1. the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one's behaviour or political opinions.
    "he urged the police to show moderation"
    the action or process of moderating examination papers, results, or candidates.
    "coursework may need to be filed separately for the purposes of moderation"
    • the first public examination in some faculties for the BA degree at Oxford University.
      "he took firsts in classical honour Moderations"
  3. physics
    the retardation of neutrons by a moderator.
late Middle English: via Old French from Latin moderatio(n-), from the verb moderare ‘to control’ ( see moderate).
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How to use moderation in a sentence?
the union's approach was based on increased dialogue and the moderation of demands.
coursework may need to be filed separately for the purposes of moderation.
my parents have always preached toleration and moderation.
he took firsts in classical honour moderations.
he urged the police to show moderation.
How to say moderation in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)moderering, matigheid
Arabic (NOUN)الاعتدال, اعتدال, الوسطية, الاشراف, توسط, وسطاء
Bangla মধ্যপন্থা
Bosnian (Latin) umjerenost
Bulgarian (NOUN)умереност, модериране, забавяне
Cantonese (Traditional) 適度
Catalan (NOUN)moderació
Chinese Simplified 适度
Chinese Traditional 適度
Croatian (NOUN)moderiranje, umjerenost
Czech (NOUN)moderování, umírněnosti, mírou, střídmě, zklidnění
Danish (NOUN)mådehold, afdæmpning
Dutch (NOUN)matiging, gematigdheid, moderatie, mate
Estonian (NOUN)mõõdukalt, modereerimine
Fijian vakarauta
Finnish (NOUN)maltillisesti, kohtuudella, alkututkinto, valvontaa
French (NOUN)modération
German (NOUN)Mäßigung, Maßen, Mässigung, Maßhalten, maßvoll
Greek (NOUN)μετριοπάθεια, επόπτευση, μέτρο, έγκρισής, συγκράτηση
Haitian Creole oderasyon
Hebrew (NOUN)מתינות, צמצום
Hindi (NOUN)मॉडरेशन, संयम, संचालन
Hmong Daw cawv
Hungarian (NOUN)moderálás, mérséklet, mértékletesség
Icelandic (NOUN)hófi, hóf
Indonesian (NOUN)moderasi
Italian (NOUN)moderazione, sobrietà
Japanese (NOUN)節度, モデレーション, モデレート, ほどほど, 適度, 中庸, 調停, 控えめ
Kiswahili (NOUN)kiasi
Korean (NOUN)적당히, 절도, 중재, 검토, 절제
Latvian (NOUN)mērenību, moderācija, cenzēšanu, mēru, regulēšana
Lithuanian (NOUN)saikingai, nuosaikiems, santūrumą, santϋrumΰ
Malagasy fifehezantena
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)kesederhanaan, sederhana
Maltese moderazzjoni
Norwegian Bokmål moderasjon
Persian (NOUN)اعتدال
Polish (NOUN)umiarem, moderacji
Portuguese (NOUN)moderação
Querétaro Otomi moderación
Romanian (NOUN)moderare
Russian (NOUN)умеренности, модерации, сдержанности, меру, замедление
Samoan Faatonutonu
Serbian (Cyrillic) модерација
Serbian (Latin) moderacija
Slovak (NOUN)moderovanie, umiernenosť, mierou, striedmo
Slovenian (NOUN)zmernost, moderiranje, umirjanje
Spanish (NOUN)moderación, mesura, sobriedad
Swedish (NOUN)måtta, moderering, måttlighet, måttfullhet, återhållsamhet, besinning, måte, avmattning
Tahitian te rave
Tamil மிதமான
Telugu ఇట్లే
Thai พิจารณากลั่นกรอง
Tongan ki'i liliu pe
Turkish (NOUN)Moderasyonu, ılımlı, hoşa, ölçülü, yönetilme
Ukrainian (NOUN)помірність, модерації, міру
Urdu اعتدال پسندی
Welsh (NOUN)cymedroli, safoni, gymedrol
Yucatec Maya moderación
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