmla, hmly, hmle, hmlou, hmlu
Slovenian (NOUN)megle
Spanish (NOUN)niebla, neblina, bruma, nebulización, vaho, rocío, llovizna
Swedish (NOUN)dimma, imfri, imma
Tahitian mahu
Tamil மூடுபனி
Telugu మిస్ట్
Thai หมอก
Tongan 'ao
Turkish (NOUN)sis, buğu, buğusu, buharı, sisi, siste
Ukrainian (NOUN)туман, мряка, мрякою
Urdu دھند
Vietnamese (NOUN)sương mù
Welsh (NOUN)niwl
Yucatec Maya niebla
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