mixes (third person present) · mixed (past tense) · mixed (past participle) · mixing (present participle)
  1. combine or put together to form one substance or mass.
    "peppercorns are sometimes mixed with other spices" ·
    "these two chemicals, when mixed together, literally explode"
    blend · mingle · combine · put together · stir · jumble · merge · fuse ·
  2. (of a person) associate with others socially.
    "the people he mixed with were nothing to do with show business"
    associate · socialize · mingle · meet · get together · have dealings ·
    fraternize · circulate · keep company · rub shoulders · consort · move · go out · rub elbows · hang out/around · knock about/around · hobnob · hang about · be compatible · get along/on · go (together) · fit together · be in harmony · be like-minded · be of the same mind · be of like mind · see eye to eye · agree · hit it off · click · be on the same wavelength
    keep oneself to oneself
  3. (especially in sound recording) combine (two or more signals or soundtracks) into one.
    "up to eight tracks can be mixed simultaneously"
    • produce (a sound signal or recording) by combining a number of separate signals or recorded soundtracks.
      "it was everyone's dream to mix their album in their front room"
    • produce (a piece of continuous music, typically dance music) by combining a number of separate recordings.
      "Keith mixes great house music, featuring tunes with an African, Latin, and soulful flavour" ·
      "music was blaring and there was a DJ in the corner mixing and scratching"
  4. informal
    (mix it)
    be belligerent physically or verbally.
    "he can't afford to mix it any more with a six-month suspended ban hanging over him"
mixes (plural noun)
  1. two or more different qualities, things, or people placed, combined, or considered together.
    "the decor is a fascinating mix of antique and modern"
    mixture · blend · mingling · combination · compound · fusion ·
    composition · concoction · brew · alloy · merger · union · amalgamation · amalgam · coalition · cross · hybrid · medley · melange · diversity · collection · selection · assortment · variety · mixed bag · miscellany · assemblage · motley collection · pot-pourri · conglomeration · jumble · mess · confusion · mishmash · hotchpotch · hodgepodge · ragbag · pastiche · patchwork · farrago · hash · scissors-and-paste job · mash-up · gallimaufry · omnium gatherum · olio · salmagundi · macédoine
  2. a commercially prepared mixture of ingredients for making a particular type of food or a product such as concrete.
    "cake mixes have made cooking easier"
  3. a version of a recording in which the component tracks are mixed in a different way from the original.
    "a dance mix version of ‘This Charming Man’"
    • a continuous piece of music, typically dance music, produced by combining a number of separate recordings.
      "a group of young women groove in a circle to a DJ mix of Missy Elliot, the Young Gunz, and Kelis"
    • an image or sound produced by the combination of two separate images or sounds.
      "titling mixes are added when vision and sound are still on separate film"
late Middle English: back-formation from mixed (taken as a past participle).
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How to use mix in a sentence?
a group of young women groove in a circle to a DJ mix of Missy Elliot, the Young Gunz, and Kelis.
Keith mixes great house music, featuring tunes with an African, Latin, and soulful flavour.
the most important people in the mix will be creatives and direct marketing specialists.
he can't afford to mix it any more with a six-month suspended ban hanging over him.
they're publishing raw XML feeds of their data sources for you to mix and munge.
traffic spiked quickly and contained a mix of retweets and original posts.
music was blaring and there was a DJ in the corner mixing and scratching.
titling mixes are added when vision and sound are still on separate film.
a mucky mix of political wheeler-dealing and multinational corruption.
skiing in the Rockies is a pleasant mix of downhill and cross-country.
he continues to mix an off-hand sense of humour with a sharp insight.
mix the flour with the coconut and enough egg white to bind them.
the people he mixed with were nothing to do with show business.
it was everyone's dream to mix their album in their front room.
the team's away strip is a garish mix of red, white, and blue.
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How to say mix in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)meng, mengsel
Arabic (NOUN)ميكس, مزيج, المزيج, خليط
(VERB)خلط, تخلط, يختلطان, مزج
Bangla মিশ্রণ
Bosnian (Latin) miješati
Bulgarian (NOUN)микс, разбърква, смесва, Смесете, смесица, комбинация, сместа, смес, съчетание
Cantonese (Traditional) 混合
Catalan (NOUN)barreja, combinació, mescla, es barregen
Chinese Simplified 混合
Chinese Traditional 混合
Croatian (VERB)miješati, kombiniranje
(NOUN)miksati, izmiješati, Pomiješajte, mješavina
Czech (NOUN)smíchejte, mixu, promíchá, směs, kombinaci, směsi, míchání, RS
(VERB)míchat, kombinovat
Danish (NOUN)blanding, sammenblande, miks, mixet
(VERB)blande, mikse
Dutch (NOUN)meng, mengeling, combinatie, mengsel
(VERB)mengen, vermengen, mixen
Estonian (NOUN)segatakse, segu, sega, kooslus, RS
(VERB)segada, segage
Fijian era tiko veikeimami
Filipino halo
Finnish (NOUN)sekoita, yhdistelmä, taikinaan, soseuta, miksaus
(VERB)sekoittaa, miksata
French (VERB)mélanger, se mélangent
(NOUN)mélange, mixez, mixage, combinaison
German (VERB)mischen, mixen
(NOUN)Mischung, Gemisch, Kombination
Greek (NOUN)μίγμα, μείγμα, ανακατέψτε, αναμίξτε, αναμείξτε, συνδυασμό, σύνθεση
(VERB)αναμειγνύεται, αναμίξετε, συνδυάσετε
Haitian Creole fè yon melanj
Hebrew (VERB)לערבב, מערבב
(NOUN)מערבבים, מיקס, תמהיל, תערובת, שילוב, ערבוב, בתמהיל, המיקס
Hindi (NOUN)मिश्रण, मिक्स, मिलाएं
Hmong Daw ntse
Hungarian (NOUN)keverjük össze, összekeverjük, többféle, vegyes
Icelandic (NOUN)blanda, hljóðblöndun, blöndu
Indonesian (NOUN)campuran, bauran, aduk, perpaduan, gabungan
(VERB)mencampur, bercampur
Italian (VERB)mescolare, miscelare, mixare, si mescolano, combinare
(NOUN)miscela, mescolate, combinazione, misto
Japanese (NOUN)ミックス, 混在, 組合せ, 組み合わせ, ミキシング, 混合物
(VERB)混ぜる, 混在させる, 混ぜ, 混合, 混ぜて
Kiswahili (NOUN)Changanya, mchanganyiko
Klingon DuD
Korean (NOUN)믹스, 혼합, 조합
(VERB)섞어, 섞는다, 섞을, 혼합할
Latvian (NOUN)sajauc, samaisa, maisījums, miksēt, kombināciju, jauktus
(VERB)jaukt, sajaukt, kombinēt, apvienot
Lithuanian (NOUN)sumaišoma, mišinys, derinys, asortimentas, maišykite
(VERB)maišyti, susimaišytų
Malagasy afangaroy
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)campuran, gabungan, bergaul
(VERB)mencampurkan, campur
Maltese (NOUN)ħawwad, ħallat, taħlita
Norwegian Bokmål Bland
Persian (NOUN)مخلوط, میکس, ترکیب, مغشوش
Polish (NOUN)wymieszać, mieszanka, miksu, połączenie, kombinacji
(VERB)mieszać, łączyć
Portuguese (NOUN)mistura, combinação, mixagem
(VERB)misturar, mixar, combinam
Querétaro Otomi ya ar mezcla
Romanian (NOUN)se amestecă, amestec, mixul, combinaţie
(VERB)amesteca, se amestece
Russian (VERB)смешать
(NOUN)смесь, микс, перемешать, сочетание, соединение
Samoan faafefiloi
Serbian (Cyrillic) микс
Serbian (Latin) miks
Slovak (NOUN)premiešajte, mixu, zmes, kombináciu, zmieša, zmesi, skladbe, zmesou
(VERB)miešať, kombinovať
Slovenian (NOUN)premešamo, mešanica, zmešamo, zmeda, kombinacijo, mešamo
(VERB)pomešajo, Mešajte, mešati, mešanje
Spanish (VERB)mezclar, se mezclan, mezclarse
(NOUN)mezcla, mézclese, combinación
Swedish (VERB)blanda
(NOUN)blandning, mixen, mixa, RS
Tahitian roae
Tamil கலவை
Telugu కలపాలి
Thai (NOUN)ผสม, คละ
Tongan tuifio
Turkish (NOUN)karışımı, karması, miksi, rs
(VERB)karıştır, karıştırın
Ukrainian (NOUN)суміш, мікс, змішайте, міксі, поєднання, змішування
(VERB)змішувати, змішати, перемішати
Urdu (NOUN)مکس, ملائیں, مرکب
Vietnamese (VERB)trộn, pha trộn
(NOUN)kết hợp, hỗn hợp, sự pha trộn, pha
Welsh (NOUN)cymysgedd, cyfuniad
(VERB)gymysgu, cymysgu, chymysgu
Yucatec Maya ti' le mezcla
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